Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 47. The Rise and fall of Moslem Spain.

I have just watched on the SBS TV channel The Rise and Fall of Moslem Spain. produced by some godforsaken Unity Group Foundation.
Again as usual, bias and lies.
Cannot Islamists ever come out clean, apologise for their retrogressive ways and try to make it possible for the west to accept them?
Whatever Islam has achieved in conquered Spain, including the Mosque of Cordoba, Granada and the Alhambra, etc. was due to the masses of Christian and Jewish artisans, artists, technicians, scholars, workers they captured when they defeated the Visigoths who were at the time the most progressive and cultured Barbarians at the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, the Gauls/Britons being second, the Franks coming next.. As a contrast, in North Africa were they fought and defeated the Vandals who, as the name implies were the most inrtellectually degenerated among the Barbarians during the same times, Arabs achieved very little, actually allowing all Roman and Byzantinian infrastructures to irreversibly decay and rot. As the result of their extensive conquests in all directions around Mecca the capital of the little province of Arabia called the Hejaz from which they spread out at the death of Mohammed in 632 AD, they collected all skilled personnel, killing off the warrior classes, castrating their offspring for the Harems, taking the best of their women in poligamous marriages.
So all this glamorising of arabic science to-day is a whitewash,. since most of arabian philosophy which was founded on Aristotle had a Jewish biased foundation that was eventually totally defeated in written and oral debates inj the days ot St.Thomas Aquina. It is all written down for anyone capable of checking.
Arabs, in spite of being responsible for most of the destruction of egyptian, latin and greek texts managed to put thir hands on some sakvaged works. They probably got hold of the medicinal treatises of thye greeks and carried out some further work in that field. Similarly for Astronomy.
Whaty annoys me greatly is modern Islamists trying to show their anscestors as victimised by the Christians while still having remauned the same, having not learneds aznything from history like their cousins the Jews.
Theocratic ideals are definitely out to-day and cultural blending and integration and synthesis is a must.. Yet both Jews and Islamists still covertly aim at remasining a nation within a host nation until the scenario a;;ows them to take over and impose their culture and religion on others.
Look at every islamic country and to Israel to-day and you can see how they make it impossible for any foreign group in their countries to do what they insist in doing in other people’s countries.
There is absolutely no reciprocity with islamists and dealing with them is one way track..
Every counrtry in islamic hands to-day, outside Saudi arabia has ever been arabic bvefore 632 AD.
Islamists goe as far as denying even their cousins and racial kins the Israeli, permanence in palestine when they could very easily accomodate the displaced islamic Palestinians.
The Rise and Fall of Moslem Spain is a covert and dishonest propaganda work financed by Islamists in so far as, among other issues it would take too long to discuss, it totally fails to show the islamic attempt of the invasion of France when the saracenic mongrels were thorougly defeated, actually treshed by a carolingian, Charles Martel atr the rwo days battle of Poitiers ( also Tours near Orleans,quite deep into France ) who had access to the formidable heavy romanised cavalry of the Roman/Britons from Brittany among whom de Ferrarii riders were famous. I can show you all their Coat of Arms which i have collected.
In the days of the liberation of Spain ( La Reconquista ) de Ferrarii knights were ubiquitous in Spain and the surname appears frequenyly in every equestrian Order of Spanish Chivalry (i.e., Calatrava, Montesa. etc.). I know what i am talking about bvetter than the mongrels professors bought to waffle half truths.
The fighting went on for a hundred years at least before the Islamists were fully trown out of France.
This simply shows the Arabs were not just interested in Spain, but aimed at all Europe since 632 AD and the subversion of the christian civilisation.
This is demonstrated by the 800-years-long struggle to overthrow Byzanthium and the attack of the Balkanic territories and of Eastern Europe, led bu the Ottomans in 1500 AD. However god spoke in 1500 and at the battle of lepanto in greek waters, the turkish navy was so thouroughly trashed never to rise again. There was no anglo-saxon there then and believe it or not Lepanto was mostly an italian engineered ( the italian marine republics ) success financed by Spain, with lots of german and spanish muscle.
Islamists always lie about Poitiers that occurred very early in islamic History, in 750 AD a few hundred years before the First Crusade that occurred in around 1100 AD.
The occurrence of the First Crusade is mentioned to their ingnorant people even to-day as evidence of western aggression. I read a work by Hezbullah.
How can one trust Islamists or even carry out diplomatic work with them or trust their treaties, just beats me.
Hitler and Stalin were pussy cats in comparison. That is why Genghis Khan massacred them and built mountains of skulls or buildings with their bones and skulls.

Yet australian media’s gurus ( i.e., effeminate Sergio Riviere, Negus, Lateline and 60 Minutes et all ) who should be the watch-dogs of this gullible, stupid and ignorant nation are being duped and an insignifucant an unknown chap as i has to blow the wistle. Wale up before it is too late you mongrels!
What are these imbecillic, one more so than the next, australian film editors selectors and critics doing, I ask? Who chooses them?
Take a pick and shovel and go and plant potatoes!
Or go back to shearing sheep you fools.


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