Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 48. Of Large and Little 'O's and Homosexual Anglicans..

Sometimes I sit and wonder
in analogies drifting like
smoke does, randomly,
like a fat gaseous cloud,
patrician looking, all white,
with just a twinge of grey,
that carbon emissions betray,
to better contrast the immensity
of the bleu sky around,
in contemplations immersed
of self-possessing doubts
wartching the red vastness of
the Nullarbour plain below
of Yamarka and of the Ten Canoes-people
the incomprehensible delight,
too much sunlight on bare headed skulls
when still young,
for the want
of a good bush hat I guess.
Strangely enough
my everlasting obsessions arise
of how the Arabs for Salam Cafe’s
now highly noted and
in even greater repute,
could have the brains to discover
of the big Zero,
the vast array of virtues and uses.
Especially I, the gaseous cloud
which aforehead I talked to you about,
rememberst thou?
I wonder of why,
while the West chose
the Zero to appear as a big ‘ O ‘,
like a big holy halo
or to be more earthly bound,
even like onto the large,
bovine, arctic blue eyes of G..Y.
which looking up at you
as if in eternal and innocent wonder,
don’t you be fooled by them, o stranger,
stir your innards like a gallon of castor oil,
the Arabs decided that,
perhaps more wisely and fittingly than the West,
that the zero should rather be shown
as a fig-shaped, twisted, squashed,
suffering smalll ‘o’, an ‘o ‘ that has been
traumatized by some sodomitic experience
all contracted and twisted
as if out of a sodomitic spasmodic and spastic
orgasmic gasping,
just after an aggravating cracking
induced by vigorous farting
induced by loud laughing
brought about by Salem Cafe’s poor antics,
not to mention the more subdued and discreet ones
resulting from effeminate Anglican chantings.
Honny Soit Quy Mal Ye Pense.


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