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Post 57. Homosexuals need not be Sarcophiles.

Please, let us not confuse Homosexuals with Sarcophiles, thereby vilifying the former.

sarcos, word used by St.Paul
in his Letters
for " flesh" in relation to
fornication and uncleanness.

Allow me also, please, to put temporarily away God's Clown and to put on the Templar,
a barbuto of course.

In the Name
of the Father
and of the Son
and of the Holy Ghost.
Allelujah, Maranata et Amen!

Title of the Essay.

Let us cross the “ t ”s and dot the “ i ”s
and call a spade a spade.
Shall We?

I have promised Douga I would have written a Post just about word definitions in relation to the critical issue of sodomy and gomorry which I suggest should be called more inclusively, as sodomy is an archaic term that does not reflect the advances and progress made since Paul times in this field of human endeavours. Sarcophilia or the love of carnal knowledge by any of the genders, including the hybrids and the transvestites, irrespective of gender, age, body-organs targeted, positions, means and ends ( i.e., just think about fist-zotting [ Hulalaaaa! Hay. Ouch! Take it easy will you bugger? Thou art divine, Phoebe. What a darling! Crap all over! ] for example, which I recently learned about from a french serial shown on SBS on Thursday nights).It appears that those interested in confusing this issue resort to thepractice of attaching to words which should have an innocent, natural and otherwise normal and harmless meaning, meanings which were not meant originally to be implied by the use of the word, in an attempt to make these practices to look normal, harmless, natural and healthy.
In addition to the above aims, just consider that by cunningly and diabolically adding to innocent homosexuals, the filthy sarcophiles, sarcophiles widen their power-basis that can be usefull at democratic election-times and for the purpoise of lobbying Parlamentarians.
Do not forget that, in our modern democracies ruled by Pizza and Mafia Barons,
what counts is the number of voters and cash on hand for discrete bribes ( in the form of donations to electoral campaigns).
As Paul of Tarsus says at Romans 11:7 -:.....the rest had their sensibilities blunted.The people Paul of Tarsus refers to in Romans 11:7 ( I suggest to call them the sarcophiles, meaning the lovers of carnal knowledge for the sake of a distorted, twisted, deviant search for carnal pleasures of the XXXrated sort, irrespective of gender, age or the bodily cavities they hunger to penetrate and defile) who are trying to confuse others, do so because they lack the humility to admit they are sick and deviates. This includes the deviant Anglican Bishop who is living in partnership with a man with whom he acknowledges the propriety to have carnal relations of some distorted sort with, or at least this is the impresion he is goiving and advocating. This miscreant has the arrogance to ask Jesus to impress His own heart on his defiled one. Get out from the Church! They are in fact arrogant and full of pride under a mask of compasion, love and a fulness of a spirit ( of the bung hole ) which is inspiring them, and believe that, since they may even be succesful members of our societies in many other respects ( we have got among them professional people of various descriptions, in politics, government, in the communication media, actors, clergymen and women, high ranking military personnel, etc. ) they cannot admit that they may be flawed in this respect, in relation to their unbridled, obsessive lust for carnal knowledge ( called by Paul of Tarsus uncleanness to differentiate this from straight out natural fornication ), which is anyway a product of their twisted and sick imaginations, ending in illusion and delusion as age takes its tall and they find themselves unable to indulge in their sick passions whilst deprived at the same time of natural feelings of affection that are not based on carnality.They become in fact desperate people.As the prayer “The Our Father” concedes, God’s opponent’s will rather than God’s own is allowed to have some authority on earth, until the “ Last Day “ of which St. John speaks in his Gospel. This does not however mean that the opponent’s will is unsupervised and unchecked. Not at all.God does not abandon His/Her/ITS own.However, this means that these peddlers of carnalities are allowed some degree of freedom and apparent success, however being deprived of natural and lawful sensibilities which in itself is altready a punishment as it reduces they humanity increasing their bestiality.Strangely enough, they even find angelic and beautifully endowed persons, even women, who like them.But these people have the beauty of a young braying donkey.So far i ave explained why the correct term for these people of both genders should be sarcophiles.
I shall now try to show why the words generally used to define sarcophiles, who may also be homosexuals, however not necessarily so and equivocally, since there are some among the sarcophiles who may even become obsessed with any flesh ( in greek sarcos ), as in the case of bestiality when a human being is driven by obsessive drives to like animals, i.e., the terms homosexuals and lesbians, may be misleading and tending to mormalise, to legitimise, to make these mental ( sometimes resulting from hormonal dysfunctions, therefore needing treatment ) illnesses appear as being states of normal believing, being, willing and acting.What worries me most is the ACTING. You can believe, be, will , act whatever you like provided you do so in your privacy, but the moment you start coming-out trying to peddle your filth in the open, attempting to normalise, legitimise, so that you may proselityse and corrupt my kin, then, if I can, I shall denounce you for what you really are, you oh DECIEVERS.
Let us have a look at the word Homosexual. The word Lesbian which also may have sexual, carnal implications which go beyond just LIKING, to CARNAL OBSESSION ( dildoing, etc. is still carnal as it can do mentally and physically the same as actual carnal knowledge) and may therefore also be a form of SARCOPHILIA, is an unnecessary word, probably demanded by our feminists who want to obsessively stand-out in separation from men, not because they necessarily hate men, but in order to just express their anti-Patriarchal feelings.
There are in fact various kinds of feminists. The basic fact remains that a Lesbian may in fact be just an Homosexual who has gone further-on into sarcophilia, a sick woman. The word homosexual should just denote normally, someone, a human being of any of the two genders who likes , has a somehow biased attraction for his/her own gender. By itself it may be perfectly harmless. A feminist must be, at least homosexual, however she can also be either heterosexual at the same time or be a right out male-hater. If she beliueves in the Scriptures she may also be anti-Patriarchal and advoicate the total re-writing of the Scriptures. Again carnal knowledge of any sort does not have to be an issue yet if one is involved in gender relationships only at a level of liking. In so far as Liking alone is involved, the issue does not appear to be so grave.
It is only when one begins to talk about Love and Passions that the issue becomes dangerous to a society.
What does Love really mean?Does it have to necessary imply carnality as sick modern societies understand in relation to the use of this word?The Scriptures advise Loving your neighbour, irrespective of gender. This is normality which even general common sense supports.This does not surely mean one should feel a compelling need and drive to stick it up ( whatever ) your neighbours’ body cavities?One may always fantasize if so inclined, but in so far as actually doing it that is not scripturally or even common-sensically allowable.It is when Loving is concerned then that the problem arises.Here again the DECIEVERS have achieved the generally implied development of a connection between carnalities of all sorts, including sarcophilic ones( involving any flesh whatsoever, gender etc.), and the word LOVE, through centuries of misuse and abuse of the word LOVE in literature, theatrical shows, the film industry, TV, CDs DVDs, virtual realities, artificial love-making devices though the PCs and special vests worn, being developed by notoriously insensible ( Romans 11:7) Japanese digital gurus, etc. Modern masses always and necessarily imply carnality whenever the word LOVE is uttered even in connection with angelic looking, asexual, anorexic, de Laurents-models and babies in their diapers full of poop.Loving in its original meaning implies a stronger attachment than just liking. It can even extend to natural and lawful carnal knowledge, which is normally related scripturally to the issue of Procreation and must be responsible ( i.e., LOVING) in so far as support for the mother and the offspring is concerned.However the ancient, all important, dominating concept of procreation in the Scriptures was not so much related to the word LOVE ( between woman and man) but to the DUTY of Providing an issue to the Patriarch to perpetuate the Family’s name in the Tribe and the right to hold land ( ha heres A Hebrew tribal member fit to carry weapons in battle on behalf of the tribe was called ish ha heres, i.e., ‘a landed man’, ‘the holder of land’, ‘a landowner’ ). The word LOVE already had even then a suspect connotation as it could refer to a morally dubious attachment, which could border on the scripturally unlawful, as when for example a man was driven to love an overwhelmingly attractive prostitute who had taken his will over like in the case of one of Jesus’ anscestors, who was tricked into procreating from his dead sons’ ( seven in a row died off withou having issue on behalf of Onan who used to spill his semen on the ground) widow.God acts indeed in mysterious ways.So, at one stage one can notice, if one is sensible ( Romans 11:7), the notion of DUTY in relation to LOVE to appear also in the Scriptures. God had even to resort to tricks in order to get one of his chosen ones to accomplish his DUTY. In this case, through the passionate LUST for his daughter-in-law whom he thought to be a prostitute, since she kept her identity concealed during the act.Maybe the reason for his seven sons’ refusal to seriously bang her was that she had bad breath as he still found her so madly attractive, as to pay a whole fattened lamb in exchange for her comforts, leaving with her as a pledge for payment-due his expensive woollen cloak as she had placed herself at a crossroads where prostitutes used to locate themselves in those days. Incidentally, at present, a good quarter of an XXX-rated pornographic film is about sperm-shooting or spilling. I personally cannot possibly even begin to comprehend the opleasure of sperm squirting. I must be stupid or abnormal.We might even end-up putting it on lasagne and spaghetti, considering that we cannot afford, in spite of and contrary to the Vatican’s opinion any world-demographic growth.It is also said that King David loved his concubines, his dancing girls, and so did his son Solomon or his happy-go-lucky-unlucky foolish, magnificently gifted but flawed Absalom.
I personally believe that God is beginning to feel tired and oppressed with all these humans, specially those fellows in Cosa Nostra who do anything, absolutely anything, even kill the Pope if required, for the purpose of propagating their kind, obsessed with marrying and sexual activities as if these were the only reason for humans’ existence. There is a reference in the Pentateuch to a similar scenario in the past when God got fed-up with exactly the same type of attitude and drownwd the lot. Good riddance. I might have my wires crossed but the passage is there. Vatican, the Baptists ( this includes poor Douga, the Anabaptists or vice-versa), the Seventh Days Adventists, the Church of Mickey Mouse and that of the Divine Lasagne might have a plausible platitude, in order to explain away these verses in favour of further unlimited marriages and procreation, in an overpopulated world, but I am getting wary. The churches have had to somehow give in and exercise compassion etc. etc. the maudling, complaints and demands for further concessions never ending, rising even up to God the Father Who is in the Heavens.Otherwise continuous blackmailings from the believers who wish freedom of pleasures and satisfactions, i.e., fragmentations of christianity and the drying-out of the incoming cash which is increasinglt being held by the greatest breakers of the law.The Old, Ancient aristocracies among which much Wisdom still exists, and admittedly as in every class of people, corruption too, never so much though as in present modern democratic societies which therefore stand condemned by what has become their usurpations of power as one would expect through changes something better than prior to the usurpations. All their cash as well as their properties have passed into the hands of Mafiosi of various descriptions.So, the West is really depending on its Mafiosi for reform.But they are congenitally incapable of Civilised Reform as they are basically goat-herders and shepherds from the steppe of Asia brought into Europe by the Romans who have through cunning and survival and infiltration risen to the top. Good luck to ourselves then.
Carnal knowledge has been extended by modern man and woman to the purpose of mutually providing to one another carnal pleasures and dubious satisfactions. Imagine a Bishop or a Cardinal in high uniform and dangling golden chain complete with a large golden crucified Jesus, getting all worked up and his satisfaction from a beautifully plumpy woman meekly submitting to his lust or vice-versa a lady Minister or Priestess equally being banged ( or, vice-versa banging either him or her or both) for satisfaction by a tall, skinny, patrician looking, aloof Vicar, totally and painfully out of breath, similarly in full church regalia and apparell. This is the very stuff both Boccaccio and Rabelais, who came much later than the former, at the beginning of the new Era of the Renaissance when human beings began to learn to laugh again, loved to joke about, not because of a lack of respect for the persons or the activities, since we all know we owe to these activities our having been born at all, as I myself was saying that I too do joke, humbly copying the two Masters for the purpose of catharsis and exhorcism, lest we get ensnared in the fantasies and in order to keep a balance in a divided church. ( Watson, the ghost of the sergeant Templar who is one of my Guardian Angels, asks what the hell I am talking about ). I personally believe that God is beginning to feel tired and oppressed with all these humans, specially those fellows in Cosa Nostra who would do anything, absolutely anything, even kill the Pope if required, for the purpose of bangings and propagating their kind, obsessed with marrying and sexual activities as if these were the only reason for human-beings’ miserable existence. Not so, since sanctification is the primary purpose. There is a reference in the Pentateuch to a similar scenario in the past when God got fed-up with exactly the same type of attitude and drowned the lot. Good riddance. One can almost imagine Cosa Nostra to exclaim and say -:
" You cannot do this to me God? I burned 50,000 candles on the candle-burner for You in my life, my wife burned as many also, Peppino fasted every Friday by eating only
Salmon, Tuna and Caviar ! I only committed adultery once a week. I confessed every day and took Communion every Sunday! I always gave the Church 10% of what I made selling women and cocaine. Ye, true I had a few miserable illegal migrants murdered for their organs and made money by selling those too but, God every body is doing it all over Europe, God. I had to keep pace with the Balcanic bastards. Capisce? Eh! "
I might have my wires crossed but the passage is there. Vatican, the Baptists ( this includes poor Douga, the Anabaptists or vice-versa), the Seventh Days Adventists, the Church of Mickey Mouse and that of the Divine Lasagne might have a plausible platitude, but I am getting wary. The churches have had to somehow give in and exercise compassion etc. etc. the maudling, complaints and demands for further concessions never ending, rising even up to God the Father Who is in the Heavens above. Otherwise continuous blackmailings from the believers who wish freedom of pleasures and satisfactions, i.e., fragmentations of christianity and the drying-out of the incoming cash which is increasingly being held by the greatest breakers of the law. One even hears to-day about the rights of single mothers or homosexual couples ( of both genders ) to have children by artificial insemination by using donated sperm. Has anyone asked about the human right of the children to have a father following their growth? Why should they grow up without being asked their consent to have only a mother around? It cannot be done since they cannot speak up, the answer is. I'd like to say that Natural Law and common sensibilities would say on their behalf that, were they capable to express their feelings they would complain that their natural instinctive desire is to have a Father to rely on during their growing up. Moreover, what are the poor males supposed to do for lack of a minimum of sexual satisfaction, if this practice increases? To go to the massage parlors and risk STDs? Sharia Law and Islam may have to intervene here on behalf of God. This may be one of the causes of sarcophilia in societies in which Anglo-Saxons are prevalent and dominate morality. It may be a sickness induced by social and sexual stress induced in the male population by the abuses of freedoms without any consideration of the compensating corresponding moral duties. I predict many western men shall embrace the blessed and wise fornicating freedoms of Islam
( I am clowning a bit here), just as the result of these aberrations and amoral ( I am not saying immoral) abuses of freedom and pseudo human rights by some of our senseless and insensible throllopy women who adopt artificial insemination( Romans 11:7; this is yet another type, a very subtle and evil one, of the miscegenation of natural affections) which disregards the duties corresponding to the rights of a relationship. This is yet another example of the modern attitude to do violence to sensibility ( Romans 11:7 ), common sense and Natural Laws, which reliable religion rightly condemns ( artificial insemination ).
Concluding, in relation to non-carnally expressed homosexuality, this should not have the stigma people now attach to it due to the confusion resulting from sarcophiles trying to necessarily relate homosexuality to an implicit and inevitable drive to carnal experirences and choices in order to cunningly widen their desired basis of power. Homosexuality is in fact basically, under normal circumstances, purely about a preference in relation to the gender from which a person of either genders ( either male or female ) prefers to mix with for companionship or frienship. Under normal natural circunstances it has nothing to do with carnal practices and the carnal obsessions of the practicing sarcophiles.

I would therefore urge normal homosexuals to rethink their predicament, maintain their sensibilities (Romans 11:7) and withdraw from a diabolical alliance and association with the sarcophiles who are using you for their diabolical ends and aims.
Jesus used to kiss his disciples on the cheeks or even the mouth. We should therefore conclude he was an homosexual. Maybe Jesus was both homo and heterosexual or omnisexual as the ideal should be. " Love your neighbour as even you do yourself ", this is the second best Command from the Scriptures after " Love Jehovah your God with an unconditional and unmiscegenated Love ". French and Italian people use kissing, leaning on members of the same gender with their arms across their shoulders, pat one another affectionately without any sly implication of intending to proceed to further sick carnal practices. I had to stop doing this in Australia since, even a slight touch on a shoulder would have been interpreted as I having sarcophilic tendencies. I have reached a stage where I do not even dare to lightly brush a woman's shoulder with my hand ( I actually inadvertently do so at times, in a feeling of pure affection for my neighbour Julia who is a true Gentle Lady, strangely very un-Australian or perhaps I should rather say un-Gothic. I still cannot believe Julia is real and next door to me. Of course I live in a terror to perhaps offend her inadvertently with my clownish ways.) as this could be interpreted as an invitation to go to bed. I must, now that I have discovered a mild capacity for poetry, refrain from writing and dedicating bits of harmless poetry ( if these can be called poetry) to women, especially if married, I find I like, in the spirit of my favourite Literary Era of the Provencal Troubadours
.....del gentil cavalleresco amor cortese.....
of which Petrarca and even Boccacio were representatives, as the same vicious attitude appears to prevail of a suspicion that carnality or familiarity is intended. And one gets dirty looks which are rather depressing. I recently expressed my admiration on an e-mail addressed to an american authoress who wrote a book on Jesus and Mary Magdalene telling her I found her beautiful and desirable. I bet that she thought that I had expressed a carnal desire or intention. Australian footballers can however, paradoxically act normally, since they are thought to be, falsely in many known instances as sarcophilia is an epidemic in countries with a large Anglo-Saxon basis, to be beyond the suspicion of sarcophilia owing to their machismo, i.e., their obvious physical maleness.They can therefore hug, pat one another, do whatever they like, but only temporarily during the madness ( normality) induced by the games. This is probably a reason why football or drunkenness is so popular, since it allows the release of all suspicions for a time. Watson ils sons foux ces Australians! What I am trying to express is the warning that these bastards of cunning, probably also schizophrenic sarcophiles, as a minority, have been damaging normal social codes of conduct, behavior and relationships between the genders in a hole nation and culture, expanding now like a vast oil spot, to the whole civilisation. And if allowed, this is going to be on the increase.
Similar reasonings can be extended and applied to the word paedophilia.This word should only mean a LIKING of children without necessarily inplying a carnal obsession with their innocence,, nudity, flesh and body cavities.Yet even this word has been abused and commandeered to express some specialised sarcophiliac aberrations and obsessions, with the purpose of somehow legitimising, normalising these human mental illnesses by exposure. However this is a field in which most parents have been rising up in arms and protest. However in democracies everything becomes politicised unless isolated and removed on a bipartisan concurrence and consensus, from public decision-making through voting. Many issues should in fact be so classified in democratic societies as to not be allowed to be dragged to and exposed in a public debate of untrained and unqualified masses, where they would be subjected to the rule of numbers through voting and cash bribes.In fact, given a large enough number of activists and cash, even paedophilia and the related pornography could be legitimised in the long run, in the name of FREEDOM, HUMAN RIGHTS and related cash earnings, however never mentioning the dirty filthy most unpopular word ( I am being funny here oh esteemed readers )-: HUMAN MORAL DUTY to maintain and protect ethical standards which strangely or incidentally enough coincide with the eternal Wisdom contained in the Sacred Scriptures. In a similar way which applies to social relations between genders, many among us end-up being frozen in the presence of babies and children in spite of natural, normal, human liking for children, for the fear of being suspectd as possible sarcophiles.Even I, a normally undemonstrative person with adult members of the two genders limit myself to exclame and to be carried away in praise, at a distance though, when seing a beautiful child or baby, driven by my natural and normal human liking for children whom I consider miracles. The mothers can generally in these instances immediately recognise my naturality and acknowledge my expressions with beautiful smiles which are to me cathartic.Again these bastards, arrogant, sly sarcophiles have damaged natural relations even in relation to children who need praises and morale-building, especially their long-suffering, miracle-accomplishing, saintly mothers during the difficult stage of growing up in a fallen and corrupt world.
The loss of sensibilities of which Paul of Tarsus speaks at Romans 11:7 is first observed in a confusion of definitions and meaning of those who are being so punished by God whose vocabulary they try to impose on others, with a certain amount of success, since as I said above, many among them occupy respected and high places in our societies, many among them being even teachers.I would even go as far as to say that in some fields of work and activity one would not go very far unless one submits to this sort of degenerative thinking which is categorised, generalised, normalised as a love and respect of human rights and freedom.Notice however how there is never a mention of the word DUTIES.The word DUTY is feared like the Plague.And mind you, they are in their liberal, laissais-faire, ultra-democratic ways, the most charming, attractrive, con-men and women the world ever sees, with fantastic smiles and most beguiling ways, until opposed. Then one witness a reversal and Ostracism becomes their favourite weapon the weapon of moral and intellectual cowards, since, being confused, they would not be able to refute such an E even such a moidest and humble Essay as this, or write one of their own explaining their attitudes and aims, beginning from declared First Principles.Please note that these people have anscestors and have always existed ending by stealth and infiltrations by a slow crawling up the the top of the societies of their times whenever their nation reached a phase of decline and near extinction. Yes they are the harbingers of national doom and decay. Sarcophiles whom I include among a larger class of people I call the FUCKUMITES are in fact the harbingers of doom and disintegration.To-day, as everytjhing else, sarcophilism is a global issue. Buddhists, Islamists, you name it they have them too.Let them not fool you in making you believe they are better than us.Buddhists especially, not having an ethical code based on a personal, ethical God, are very similar to the Stoics of ancient Greece and Rome.The Islamists have no Universal, Catholic commitment except to a world dominated by an islamic directed and manufactured Theocratic Empire ruled by a multitude of Priests who become saints by merely memorising the Qu’ran without reason or understanding, wearing a little white hat and a white or black ghallabia without underwear though, so as to be facilitated in their DUTY to service their allowed four wives and increasing the population of Islam.Their system of morality, I would not call it Ethics, allows them to exercise double standards of morality ( that is where Mafia morality has originated from in the days when Sicily was under Saracenic Rule, before the conquests of Federic II of Germany and those by the Normans. One standard is to be used for Moslems, the other for whoever is not and threfore expendible and taxable.Of course one cannot see this in Malaysia where a big show is being made to fool us or gullible Rudd. I am not advocating we muster them and shoot them, but that we advise them and compel them to seek psychiatric help. Of course, how do you instill in these megalomaniacs, many of whom are wealthy succesful professional persons, undoubtedly skilled ( skill is not necessarily the true, highest form of intelligence tha borders with Wisdom) people, the necessary true humility, not the fake suavity they are able to show offby being the good actors they are?One way God deals with God’s opponents is to abandon these to their illusions/delusions to show the inevitable end to which their ways drive them to. It is nort sufficient to look at deviant carnal practicioners when young and in the midst of their selfish oblivion of normality. one has to follow them up as they become old and the abuses of their youth begin to catch up with them.This is the meaning of Romans 11:7.One sign that these self-deluded people have lost their natural and common sensical sensibilities is their confusion in relation to word definitions.Take for example the word-: Homosexual.Everyone in our sick societies, when hearing this word, immediately implies a person who is an homosexual indulges in carnal miscegenations by either having sexual knowledge of people of the same gender and using bodies cavities which have not been meant for these sexual purposes, even choosing to do so when having sexual knowledge of a member of the opposite sex.However, sexual physical distinctions are related to gender.Homosexual should mean that someone likes people of the same gender in either the case that one is a male or a female. There should not be the need to have another word, i.e., Lesbian to denote a woman who likes women.Note that I have refrained on purpose to use the verb To Love and have limited myself to use To Like.The opposite of homosexual is heterosexual, which refers to a person who likes someone from the opposite gender.I hope this short Essay may achieve its purpose of reversing the evil, preventing a further decay of our society, by converting sarcophiles to the idea that they need all the help they can get and to stop damaging social relations by confusing these through their semantic( i.e., word-meaning) abuses.Amen!


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