Friday, July 11, 2008

Post 51. To an Aussie Chrysalis.

To an Aussie Chrysalis.
Gentle chrysalis that,
with searching and longings
now my dreams
of Thee shall fill,
fraily waiting and dormant,
yet eversensing
such as when in their light sleep
the Muses their spare time spend,
beauty to spin anew and Fate alike,
Thy icon suggests to me
a soft, warm, silky coccoon
wrapping up as if within royal fine laces
a precious human gem,
bursting with tenderness
cheerfully curious about
the mystery that life is.
Perhaps, perchance,
someday far off
open the coccoon shall be,
the shining, vibrant, fluttering butterfly within
that, halas!, would also remind me
of dear lost Cindy,
to freely roam the fields to allow,
----life is full of
and made to seem longer
by such regrets as these----
even if for a short,
too short a summer day
that our human life is,
measured against
God and Eternity.
Requiem das nobis, Domine!
May Allah give us rest!


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