Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Post 60. Since the the Beginning, There Has Existed a Solution.

Relationship Between Sexual Language,
Curves( Bodily), Curves ( Mathematical)
and the Word " Solution ".
Perhaps readers are wondering why a theologian who cares about ethics, morality and belief in God has displayed such a, to some of us, wordly, disturbing and suggestive exposure of
" The ( Covered ) Solution to All Continuities ".
Please note oh readers of mine that I am just a 'barbuto', that is a layman, a secular theologian, not a Priest, and that I am thus enabled to sit on and experiment about the dividing line between the divine (sacred) and the diabolical (profane), thus being better equipped to hit the Opponent, hopefully, on the horns. This requires flexibility, freedom, tactical ability, aided of course, by God's Grace, which is always essential. I cannot be more specific as, some of us, not being trained professionals and qualified, as even I am, may become too excited, and/or upset, and am limiting myself to use the elegant, suggestive yet cathartic and exhorcising definition by Rabelais when narrating the "Story of the Lady of a Certain Island in Pantagruel's Lands ", who scared the Demon away by attributing to the powers of her husband whom the Devil had come to take away to Hell, the presence in her body of the above said " Solution ".
The stout, well-endowed Lady had in fact shown it to the Devil, uncovered.
Rabelais was a french Roman Catholic Priest of the Renaissance ca. 1500A.D. who wrote educational moralising Comedies ( like Boccaccio and later Molieres, etc.) and whom, together with the Devils of his times, we, who have progressed in the fields of 'rolly-poky' might find to-day corny, naive and too easily amazed or distressed, as neither he nor his Devils ever had the opportunity to appreciate, halas, XXX-rated films. Yes even devils need progress and enlightenment.
I cannot agree though,with this simplistic, arrogant opinion of my modern readers, as I am always pleasantly if worshipfully and humbly amazed by that great solution, a miracle of ingenuity and creativity everyone appears to take for granted and belittle, even abuse in swears and jokes, which God Himself/Herself/ITSELF makes with great love, skill, care, concentration and satisfaction, and this attitude and reverence of mine does is not affected by knowledge of or indulgence in XXX-rated films.
But I am a Believer, and that makes a great difference.
Hence the "solution's " potentially charismatic, cathartic, exhorcising powers for those who believe and appreciate God, and Creation as the Artistic Workshop 'par excellence'. The 'solution' represents in fact Art & Aesthetics of a most consummate & infinitely divine skill.In fact those who cannot comprehend this truth are just big constipated, mortified, anorexic Arabic Zeros, of which subject I have also written at length( see List of Posts). However,as for all the good things in life, the " Solution" being, like all God's works, suspended between the divine ( sacred) and the demonic ( diabolic), the " Solution ", like many other wonders of Creation, can have quite the opposite effects on many of us, as Rabelais said it had on his Devils, as even the Scriptures can, which mix evil and good for the purpose of education and the teaching of ethics and morality.
I also suppose that the use of the word "Solution" by Rabelais is rather surprisingly advanced and amazing, since it anticipates of centuries Descarte 's Mathematical works on Analytical Geometry, Newton's " Calculus and Differential Equations ", etc..
In talking about equations of geometrical or mathemtical curves one says in fact that a solution exists when the Curves intersect. I hope this explains my favouring and admiring this beautiful display of charisma, catharsis and exhorcism. Good on you,
Thou beautiful, young, english lady-acrobat!
I have not been able to contact her though.
My e-mail address is: gensferreria@bigpond.com

Honny Soit Quy Mal Ye Pense!


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