Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post 71. To two Entwined candles Burning with a Single Wick.

To Two Entwined Candles,
Burning with a Single Wick.

My dear, my love, my queen
oh being of all that is,
excepting God Who is
of all Love the spring.
Let You and I make
of our loves that
like two candles burn
dripping their waxed drops
as if in a crying deep
for their of love divided realm,
one jointly entwined candle
that with a single wick
does burn a light
that neither profane nor divine might
shall either quench or dip.
Halas, for the harsh laws
of scarcity and necessity
under which our Divine Lord
made us to creep
while the desire to soar and rise
still beats in quasi-divine souls
with a flame that other such flames seek,
in resonance and unison to burn
so as to make a mightier flame
that no jealous human or godly force
can either quench or dip or switch.


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