Monday, October 27, 2008

Post 76. The Mortgage Bubble.

LaRouche and the Mortgage-Bubble..
I have been aware since 2006 of the existence of a small-sized Political Party called the "Citizens Electoral Council of Australia" which is guided by the ideals, world-view, historical unmderstandings and principles of a relatively famous and active US statesman and physical economist Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jnr.
The contacts in Australia are through-:
P.O.Box 376
Coburg Vic 3058
CEC publishes a two-monthly paper " Citizen".
LaRouche publishes an authoritative monthly Review dealing with vital contemporary world-issues "EIR"Executive Intelligence review I cannot afford.
LaRouche site is-:
CRC also has DVDs for distribution of all LaRouche’s International Webcast held in various parts of the world.
The only disagreement I have with LaRouche’s views is a surmountable one, being a divergence of my views of Ancient History in relation to those held by him. I do not think that Ancient History is one of the strengths of LaRouche having suffered from an understandable american bias. likewise in relation to Ancient Philosophy.
His adherents in Australia fully support Nuclear Energy and the essentiality of massive and vast desalination programs in order to maintain Australia’s present agricultural outputs.
Prior to the scandalous, irresponsible, criminal bursting of the mortgage bubble, I doubted LaRouche predictions as political ruses to impress potential members for his parties around the world. These predictions have have been fully and exactly uttered by LaRouche, together with their required economic and banking countermeasures, earlier than 2006 in all his publications and International Webcasts, copies of which I kept, although at the time not believing in these accusations and predictions of LaRouche, I did not believe simply because LaRouche spoke about most present political personalities in the USA and Australia as quasi-criminal elements, as possible lackeys working at enriching a ruthless elite of hidden capital-manipulators.

The actualisation of LaRouche’s predictions have made me think and wonder why no one ( with the possible exception of Costello the ex-australian treasurer ) of the present leaders in the Western World, including those of the glorious Labour Parties, has ever heard and become aware of LaRouche’s predictions which have been relatively widely broadcasted the woirld over. In fact if a non-entity such as I, heard about these predictions although not fully understanding and believing these due to my lack of understanbding or training in the Sciences of Economics and Banking, it appears as rather irresponsible and criminal possibility thast planning, manipulation and connivance may have been at the roots of these financial issues.
Else we must conclude these leaders of ours are all a bunch of irresponsible fools.
The focus of our global discontent should be concentrated on Heads of State and treasurers.
Similarly all heads of the leading Mortgaging Financial Institutions should be barred from positions above a low status, one to be defined by Tribunals, their assets ( including those of next of keen) being reduced by anything exceeding one million dollars.
New Leaders should be seeked and encouraged by public funding for election expenses, to replace present political candidates including Clinton, Obama, etc. taken from the ranks of those who are adherents of LaRouche. There should be a total replacement of the political array of personalities which belonged to the previous cadres, in view of their lack of awareness and for having done nothing to avoid the bubble-growth and final bursting.
So help us God.
On the other hand it may be quite possible that the whole economic catastrophe may have been engineered by the West ( including Russia) in order to curb the imbecillic, uselessly-competitive, extremely distabilising and damaging super-industrial-power-escalations by giants like India and China, facilitated by a poor or non-existent work-ethics and human-rights, and the abuse of their complying escalating populations.
This is another example of an abuse of the modern concept of unreasoned freedom that from the individual level has spread to whole Nations such as India and China.
What these Nations really need is a focusing on a drastic reduction in their colossal populations, something China has begun to do, on Agriculture as their principal need, they being unwise in seeking the unlimited and unregulated attainment of future food-supplies fromn the West by focusing on a monopolisation of trade trade goods in a reversal of
the present scenario. At present we have nearly reached the limit of a safe and acceptable ratio of trade versus food products and commodities betwen Asia and the West.
Upon reaching the ideal ratio of exchange when western food products and commodities are affordable, these Nations must strive to increase the well-being of their populations and cease from their present mad escalation toward industrial monopolisation that is damaging to the West.
If not, then the West would be justified in taking necessary measures.
This is why, whether the present global economic catastrophe is engineered or not, I welcome it if it curbs these Nations’ exaggerated aims.
I am not sure but, apart from the fact that there are no sufficient resources at present for global WWs, an global economic catastrophe such as the present one may be by far cheaper than a WW and probably as effective.
The future of war-making may have changed. From now on, engineered Tsunamis or volcanic-eruptions or economic crisis, food-crisis etc. may be part of the deterring/offensive or defensive arsenal of the powers that are. May God help us all! True Ethics are more than ever required.
As I always do, I re-iterate again and again that the West needs a vast Program of Reformation and Renaissance if it wishes democratic ideals to be adopted by our opponents and if we wish to be justified in our defence of the West.Similarly, our opponents have also to analise themselves and their motives and take measures to reform their anacxhronistic religious ideologies and political idolatries.


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