Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post 81.The Truth about John the Baptist.

The Truth about John the Baptist,
the obscured, the forgotten!
( Have I heard someone saying-:
Who cares?
You mailto:twits!#$@**^*&).
But Douga, just think.
There is a pure, free, universal, secret, invisible Church with only one High Priest, John the Baptist who belongs to the hereditary line of the High Priests of Israel in association with his cousin Jesus who belongs to the hereditary davidic line of the Kings of Israel ( Hebrews makes the oversight of forgetting John the Baptist whom I kindly and undeservedly have been given to remember ). When one reads John’s Gospel one should wonder at the respect and veneration assigned to John the Baptist, however, the message that he was the Highest Priest in Israel has been obscured by Constantinian Christianity. Yes, Jesus became, while living on earth , the inheritor of the Title as the Baptist died without issue, murdered by the Hasmodean dynasts for rejecting Salome's graces and her Jade Gates ( I am not jesting at all you twits, just uttering the truth in such a way as you can understand, i.e., parabolically), but would he, once in Heaven, not return the Title to his martired cousin John?. Of course Jesus would. The Templars and the Chatars among many others tried to revive the memory and veneration of the Baptist but the Roman Empire prevailed as God needed it for its works amomg the Gentiles. Perhaps, I say, perhaps, now is the time for a re-evaluation of the obscured truths as the West has reached its lowest moral decline and political confusion following the previous path set under the great Constantine and Democracy has become unfit even for sewer rats.
The Church of Melchidhedek cannot be infiltrated since it has neither human Ministers, Priests nor hyerarchy, nor pecking order nor ranking and does not need material structures, or money. The Rule for Membership is Galatians 3:28. No one can prove to be a Member or give anyone membership of it.
Frustrating hey, you mongrels and devilish buggers who wish to posses and miscegenate everything ! Well, you just cannot do it to Melchdhedek! However, some of us may have a strong feeling and awareness that they are Members. of it. They cannot prove it or claim they are so except to themselves. That is why I often talk to myself. Of course behaviour is a tell tale. For example, no mafioso or mafiosa can believe they are members of such a Church. They would be fools as there is no money in it. This Church exists and controls all human-run churches through God the Father and the Holy Spirit. Any member of this Church automatically benefits from any merit accrued or acquired by any church, irrespectively of what his or her place in any other church. He must carry on as a member of the church of his birth or choice simultaneously. So, don’t you start pointing your finger to me and accuse me of heresy! It is a highly priviledged membership. Yet no one can prove such membership although benefiting from it.How do we know this Church exists? From Genesis when Abraham met the King of Jerusalem ( Melchidhedek ), broke bread with Him and paid his respects to Him. In the Jewish tradition Melchidhedek is associated with the Archangel Gabriel who represented the Word as a mediator, and when the Word incarnated in the human body of Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus and the Baptist became Melchidhedek who is associated with the role of the Most High Priest. This role Jesus inherited from his cousin John the Baptist when the latter died without issue. Jesus then became both The King of Judah as well as the Most High Priest.
Now, neither in Genesis nor in any other part of the Scriptures is there said that Melchidhedek died or that the Church of Jerusalem ended with him.
Therefore it must follow, Dear Watson ( he is a low Templar, but just a cottonwooled-brained Serjeant and a barbuto as I am a barbuto----- "orphie" of Stumble Upon does not realise my freedom from chastity----- who am a knight in training, as we are still allowed a kiss, or even two, of a girl's neck, there where it is at its softest. However the Rule says we must obtain permission in writing from her beforehand. Life was not meant to be easy!), that it still exists forever and ever. I intimately know I undeservedly belong to it although I am just a humble Jester or Jockey of Jehovah, but I cannot prove it and I do not care to prove it. Who knows, maybe you also belong to it. Who knows? Every mafioso(a) would just love to put its hands on it and make money out of it, but halas, it is out of the reach of the Pizza and Brothels Barons.
Of course, "Mai ils vas sens dire" ( "One does not have to say it"), even Hindus, Buddhists, Confucianists, Taoists, Zoroastrians, Mohammedans and Jews are included in the Church of Melchidhedek, and the rest.
Have I forgotten anyone?


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