Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Post 82. Poor, poor "ferrerix"!

Readers, beloved ones
of the Templar, alias Ferrerix
et sometimes, God's Fool, to boot,
"ferrerix" of Stumble Upon is being under Review and censorship by Stumble Upon for having expressed an innocent desire to kiss "orphie", a fellow lady-member,
on the neck ( at the back of it actually), there where it is at its softest,
you know,
there where the hair-line begins, upward from the neck,
I hope not below the neck, in "orphie"'s case, else, hai-hai-dolores!
"orphie' accused me of being a fake Templar and the evil re-incarnation of a Cardinal of the era of the Borgia Pope Alexander VI, a great lover in/of his own kind.
To which accusation I humbly, meekly responded explaining that as a "barbuto" and a knight-in-training I am not subjected to chastity-vows, which I could not break anyway due to old age and incapacity, without perhaps massive suicidal doses of VIAGRA and CELIA, or even PFIZZERS,..........................
moreover, that a kiss on the neck, provided it is above the neck-line and not below it, there where the hair line begins, is considered to be innocent and scripturally correct as even our Lord Jesus kissed all his disciples including the Magdalene, on the neck, irrespective of gender.
While under Review and pending an Inquiry by the Spanish/Irish Inquisition, Stumble Upon is kindly and apologtically permiting me to operate as "ferrarix"
untill my main PC is under naintenance.

Yours in blogging for Jesus Christ/Abraham and even Mohammed's sake,

oh my beloved bloggers.

Kisses on thy lovely necks,

USA "leathernecks" excluded

as we shall find some othe tender spot of them, if any,

else I'll kiss teir ladies,

else, stiff cheddar ,

no bloody kisses

at all!

P.S.-: Someone please, tell "grallsome" and "thomas jefferson" the catholic luminaries in Stumble Upon I cannot contact them at the moment. I still believe they are awesome but useless and a waste of intelligence.


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