Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Post 87.President Bush, I am proud of Thee!

Fanatical Islamists have better to exercise historical humility and to learn good civilised manners of intenational conduct, since most of the lands they are occupying at present have been won by the sword and war through the destruction of previous occupiers.
So, they have better resolve the issue of israeli-occupation of Palestine, their biblically proven anscestral lands, in favour of these ancient relatives of theirs as even DNA testing can prove, Allah already knowing this and being displeased by the spilling of fraternal and sisterly blood.
Are you modern islamic Imams, Meuzzins, , Sherifs, etc., whatever you like to call yourselves, aware of, do you understand what I am talking about????????
I know what I am talking about and am qualified to speack, as I am a Bachelor of Theology and a descendent of Templars, both in the flesh as well as in the Spirit.
It is up to Islam to cease from blood-letting not vice-versa considering Israel is surrounded by their malicious forces, and not vice-versa.
Else the force of Allah’s displeasure shall fall onto Islam, as truly as there is Allah!
The West shall continue to reform itself as everyone needs to in this fallen world, including Islam, and to neutralise any islamic dictator Islam itself is not capable or willing to take care of, like in the case of Saddam Hussein.
President Bush should be respected as we respect any respectable islamic leader, else I spit on your faces with this writing of mine. So help me God!
President Bush behaved nobly as the true leader he is and responded with admirable courage to the base insult!
I am proud of President Bush who is a daring, courageous westerner, irrespective of whether he is right or wrong. As an elected President he had the priviledge and the right to do what he judged to be the right thing to do, at the time.
The act of that islamic journalist tends to prove to me Bush was right. We shall know more in six months-time as the Obama administration acts.
That journalist of yours is not a hero but a lowly peasant and a curr!
Put him to clean toilets.
Beware of Allah's wrath!
La’, ila la’, illaaa Allaah!


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