Monday, December 22, 2008

Post 90. Soul-Love.


Soul-Love is a state of being
that is a mutual exchange of being
between two souls
united as if one being
that the horison of Jehovah God,
that infinite is
roam freely, high soaring
above the creeping mass
of being on earth.
Two souls I said above
but the single being formed can be
by many such souls,
not confined by matrimony
nor by limitations
that gender, nature and Law
place in the way of jointly being
when even only two are concerned.
The only bond being
with this state of being
the spirit that freely spiring
comes and goes as it pleases.
This is the nature of true freedom
in being.

Oh women the world over,

gentle and paradoxically fierce too

souls that motherly,

tend and nourish their offspring,

this is how I wish to love the lot of thee

as in 3:28 the spirit of Galatians shows

that limitations and accidents of the flesh

IT does not see.


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