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Post 92. Victorian Fires and Causes.

Impressions of an Ethnic

New Australian

about the latest fire damage

in the King Lake Area, Victoria.

I have not actually personally been on the area and have only images from the T-V News to speculate about the issues in this Post.

There is no doubt Global Warming and the rise in air temperatures is also causing warm winds which tend to invest forested areas which being cooler areas originate these winds during the day when the heated air is at its warmest. This is also pejorated by winds from the sea that invest the forested ares during the night.

Hence we can expect in the future increased wind and heat interplay tending to magnify the explosivity of fires and the drying up of everything in their paths.

The Government has pledged the reconstruction of the communities and this is a very commendable and wothwhile commitment.

However there is something unusual that appears to me to have happened in these fires and that is not only the result of increased natural heat and wind activities resulting from Global Warming.

I have seen houses relatively isolated from nearby forest by wise firebreaks, with their own adequate water-supplies and their own fire-fighting equipment just flare up like a match/tinder box.

This appears to me to be the result of a wrong engineering philosophy, i.e., the use of incorrect building materials, probably insufficient electrical wiring temperature-ratings, insufficient electrical equipment electical design-ratings, the lack of separation between fire-fighting equipment cirquitry and household cirquitry, the usual australian propensity to spend lavishly for luxury, size of the dwellings, which become the means to hide capital from taxation, rather than in building around a fire-defensive structure, with its separate electrical supplies, so as to allow shutting-off of the household circuitry during a fire so as to avoid melting down of wiring insulations resulting from surronding overheated conditions. Any fire-fighting equipment which should be compulsory for houses built in forested areas, should have a separate circuitry with even higher electrical insulation ratings than those of the household-equipment.

Fire-fighting equipment alone would be allowed-on during fires and in some cases have its own emergency power supply, separated and isolated from the crcuitry of the house. Special precautions should be used for gas cylinders, enclosed inside a chimney-like masonry-structure allowin an upward directed relief of the explosion. Training in the use of the equipment should be a regular feature of forested areas-communities, becoming the local sporting activity, rather than stupid, childish ball-games ( Sorry mates but let us be serious!).

It is ridiculous to expect Fire-Fighting-Organisations to bear the total responsibility and load of the required fire-defence operations.

It also appears to me that the materials used in the building of houses in forested areas is at fault. Why use timber, especially the pine timber that is such a combustible timber?

Why not retrain our carpenters in using steel-sections ( noggings, studs and plates ) so easy to cut and rivet together?

I have built a house in Bialeston Victoria in steel, forced to this by the ubiquitous ants in the area, on the top of a hill, catching the permanent strong north-western winds, and its roof wiithstood storms that unroofed hundreds of roofs in nearby Rusworth and uprooted gums on the roads. Of course, being an aeronautical engineer, I inclined the roof and oriented the house in such a manner as to make the wind push the roof downward rather than upward! I also offered the wind a corner of the house rather than with a flat side.This does not require great engineering education from a builder. Houses must be built to match the natural challenges surrounding these and not primarily to satisfy the megalomeniac, self-aggrandising mental projections of the dwellers. The first consideration in building must be the structures required to protect the dwellers and the investment of resources, since if these dwellings were to be rebuilt with the same wrong engineering approach as prior to the fires, these shall be bound to fail again at the next fires.

So, the sizes of the rebuilt houses must reflect actual living needs of the occupiers and not their inflated status-seeking ambitions, the extra money to be shared among all re-built properties for fire-defensive structures to be regularly inspected by Fire-Defence Inspectors, appointed for the task.Fire-Defence must become a general community activity, such as to complement from the inside of the fire-circle/front the effort of the professional fire-fighters on the outside of the fire-front.

All local youth on the dole must be required to regularly attend training camps in equiment maintenance, fixing, use, fire-defence operations, tactics, strategies and safety/medical meaures.

Only in this way can we expect to survive the incoming tragedy of Global Warming.

A word of warning from a 69 year old individual whose family has lived for three generations in North Africa, is a student of history, and belongs to the Y-DNA E1b1b1 haplogroup.

I believe that some individuals such as I, have an awarenes and understanding of reality that originates from their ability to introspect and that our DNA has information ( ancestral memories) that they are able to tap into. Now my haplogroup, the E1 developed about 50,000 years ago from the CT which in turn issued from genetic Adam (the A haploroup), about 60,000 years ago, in an area north of Lake Victoria in Africa.

I am trying to work out how my blood remained so ancient and pure. Anyway, E1 began moving north-north-west in Africa when the Sahara was still a vast tropical forest and savannah. Up it went along the Niger and the Nile river-systems which then drained the whole of the Sahara.

In about 11,000 BC , at the end of the Last Glacial Maximum ( the LGM, a recrudescence of the Glacial Era ), that had begun in about 23,000 BC, the river and lake-systems of the Sahara ( an area as huge as Australia )began to dry-up and by 5,000 BC, the inhabitants had to abandon hunting as a way of living and adopt animal husbandry, by 3,500 BC being forced into agriculture in the reduced fertile areas, finally being compelled to use slaves to do the heavy work under the oppressing heat. Agriculture began becoming heavily dependent on irrigation structures, and slave-labour became necessary. That was the time when Egypt alone flourished in Africa thanks to the bounty of the Nile river that had become manageable.

All North Africa was reasonably fertile as rains were regular and the climate becoming increasingly temperate due to the melting everywhere of the ice. Even in the times of Rome North Africa was habitable and responded to irrigation works which were becoming increasingly indispensable and demanding in slave-labour in the Saharian regions.

This was the beginning of the exploitation of the black people of Africa by a people of the Saharian regions called the Garamantians, probably E1b1. The Garamantians developed the wheel, the chariot, and the use of onagers ( up to four )to pull the chariots. So my DNA has these data and I posses the natural introspective ability.

Let us therefore heed these data and my humble warnings oh mighty, lackadisiacal, cotton-whool-brained, happy-go-lucky Australians and plan ahead about our dire need of NEW ENERGY ( NUCLEAR) and NEW WATER, else we be THOROUGLY FUCKED.

It appears to me that, unless the earth-axis changes its inclination, in response to the changes in the distribution of the water masses resulting from the melting of the polar ice caps, in such a way as to shift the Equatorial Circle so as to reposition Australia to lay totally in a temperate longitudinal area, Australia is doomed to become a new Sahara.

The availability of huge resources of enery and water can avoid this fate.

No one has yet thought about the possibity to collect and store most of the huge quantity of water flooding the one million square kilometers in Queensland or relatively large area of NSWales

It seems to me that Australian professionals/elites are rather more like improved/educated tradesmen than professional people capable to speculate philosophically at high levels of abstraction. The whole educational system and comnand structures in Australia are geared to promote practical ability and skills which have nothing to do with higher levels of thinking.:):):):):)

As an example from the age of the PC , one ends paradoxically having a population of skilled designers of websites which are filled with pure crap, inconsequential to the progress of the civilisation.:):):):):)

Look up for example STUMBLEUPON and observe how little originality and creativity one can find among almost two million members!:):):):)

Australians/Americans, you are worrying me! It must be the fault of the Cro-Magnons' haplogroup component (R) in the mix.:):):):):)


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