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Post 94. Letter to the Hebrews and Mohammedans.

A Letter to   the   Hebrews and Moslems.


My Credentials.

I am a writer for Jehovah/Allah/God/ who has a share in the Middle East as my family has lived there before coming to Australia, for three generations, as Christians.

I have moreover resulted from recent Y-DNA cromosomes-tests as an E1b1b1, wich, disregarding my maternal blood-lines, makes me a semite, an ancestor of both Arabs and Hebrews ( of I and J haplogroups, mutations of the Sumerian F which comes from mine the E haplogroup, 50,000 years old!).

I am also a qualified Theologian and have therefore some understanding and authority as well as a duty to write as I do.

Although a Gentile, members of my Clan have had relations with the Clan of Jesus of Nazareth far back in time in ca. 3000 B.C. during their long migration from the Caspian Sea to Europe and I therefore somehow benefit from his real blood. And this gives me weight.

Although a Christian, I have an historical understanding of both Hebrews and Moslems and am prepared to consider them as brothers and sisters since we are all members of the three people of the Books, as good old Mohammed used to say in his peaceful moments.

Finally, to conclude on the criterion that should govern one’s another acceptance as brothers and sisters it is worth keeping in one’s mind Paul of Tarsus’s Galatians 3:28-:

" There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor freeman,

there is neither male nor female, for you are all one person

in union with Jehovah/Allah/God."

Let me also remind you that Paul was a Hebrew of the tribe of Benjamin and lived and preached among the Arabs of the desert for three years.

Since the memory of the desert-dwellers is a long one either for good or evil, it is quite possible that Mohammed heard about Paul’s preachings and some of the latter’s wisdom is in the Q’uran.

These are my credentials, as good or even better than those of anyone among Hebrews, Moslems or Christians.


The Subject.

The motivation in this writing is the horror and anger God is feeling about the continuous bloodshed in the Middle East caused by the never ending feud between people of the arabic and jewish cultures and areas of influence.

When one considers that, as proven by modern science using DNA blood-testing, Jews and Arabs are related as brothers an sisters are, this blodletting becomes even more obscene and horrific in God’s eyes.

God’s anger is made even greater by the shameful use of religion and of his name made by both people in their bloodletting and feuds.


The Causes.

It appears that culture is a dividing barrier between Moslems and Jews, especially so since the latter have had much western influence and also that there has been a history of selfish, spurious/false racialism that has made use of religion to perpetuate these feuds and wasteful struggles.

Leaders among the classes of people at the top of the social hyerarchy in both branches of the same race aim at an undivided share of the leadership and to the total possession of all resources in the area to be devoted predominantly to the welfare of one people disregarding the other.

These aims are now being seeked by the people of arabic culture, following their newly acquired freedom and national sovereigneties in the Middle East, after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1918, representing themselves universally as Moslems, since the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D.

However, as freedom and sovereignety were being given to the members of the Ottoman Empire, by the Christian West, the latter, christianly, in justice and equanimity, also addressed the problem of the necessity for the Jews to have their own Nation that had been lost by them during the Judean Rebellions against Rome, put down by Titus in ca. 70 A.D., the latter causing the Jews to disperse all over he known world.

The Moslems’ claim to Palestine is founded on the conquest of Palestine by Islam after the death of Mohammed in 632 A.D.

By the same token then, the Moslems should also claim Spain which they also conquered in the first 100 years after Mohammed’s death, which they lost in ca. 1450 A.D..

Similarly with regards to Greece and parts of the Balkans.



It appears to me that, considering history and Allah’s Will and the will of the West ( the West has got a right to determine the division of the Middle East since the blood of a multitude of western soldiers has gained all this for the Moslems. The Australians who died at Gallipoli, died for islamic freedom too. ) that was instrumental in freeeing the Moslems and in giving them their present sovereigneties, also the blood-relatedness of the semitic Arabs and Jews, and the Monotheism of the two religions, the sameness and oneness of the One God, Islam should look with favour and friendship upon the establishment of their next of kin the Hebrews in the Middle East.

Islam has better to never forget their debt in blood towards the Christian West.


The Ways and Means.

All the resources of the Middle East should be exploited and shared equally by all Nations therein as Members of a large Federation of States ( say, The Commonwealth of the Middle East ), in a similar manner that, say, The Commonwealth of Australia is organised, and in which it functions.

In order to achieve this both Hebrews and Islamists must separate Religion from State and Politics, in the same way that modern nations do, that are governed in accordance to the Westminster Monarchic/Democratic System, more succesfully so than anyone now in the Middle East.

The obscenities and horrors that are being perpetuated now in the Middle East, have no justification whatsoever, considering that even such a young Nation as Australia is proving the possibility of co-existence and peace.

It appears to me that all the touble is being caused by a small percentage of the islamic world, probably amounting to a mere 10 % of the total population. Hang the bastards!

By western democratic standards this is not acceptable and any intervention is justified in the name of justice and world peace.

I find it extremely ridiculous when I hear about pseudo/fake socialist groups in Australia ( one can observe their propaganda on road posts) or elsewhere in the West supporting in a unilateral, extremely partisan fashion, the claims of Gaza or of Islam in the Middle East.

I label these socialist goups fakes since they lack the universality and all inclusivity of true socialist movements their aims being just the capturing of the gullible, fanatical, insensitive, unreasonable, australian islamic communities’ votes.

I invite God’s wrath onto their heads as their activities are criminal.

I invite these Pinocchio-like persons to go back to school and study real history.

The final question is whether the Free World can accept and look at the Jews either being enslaved by the Arabs or thrown into the sea, when the West is proving the viability of Western Democratic Westminster Type Governments.

The practical, pragmatic, political motivation in keeping an active watch on the Middle East and on the fate of the Jews, is, apart from he one of justice and equaniminity and the religious links of these to christianity, the consideration and thought that, if Islam can be so insensitive and callous, and un-co-operative towards people of the same blood, their genetic relatives the Jews, imagine what Islam can do to us, the non-semites, had Islam to acquire predominance as it is actually actively trying to do.

These are the reasons behind the West's concerns at Iran's efforts and obsessions with the acquisition of a nuclear military capability.

It might be of some interest to consider that, in spite of Iranians having originated as a people of indo-european culture and language, islamic conquests have erased and discouraged all european links. Iranians have always made political, religious and historical choices contrary to those the West made, never seeking co-operation, convergency, apparently just for the sake to be different and in opposition to the West.

The Iranians appear to have accepted Islam just because it also opposes the West. These are not acceptable choices based on wisdom but on spite and malice.

Freedom has nothing to do with it.

God cannot be pleased with such an attitude and disposition. As to the objection that the reverse could be equally said about the West opposing Islam and Iran, I counter saying that, Judaism and Christianity came before Zoroastrianism or Mohammedanism and good- willing, wise, peace-loving people would have seeked convergence rather than divergence as the Arabs did when choosing their alphabet, lexicon and grammar in ca. 750 AD, and they decided to write a totally separate Sacred Islamic Scriptures.

While God loves convergency, a gathering together, the ceasing of divisions and differences, God hates in fact divisions, separations, strife, feuds, revengefulnes, bloodletting, etc.

Meditate about this oh reader.


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