Sunday, March 15, 2009

Post100. Sicily.

Uploader's note: Every Sicilian traditionally winges about its island's poverty, in order to unashamedly justify the massive handouts from Lombardy and United Europe which is all money wasted until the MAFIA is allowed to control the life of the islands from every conceivable aspect.
It is the control the MAFIA maintains in South Italy that prevents investors and skilled migrants to go to the South where the attractions of climate and nature are great bettering the employment prospects of the population.
The North of Italy which is more suitable to agricultural production is becoming congested beyond recovery by the masses of South Italians and illegal migrants seeking a living there causing enormous damage to the whole of the Regions. The hills around Lake Como, the territory along the train line between France and Milano, which in my childhood had a balanced human presence, now cannot even be seen as all one observes is houses and concrete.
How stupid, incompetent, irresponsible and criminal can a whole Nation like Republican Democratic Italy be, governed by descendents of shepperds and goatherders who rose to power by forming secret alliances, by collusion and gaining Degrees in Law?
The rise to power of Fascism, the wrong alliance of Italy to Nazism, the abolition of the Savoja Monarchy by a small margin of a few votes of fascists, mafiosi and communists, favoured by the genetically-stupid, historically short-sighted, Mafia-riddled American sympathisers, began the decline and degeneration of Italy.
Wake up Italy, else you shall become an extension of the Balkans, the enlargement of the arse-hole of Europe.:):):):)
The genitals are in France, ulalala!:):):):)
Bring back the wise old aristocracies you fools!
Stop your wanton fornications and procreations beyond the capacity of the land to bear. Tell the Pope He is wrong! Sterilise yourselves grongoes if you insist fucking ad libitum!
The mafiosi and their families must be dealt with by Martial Law, a Law that forgets about Rules of Engagement, Human Rights ( No Human Rights for those who do not fulfill Human Duties and plan organised, institutionalised, overt exploitation and corruption of a whole society, nation and continent such as Europe, vilifying everything they come in contact with), etc.. The ancient aristocracies they try to imitate and parrot, and dream to replace, had at least good taste and left us Civilisation.
Scarcity and necessity in the absence of industrial resources made the world of ancient aristocracies harsher and was none of their doings, at least not totally. Mafia's goat-herders generate in the midst of plenty, a world of defilement, cheap emotions, ugliness, decadence and have been destroyintg our noble ancient Western Civilisation. Mafiosi are the descendents of the barbaric slaves the Romans and the Greeks were either forced or made a mistake to bring to Europe. Life-Forced-Labor for the bosses, up-rooting, deportation and exhile from the lands of their centuries-old exploitations, to the rest and their families with the interdiction to engage in entrapreneurial activities or to enter Government Jobs and Services for at least three generations, with the obligation to report monthly to a Police Station wherever they go. Their resources confiscated and used in the struggle against their organisations.
"L'ha da fini' " ( It must have an end! ).
A word of warning about Beppe Grillo, as he is a typical modern italian with a double standard. From the one hand he hypocritically confesses like a good Catholic, while from the other he is absolving everyone. He gives false and stupid hints below about the TNT coming from the mainland. Of course it came from the mainland since there is where it was stolen by the "picciotti" mafiosi, from mines and building sites. they infiltrate or own and to make tracing more difficult if impossible.
He stupidly hints the blowing up of the two Magistrates ( Public Prosecutors, a few honest ones in godforsaken Italy) was ordered, organised and directed from Rome as if this were an unusual practice and may indicate the Mafia may not have been involved after all.
Of course Rome was involved, since the Mafia has got their own people who have been very well educated ( but are still genetically Mafia, civic-wise stupid, and have infiltrated all sections of Government, including the Police Force, aided by bribes and the gentle persuasion of the Mafia itself ). An operation such as the blowing up of Magistrates of the caliber and experience of Borsellino and Falcone must require liaising with the Police and Security Agents who are supposed to protect them and a great deal of betrayals from within the ranks of the security personnel. Eventually, Italy shall have the same reputation Nigeria and Africa have regarding scams, No one shall trust anything italian except Pizzas, Moducci suits, Gucci ball-suspenders, Ferrari cod-pieces, and da Vinci underpants, shoes and bags, condoms, women-tampons, brass etc. if things keep on going as they are.
Who would buy military or industrial equipment knowing that their opponents would be sold all the design data about it for a doubling of the gain? Genetically speaking,Mafiosi may look like everyone else, but are really stupid people, destructive of self and others. It is a matter of DNA.
Marry one of them and you get the Mafia-genes for stepping on a smelly turd on a street..................Sheeeeeeetttt!
Sicily is the poorest region in Italy. It also has the highest rate of unemployment. Sicily is our equivalent of the Dark Far West. In Sicily there are prickly pears, cannoli and the murdered dead people. Many of the Italian heroes are Sicilians. Mafia members are not always Sicilian. The list of Sicilian heroes since the Second World War is endless. Like the annual tuna hunt. I sometimes wonder whether Borsellino (Sicilian) and Falcone (Sicilian) would still be alive today if Sicily was an independent nation. The TNT used on Borsellino came over from the Mainland. Falcone’s movements were tracked from Rome. This Sicily that is so poor and so crime ridden is, in fact, a reservoir of voters. The one who controls this pack of votes also controls this Country’s politics. It happened with Andreotti and his man on the spot, Lima. After that Forza Italia won all 61 of the allocated seats. A percentage like that would have been embarrassing even to Caucescu. Sicily is the workbench of the Italian Parliament. A very strange situation indeed, when the scales of national politics can be tipped by the very region that is last in line in terms of the pro-capita income of its inhabitants. The Sicilians’ value lies in the ballot box. Sicily has more inhabitants than Ireland and Norway. Mussolini despatched prefect Mori to Sicily. He treated the place as if it were a colony. While he did obtain some results, he stopped short when it came to the big shots. With them, he decided to establish a non-aggression pact. In Sicily, the Second World War was won by two groups, namely the United States and the American Mafia. The Allied Army went for a stroll through Sicily. It was a walk in the park compared to the resistance they faced later on. Someone handed them the keys to the island and received much more in return. Local Administrations and Parliamentary posts. Sicily had the intelligence of Majorana and the depth of understanding of Pirandello, the ferocity of Riina and the power management skills of Provenzano. Sicily is an everlasting place. It is a cruel place. It is an inexplicable place. It is any place where there is a Sicilian. For those born in Sicily, Palermo is the centre of the universe. On the one hand, Sicily has everything. Sunshine, sea, landscapes, art, history and agriculture. On the other hand, Sicily has nothing. Incinerators, emigration and crime. It is a chimera, born when Italy achieved Unity. A Nation? A State? A Region? A place with an identity crisis, or perhaps a place with a split personality. In Sicily they still talk about a man as being “as bad as a Piedmontese”. The history books tell a fairy tale of a thousand redshirts that liberated an island with a population of millions of people. This island is in chains. It is independent, but without any independence. Rich, but poor at the same time. It has the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in all of Italy. Yet Catania and Palermo are drowning in debt. Italy has not been good for Sicily. Perhaps, if left to its own devices, Sicily could yet rise again. Joined to Italy, the current Italy, it can only sink further into the abyss. “U pisci feti da testa” (Fish rot from the head down). And the head is in Rome


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