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Post 101, Italian Senator Vizzini an infiltrator from Mafia, free to remain in Parliament.

Italian Senator Vizzini, a Sicilian, a compromised public figure, an infiltrator of the Italian Senate from Mafia, remains free to stay in Parliament in spite of 350,000 signatories democratically requesting his didsmissal .
( This can only happen in Italy, however the higher European standards of conduct required by Italy's membership of the EU, necessitate his removal with a kick in the ass with only a basic pension, without all the retirement-perks of Italian Senators and Parlamentarians in general. Talking about the costs of the ancient aristocracies which were cheap in comparison to what the Italian Republic's officials is costing the Italian taxpayer! Churchill would have said -:
"Never have so few been ruled by so many for so little a return ").
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Step forward Vizzini! Who is Carlo Vizzini? He is one of those under investigation in 1993 for the 300 million illegal financing in the Enimont kickbacks. One who was convicted at the first level but with the crime being wiped out at the appeal stage because of the time limit and the Statute of Limitations. He is one who was Secretary of the PSDI. Do you remember Longo (face of pongo), card number 926, and work clothes of the P2? He is one who has had a splendid life in Parliament since 1976. One who has been a deputy or a senator for eight legislatures. He is one who has been accused by Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mayor of Palermo, who was sentenced to 13 years in prison for aiding and abetting and providing external concerted action in Mafia association. One who, according to Ciancimino, was a sort of hidden partner in Sirco Fingas, the company used for recycling the accumulated capital of his father. He is one who, still according to Ciancimino, pocketed 900,000 Euro that he handed over in Rome and in Palermo in a suitcase. Cadeau. Vizzini is one of the many who should hand in his resignation tomorrow morning. One who has passed his lifetime in the State feeding trough. One who is Chair of the First Permanent Senate Committee dealing with Constitutional Affairs. One who refuses to discuss the proposal for a popular “Clean Up Parliament” law. He is one who by his indifference, is insulting the 350,000 signatories and the two million people who came out into the streets on 08 September 2007. One who does not respond to emails that I have sent to prompt him. One who is equal to the other companions on the Committee. They stay silent and don’t make decisions. Only the two Italia dei Valori members have replied and are supporting the proposal. Without however taking any step forward. Vizzini is the symbol of the politicians’ disdain for the citizens. “Clean Up Parliament” wanted a maximum of two legislatures, no convict and the direct selection of candidates. Vizzini has been in parliament for 33 years and he is “prescritto” {his conviction fell because of the Statute of Limitations}. He was appointed a senator by the psycho-dwarf [Mr. Tremorti ]. Does he have to decide whether and when to discuss the “Clean Up Parliament” proposed law? I sent a journalist to interview him more than once in Rome. He has never succeeded. Vizzini, I want to make a promise. If you don’t discuss the law in the Committee I will come to Rome before the end of the spring. In front of the Senate. The 350,000 signatories can join me if they want to. I will give them the details. I will be carrying no suitcase, but make sure you are there and ready. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we. Members of the Committee who have the task of examining the proposed law “Clean Up Parliament”. PS It’s Monday 16 March and I have just learned from Marco Travaglio that the Palermo Prosecutors Office has denied the news item reported by some newspapers that senator Carlo Vizzini has had his name recorded in the register of those under investigation for the money laundering of the Ciancimino wealth. Right now, Vizzini is not under investigation for money laundering or for other crimes.
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