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post 110. Both Jesus and Yahweh are elohim.

Both Jesus and Yahweh are elohim ( i.e., Genesis 1:2 ).
I think I have been making some discoveries about the Trinity as at present there is something not quite right about it all.
What I am saying does not change anything except tha it re-organises the whole thing making it more meaningful and rational, perhaps even acceptable to our obdurate, self-deluded, sisters/brethrens of the Judaic and Islamic faiths.
Until now, as the result of the conditioning of the Christian Churches to considering the Earth as the centre of the Universe, which is still lingering there with us due to the revulsion of the Priesthood to deal with their fossil-dogmas, Yahweh has acquired and maintained a central position in our minds, whereas the Holy Spirit should. This is not an issue about predominance or subordination, but of theological correctness.
In fact, once one begins with the Holy Spirit, rationally, in a recognition of the existence of a whole Universe out there, one has a chance to ask one's self where did Yahweh come from, since we, the Trinitarians at least, are also told about the existence of the Word, incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth.
Again Who is the Word, and how does IT relate to Spirit and Yahweh, etc.?
I am writing this final post ( the third on the subject ) on Blogger suggesting that the WORD, that is the HOLY SPIRIT acting in TIME, is, when in YAHWEH as a ELOHIM ( Genesis 1:2 ), the Creator or Executor of the Spirit's Plans for the world and human kind.
At present the Word is some being additional to Yahweh, the former having incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth. One cannot help feeling some redundancy somewhere, in need of rationalisation.
I claim the Word is in Yahweh as well as being the incarnation in Jesus of Nazareth, who therefore also acquires the status of ELOHIM.
I claim that the Word who is in Jesus of Nazareth, but who can act also freely away from Jesus, being everywhere, as well as Joseph are the fathers of Jesus, Joseph being the father of the man in Jesus.
I claim tha Jesus' status is that of the ELOHIM ( Genesis 1:2 ).
Holy Spirit
Word in Time
Word in Yahweh (elohim), creator and executor
Word in Jesus of Nazareth (elohim ), operative
Human beings
According to the Scriptures, some Angels were, at the beginnings, given extended powers as agents of the Word, becoming elohim. As such these could biologically and genetically manipulate and operate on human beings in the course of human evolution.
Genesis narrates about the temptation some Angels of elohim- status had to mix sexually with human females. The offspring would not of course inherit the elohim status that could only be given and taken away by the Word.
Some of the biological manipulations were carried out in disagreement with the Word's Plan or commands and the consequences of those interferences are still with human kind, today.
Genesis hints at the occurrence in those times of events even more devastating and obscene than those related to the various genetical-cleansing-operations perpetrated by various peoples in our own times.
Holocaust was not invented by the German Nazi.
It has occurred in the area of the Fertile Crescent thousands of years ago.

An Analogical explanation of my Rationale.
Modern Physics, after the days of Newton has given us categories to make order in relation to and distinguish between the concepts of POWER, WORK/ENERGY ( i.e., Power over Time), FORCE.
These terms are related to both animate and inanimate substances and can analogically be applied in relation to the divine beings of Theology.
If the HOLY SPIRIT is analogically considered to be the Power/Life of the Universe, there is obviously a semantic need of an agent called the WORD or Work that creates in TIME, over time. In fact, if Physics, which is under the laws of the Word as Creator of all, can be explained by such categories, so can the heavenly beings or divine substances benefit from the use of these categories in an analogical way.
After all, analogy was very much resorted to by the great Thomas Aquinas.
Now, all the Church Fathers speak about the Word as having been generated since times immemorial, however in Time.
To carry out the analogy a bit further, WORK/ENERGY results in a FORCE acting over space, lifting or shifting, or whatever, even at the invisible levels of micro-universe where small particles are operated upon.
So, logically, my dear Hebrews and Islamists one needs an operative.
A FORCE by itself is a static and dead thing, without the various universal motions occurring out there in the vastity of space.
And all this requires POWER IN TIME, i.e., the WORD and the elohim called Jesus Christ.

A classical example is the Force of Gravity that can only exist as the result of rotations, fields of forces, etc.
Angels, Human Beings, and beings in general are the anlogical counterpart of FORCES. By themselves these can do " buggerall " as these have no POWER.

Notwithstanding all this, the Hebrews doggedly stop at Yahweh of whom they claim they even lost the name, and the Islamists, equally doggedly stop at Allah or HOLY SPIRIT, the timeless. One cannot understand how this timeless being can feel mercy and compassion, outside time or without a human heart.
No wonder Hebrews and Arabs have been killing one-another since times immemorial!
Wake up you grongos!
If I were the UN I would give the whole Middle East 12 months to sort out their problems, to stop wasting depleting resources, else I would take away all their sovereigneties, granted them by the West since 1919 on the ground of their being unworthy of independence. So be it!


P.S.: I am not a supporter of


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