Friday, July 10, 2009

post 109, I Believe in God.

This prayer is a sequel to post 107-: Holy Spirit and is based on the Roman Catholic Creed, in a recognition of the primacy of the Spirit, which is not the same as predominance.
It arises from my concern for and a desire of the unity between the religions of the peoples of the Books, of whom Mohammed spoke of when in his good-willing and poeaceful moments. I dedicate therefore this Prayer to Mohammed who loved Allah as Spirit, as the imageless and hidden God of the Egyptian Akhenaten, Pharao Amenhotep IV of the 18th dynasty, the father of Tutankhaten ( Tutankhamon ), who was related to the israelite Joseph.
I mean it to be and function as a general guideline and not to be in competition with or substitution to any existing prayer.
I remain while writing or praying it an Apostolic Roman Catholic, in and loyal to the Faith in which I have been born by God's will.
Its links to Judaism is to be through the agency of Yahweh ( the Elohim of Genesis 1:2, the ruah of whom is meant to be ATEN ) and to Mohammedanism through the agency of Aten the Holy Spirit ( ruah elohim) who I believe to be approached most closely by the mohammedan Allah. However, both Mohammedanism and Judaism are in my interpretation of Genesis, incomplete in so far as these exclude the mediation of the Word both in the
Generation and Creation of humankind respectively through Aten and Yahweh
( in so far as both spirit and flesh constitute a human being. in an analogical way that both the Word and Adam constitute Jesus of Nazareth).
In my interpretion, Yahweh is a divine agent that could very well be the Word. There could be a possibility of a simplification of the whole scenario which would reduce to Aten and Jesus, since the Word incarnated in Jesus. However since the Incarnation does not mean miscegenation or mixture, one can still say there is-: Aten, Word ( Yahweh) and Jesus in a Trinitarian Unity and Oneness.

I believe in ATEN
the Omnipotent God,
the Holy Spirit,
the origin of Power
for all Life, for all Energies
and for their transformations,
the generator of the Word
before time ever was.
I believe in Yahweh ( Jehovah),
the Creator, through the Word,
the maker of Heaven and Earth
and the Father of humankind.

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth,
the Word, generated as such by the Spirit,
made by the Father Yahweh in so far as a man,
born of the woman Mary,
through the agencies of the Word
and of Joseph of the Line of David.
I believe in the invisible, heavenly

of Melchizedeck,
to which all earthly, lawful churches are subjected,
their lawfulness being demonstrated
through the christian praxis of their members.
So it may be.


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