Thursday, July 9, 2009

post 108. The Ujghur.

The Uighur people are the descendents of a nomadic/pastoralist tribe that settled from the steppe into China, prior to the end of the Mogul Empire in India ( I am being very appproximate as I am concerned here with the ' spirit of justice and truth ' and not with historical details ), when China was weack and islamic expansion in the Far East ( that had begun in India in 1100 AD at the times of the First Christian Crusade of Sir Geoffrey de Bouillon, the Desposynic leader) still powerful and strong. Singhian has always been traditional chinese territory since the days BC when the first Chinese Emperor settled the traditional borders. China maintains today separation between Religion and State, like modern western Nations in general, allowing non-ideological religion to be practiced. However, Islamism is, as those who care to know before waffling, unlike the idiots/pinocchios who talk without any knowledge of the past and starting from their limited horizon, or on the basis of some psychological defect or trauma, an archaically vitiated ideological religion, not intended to be so by Mohammed, that aims at the political control and domination of its neighbours. All semitic religions are thus vitiated, including, one is led to suspect, even modern Israelis. On the contrary, Christianity has cured itself of its obsession with a human-manufactured Kingdom of God ( the present islamic self-deluded claim to the HUMMA ) on earth during the Great Reformation. The Uighur became Moslems in the days when they supplied cavalries to the raiding enemies of China, including the Eastern Turks. The Uighurs have in fact been raiding China for millennia, even before the rise of Islam; so have the Tibetans before the rise of Buddhism. The Chinese were compelled to fight all these bastards/raiders/looters/robbers/barbarians from the steppe, in order to keep open its route towards Europe, i.e., the SILKY ROUTE and the supply of essential BACTRIAN BREEDING HORSES for its cavalries, from Turkmenistan. Following the revival and resurgence of Islam ( since 1914), the Uighurs who settled in China, are now seeking secession from China on the excuse that they have attained a majority in Singhian. Attainment of a demographic majority is one of the main strategies of islamic societies and settlements anywhere ( this includes Australia and gullible Australians), anytime in the world, since the death of Mohammed who was too much of a gentleman/prophet to have inspired such a sneaky, snaky strategy to the badouins of the deserts/steppe.
This stratey is today particularly criminal, irresponsible and unacceptable as the result of the demographic expansion of the world population and the depletion of world-resources in general.
This is yet another example of islamic ( I am not saying mohammedan on purpose) intolerance of religious
minorities and unwillingness to live at peace with their neighbours, practicing their religion without the pollution of ideologies contrary to harmonious living and peace-keeping. Even in Palestine and Turkey, Islam has holocausted a great number of religious minorities during its occupation since the islamic invasions in 700 AD. Where are the Pagans, the Armenians [ more than a million murdered or wasted in Turkey alone], the Jacobites [ eight million in the days of Byzanthium, now a few thousands?], the Copts, the Orthodox, the Catholics, once numerous when Byzanthium ruled? Where are their land-titles of ownership gone? Stop the obscene comedy oh lying islamists, settle down with Israel or get slaughtered as God's retribution).
Even I can consider myself a Catholic refugee from Egypt and Libya ( in 1959 and the usurpation of Gheddafi). but have always felt too proud to admit it, too ashamed of my weackness as a defrauded minority, except that, in my old age, now, I love truth more than pride and even life itself.
I have moreover been chosen to be a Theologian since 1998 AD and this sets duties on me.
These are my motivations and credentials oh reader.
One could write a Christology from the point of view of Barbarians and the Demographic Explosion. through the centuries of the Western Civilisation, which would bless the slaughter of sneaky Barbarians.
The same applies to the Gaza-Strip in the eternal conflict between Arabs and Jews, who are both from nomadic, pastoralist origins and have never learnt to live in peace with one another, driven by their distorted religious interpretation of their human-manipulated scriptures.
Slaughter the bastards!
As this is a comment originally written for readers of Beppe Grillo's news, in which an Italian Parlamentarian called Napolitano ( probably a Mafioso feeling subconsciously threatened by his hidden fear of a long overdue retribution due to the Italian Mafia that is threatening the honour of all Europe and the Christian West) is said to have criticised the Chinese Government for its reaction against the Uighurs, I would like to invite the Italians to go back to school and learn History.
Solve your obscene Mafia-problem before telling others how to behave, oh infamous Italians!
As a contrast to the above scenario related to the Uighurs, and as a sign of my fairness, I would like to point out that China is wrong in its invasion and occupation of Tibet which has never belonged to its traditional territory and which has been harmlessly experimenting a Buddhist-Way-of-Life, devoid of ideological threats, one worth of notice, preservation and protection.
So, piss-off from Tibet while belting s......t out of the Uighurs, oh glorious Chinese!:):):):):):):)

PS-: On a lighter note, may I comment that the Uighur ladies and young ladies are very attractive to me? Were I younger I could be tempted to begin a line of Uighur de Ferrariis!
No offence meant to propriety or to the Uighur of course!


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