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112. Evolutionary and Biblical Adam.

Evolutionary and Biblical Adam.
My ancient theological class-mate, lady Guenevieve has accused me to be an outrageous manic obsessive because of my tamperings with Moses , the Trinitarian/Catholic Credo, the order of presentation of the three persons of the Holy Trinity, etc., on the strength of Gardner. I wish I had the energy to check on Gardner, on Moses and Akhenaten but I feel Gardner may be correct as there is a gap of 800 years [ Emmanuel Velikovsky ] in the Egyptian chronology everyone outside the academic Circles accepts as being correct. Moreover, Horemheb the last of the dynasty, after Tutankhamon ( whose tomb was discovered accidentally ) erased all the names and references to the 18th dynasty in hatred of ATEN, the imageless, hidden God of Akhenaten. However, except for introducing some inevitable subordination, my normalisations do not really affect or change trinitarian belief/faith/prayers.
Subordination appears to be there even if un-intentional, since we, as human beings cannot make three names/objects/statements coincide into one on paper, and one must admit, even in our hearts and minds, due to our being human and naturally split-minded ( Koestler), and have to be graphically sequential
(i.e., something has to come first either in speech or paper even on computer programs with their sequential windows).
What follows shall suggest the existence of two Adams-:
One I shall call the Genetic/DNA/Evolutionary Adam who lived about 65,000 years ago on the northern shores of Lake Victoria

( Africa) and might have been a black man ( even Moses/Akhenaten was half coloured, someone looking like Michael Jackson, or better still, graceful Obama, no offence meant of course to either one of the four:):):):):):) ), and there are people in Sicily I know of, and elsewhere I am sure, belonging to the "A"-Y-DNA haplogroup of original Adam, the other, the Biblical Adam that even Gardner agrees lived in Mesopotamia in about 6,000 BC.
Evolutionary Adam, I am sorry to delude our proud, arrogant chauvinistic human believers in a special direct Creation, an attitude deriving from the ancienr error/(a sin in some criminals among us even today) of considering the earth and human beings as the centre of the whole Universe, evolved like all other life-forms, from the BIOLOGICAL CELL, perhaps with some kicks by the WORD now and then to correct Plan, Chance, Fate and Entropy, ( read Juan Luis Segundo S.J. " An Evolutionary Approach to Jesus Christ", volume V of the five volumes set "Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday and Today", publisher: Maryknoll, N.Y.).
The human being emerged as an Homo ( no not an homosexual you nitwits!) about one million years ago + or - half a million years. The Biblical Adam is the one who, probably belonging to a Y-DNA haplogroup K, I , J, or E ( believe it or not, I belong to the ' E ' and I know of a sicilian person of the same surname of the 'J' haplogroup )............ himself a descendent from the Genetic/Evolutionary Adam ( 'A' haplogroup ), became further genetically manipulated by the elohim ( the Fallen Angels of Genesis which uses ' to make/manufacture/manipulate' in relation to the making of humankind from the earth's substances/materials by the elohim), the most powerful of whom and the one having permanent divine tenure of an association with the WORD ( Holy Spirit in action, in time) being called Yahweh ( Gardner calls IT Enlil Jehovah and does not like IT).
Yehwah, (Yahweh, Jehovah etc.) is a Father of humankind having made a special people of genetically modified human beings.
Both Jews and Arabs claim they are this special people but I doubt it as they have ben blood-letting since time immemorial, still doing so, supporting Gardner's suspicion and mine too, that the Scriptures have been somehow manipulated by the Hebrews in opposition to the Mosaic Israelites who believed in ATEN.
Where/when/how did the WORD find this special being, Yahweh, to associate ITSELF
to ( no gender as the WORD is a pure spirit in spite of the feminists' belief to the contrary, naming the WORD Sophia) ?.
As Jesus was a human descendent of David, Yahweh may have similarly been a specially gifted and endowed person, chosen by the WORD, an anscestor of David, living
perhaps in 50,000- 35,000 BC at the times of the appearance on earth of the mysterious Cro-Magnon ( 'R ' haplogroup) and the sad, tragic extinction of the Neanderthals, prior to the mesopotamian events of " Making/Genetic Manipulation " resulting in Homo Adamiticus Sapiens Sapiens around 6,000 BC. Also, there must have occurred, between 50,000 and 35,000 BC a widespread, dreary 'holocaust ' of the race of hominids from Africa as the result of wrong manipulations and miscegenations perpetrated by some low-level elohim ( the fore-runners of later ethnic/racial/religious/whatsoever reason, 'cleansers '). Even the Nazis were 'tender babies ' in comparison to those primordial elohim, not the fault of the WORD at all, who made free beings subjected to Chance, Fate, and Entropy ( Scarcity and Necessity ), of the fact therefore that Homo was not yet ready and a faulty version/mark, i.e., in need of some extra genetic manipulations, which were to reveal themselves also not sufficient, requiring the coming of Jesus in 0 AD and a second coming of Jesus, to make a New Earth, sometime in the future ( no, no, all Catholic impetrations and liturgies and sacraments, no, no, Islam or Judaism cannot give us a Kingdom of God made by human beings). The scriptural myth of a world created perfect is just a dream that begs the question: WHY a Fall? that has no scriptural answer. Even the WORD's Creations are commensurate to the WORD's Infinite Power and therefore subjected to the Plan that includes the possibility, if not the necessity of further re-creations ( Thomas Aquinas & all did not like the word necessity associated with God, however, if God so decided to limit God who are we to object?) . This is why Yahweh became then necessary and could not be an easy-going democratic God a " la Obama ". Who knows wether perhaps even Obama might be a minor elohim, a fore-runner of Jesus' second coming ( yes I am being sarcastic and ironic too )?
So, there are people on earth who should have an edge over the others ( for good or bad halas ), the latter not having benefited from special experiences or events.
However, thanks to globalisation and escalating fornications, these benefits should very soon reach a vast majority of human kind. However, as already pointed out, these benefits can also work for evil in some of us, and the truth remains that with the coming of Jesus ( ca. 2009 years ago, remember?), genetic modifications for good can occur directly, by the Holy Spirit coming into us through Jesus. This is what St.Paul writes about in Romans in reference to the body of glory.
Yes indeed, we can all now, today, tomorrow, including our adorable, enchanting ( forgive me Yahweh my weackness for females) beloved females ( including Guenevieve), become elohim!
This is the power and beauty of being a Christian!
This is a stage when one can be called a Racist as the Democratic Constitutions assure us we are absolutely all equal. I am glad I read Gardner who, although confused and unable to synthetise, supplies information which, right or wrong makes one speculate.

His information must be correct, although he appears to be confused by it, poor fellow, not being a Theologian such as I am, trained by the cunning and mighty Jesuits of Royal Parade-Parkville-Melbourne, as he is only the Guardian of the Templar-Information and Tradition and does not have to necessarily understand it or synthetise it.
In a way, this is what has happened with the Scriptures which even those who wrote these may not necessarily have understood what they wrote at the time they wrote what they wrote:):):):):).
Bloody awful feeling? Yes.
Please let me remind you Sir Laurence Gardner, a noble Scot, with a Templar Pedigree, is a Quantum Physicist, the Head of the Celtic Church ( in hiding), the Master of Scottish Templars
( in hiding ), the Representative of the Stewarts
, the Heirs to the Scottish Crown ( in hiding ). Gardner is also the Holder of all Templar Secrets, Traditions, History, and most importantly, the Templar's Treasures.
Now, with these credentials he cannot be that bad or misinformed, in spite of his not liking Yahweh whom he believes to be a cruel God.
The point is my dear
sisters, brethrens, fellows, and readers, that neither the Holy Spirit nor Yahweh nor even sweet Jesus believe in Democracy or Father Christmass or even perhaps in Obama ( perhaps my Lady Guenevieve is right).
Check about Sir Laurence Gardner, the Y-DNA Haplogroups Testing, Juan Luis Segundo S.J., on Wikipaedia before concluding lady Guenevieve is right and of accusing me of having made all the above up through sheer imaginations.

PS: For those of you who may be interested in J.L.Segundo's mighty work in five volumes, here it is-:
"Jesus of Nazareth Yesterday and Today"
volume I: "Faith and Ideologies "
volume II; "The Historical Jesus of the Synoptics "
volume III: "The Humanist Christology of Paul "
volume IV: " The Christ of the Ignatian Exercises "
volume V: " An Evolutiobnary Approach to Jesus of Nazareth ".
Orbis Books-Maryknoll, N.Y, 1988.

I do not think you could buy these on E-Bay or look these up on Google's Library as they would
bust their memories!

Please do not complain my articles are too long!


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