Thursday, July 16, 2009

post 116. Public Transport.

I am so glad now, as a pensioner ( thank you Australians, thak you Centrelink, thank you Canberra, thank you El Rudd, thou greatest of leaders......................of by Big-Bursted-Bubble stricken nations) I am not going to work by public transport. I could never stand the seats facing one another that compel one to face a total stranger as bitchy and bored as yourself, who shall never communicate with you in a million years time and gives you a look of suspicion if you try talking to them, specially the glorious, athletic, glamorous, distant women.
The only way one can hope, but it can be dangerous and not for I, to fathom Australian mythology is to go to the localPub and get inhebriated with them and become brain-damaged at 50.
I do not need artificial excitations, belonging as I do to a more ancient race with a longer DNA-helix than they shall ever have, being weak in the liver though. Not so however for my grand-children who have inherited their grand-mother's liver capacity, the product of a noble Irish-english race, mostly extinct though.
I remember that she could drink a couple of bottles of wine plus a whole flacon in a day, sleep it off during the night and go to work the day after as if nothing had happened.
And this is not a Myth.
Now, hear, hear, if by some impossible miracle, the glorious women were to be approachable and gracious rather than being the dangerous, suspicious, sadistic creatures they really are, a genetical fact as God rarely gives everything to the one person, facing seats would be O.K.
I have now, thanks to God, become immune to the lures of Australian women ( one of the many Australian Myths which I am going to mention as I proceed).
Being hearing-impaired did not help as I tended to have a loud voice which discouraged me from conversing with the touchy, uncharitable, bored, bitchy, punishing Australians of various genders ( there are more than two among them), skin colours, races, religions, a real Tower of Sodom, Gomorra and Babel, all normalised and standardised and sanitised, demithologised, re-mythologised a-la-down- under-upside-downer. This is another one of the Myths -: The Australian flexibility and legendary toleration).
When I was doing Theology, yes I am a Bachelor of Theology, I found out that even the so called Christians par excellence, the Bloody Catholic Jesuits, can be extremely intolerant of handicapped people (even they complained of my loud voice ), the Bloody Fakes with all their stories of saints and self-sacrificing people! Go and plant potatoes you fools!

And I do not blame locally born persons, since I myself, who came down under in 1959, to the Great, Fair, Maty Country ( so the Advertisements in the Australian Embassies of the World tell you, showing smiling, big buttocked, boosomed women who would raise a dead from the grave and now are luring to their death by drowning an unknown number of Asians trying to reach Australia, the land of the future on leaking un-seaworthy boats. Most of those women were probably Finnish, British, Polish, Russian, etc. migrant- women now gone bach to dust, all ground-down in the down-under big, insatiable, wasteful, migrant-grinding-machine and melting pots), when going to the City of Melbourne feel as if there are more Asians or ethnic of one sort or another than Australians in the country. I can understand why the suicide-rate among the youth in this Nation is so high! In fact, a locally born Australian must feel as if his/her birthright has been sold out by some callous, hypocritical traitor, who has never had to use Public Transport with facing seats:):):):), in a Public Hospital or on a waiting list for an operation for years in a row.
I am now waiting for an eye-cataract operation that migh occurr in 12 months time The sad beauty of it all is that if one were prepared to cough out the 4,000 dollars required by a private surgeon ( I would send this fellow to Timbuctu or the Darfur to operate free of charge the shitsky) one could get the operation tomorrow.
As a pensioner, if I start miraculously to save some of my pension I get penalised by a reduction of the pension. I wonder why the reduction is not limited to a test of income that excludes savings, only considering extra income not including bank interests
normally accrued to the sum allowed by the means tests. One is actually forced to waste one's interests if having some money in a Bank.
The reason is that Australians seem to be a genetically flawed race whose thinking has become biased by their original, again mythical hardships ( everyone in the World felt even worse ones than the Australians) and is definitely a punishing, sel-sabotaging, sabotaging-of-others, people, tending to sadism, thwarted by being down-under therefore upside downer, yet another myths that affects them.:):):):):)
If a pensioner were encouraged to save a little he/she may be able to increase his/her chances to get better old-age- accomodation when reaching the stage of one loosing control of functions.
Again, there are not enough Nursing places as there are not enough Hospital beds and there are growing inequalities between Public and Private.
And we are running short of water supplies and energy.
Can you comprehend this you MORONS in Canberra and CENTRELINK, whoever you may be and the Professional hypocrits running these organisations with their faked gentilities and affected good manners and well-to-do airs?
That is a reason why I cannot stand looking in their eyes if sitting in front of me on a Public transport.
Why do we need so many newcomers?
Why don't the Third-World-Nations tell the Pope and their religious leaders in general, the Ayatollahs ..........., the indian Gurus and Brahmane, Tibet's Dalai Lhama, etc. to start planting potatoes, doing some manual work in general, for the hungry of the world, instead of donning their robes and funny hats, and urge their devotees, to limit, like China has, their birth-rates so as to cut out the demographic pressures that drive them to have to go to other peoples' countries, even on sinking boats?
Stop all the FUCKY-FUCKY business as there is absolutely no hunan-right about it.
SEX and PROCREATION has become today a LUXURY.
I can speak as one who has lived what one preaches as I have fathered one daughter only, and helped to support three girls fathered from others.

It is all beginning to get on my nerves, including above all, facing seats on public transport.:):):):):):)
Why don't we tell our self-prostituting politicians to stop worrying about being in power ( Rudd in particular) and about votes, to stop irresponsibly bringing in migrants to bolster their voters' number, and to get along with the work of running the Nation, instead of stabbing one another in the back like primadonnas or Pub's brawlers?
I am an ethnic of the Italian Language, from the North of Italy, however with some sicilian in me. I tasted the poisons of the Middle East, of the Italian Mafia, of the Australians' desperation and frustrations. So, I can be generally very understanding, flexible and adaptable and even gracious if given a chance, halas forced to be ungracious which is absolutely not my real self, having become a lover of truth in my old age, as my Templar anscestors have been, even to a disregard of my life if necessary.
I am tired of the shit!.

So I do not blame the locally born who must be feeling dispossessed, invaded, conquered, as if being colonised by some foreign power.
Yet, and this is were I begin to wonder about there being something basically wrong with the Australian ethos/people, and it worries me greatly, no one seems to be understanding these feelings as most of the Australian glorious ( I am being sarcastic as I actually believe Australian professionals are actually glorified tradesmen with a higher memory and sometimes I.Q. than the average, extremely skilled, but lacking in sensitivity and real humanity, nothing more nothing less. Sorry! ) leadership, professionals including the psychiatrists and the psychologists use private transport, enjoy their priviledged status, their large incomes, live in genteel surroundings, when hospitalised go to Private Hospitals, and do not appear to see it must be bloody hard for the foot-soldiers.
To cut it short, please position seats one after the previous one, all facing the same way, and avoid compelling people to face one another as it can be uselessly stressing, especially after a stressing day-work.
Yes, you can say I am this and that, I do not care.
I stopped believing in Australian Myths age-ago since 1959 and Australian T-V makes me suicidal.
Let us see-: Two stations on either Cricket or Aussie Rules every night. one on Hospitals with Doctors and Nurses, one on Forensic/Coroner Police Work, one on the Australian Police Force, one on the Danish Police, one on the British Police, some Murder Fiction and how to commit murder or get away with it, etc., sometimes a good Documentary, but it is english!.
Unfortunately I cannot afford Cable T-V where all the Cultural Programs are.
I hope you enjoyed my noble ramblings a la Paul Hogan.
Waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda...................................
ad libitum.


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