Thursday, July 16, 2009

post 114. Rules of Engagement..

The West needs leadership and examples from the top. We are tired of wafflers like and including Obama and USA's Congressmen/Senators/whatever-other- description, including European Parlamentarians, and Politicians from other western nations especially Italy who have never seen active service in any War, telling combat- troops how to engage the enemy in the field on the basis of Democratic Constitutions which separate the political sphere of influence from the military one.
This constitutional abuse or better misuse of the Democratic Constitution began in the days of President Truman, another little, jealous, back-stabbing, tiny, womanish creature amog those nurtured by our emasculated, bastardised, corrupt political system, when telling one of the greatest modern western Generals, MacArthur the architect of the american victory in the Pacific Area in War II, how to loose the War in Korea. The Americans, instead of electing him as President eventually elected Eisenhower, a pen-pusher.
I would be prepared to go to Iraq or Aghanistan at 70, unfit as I am, any time and risk being blown-up or do what I could do well.......... write articles at the front line. I am sure I would be more truthful, realistic, effective than our modern young pinocchio reporters, such as Mr. MacKenzie of the Age for example, who is actually, in my opinion, a saboteur of our troops' morale, taking our opponents' side in relation to Rules of Engagement as this has now become the fashion to do so, since the war of Korea, among our modern, trollopy, fornicating young ladies of the pinocchio-like-type ( read Collodi's book instead of useless Harry Potter you young idiots), whose favours our young men prefer ( no, not obviously ) rather than the truth and realities of death, life and survival among our soldiers. War is also about destroying the resources and supply-lines and sources of the opponent. In Afghanistan, unless villages of the opponents are threatened by retaliation, like the Pakistani have recently succesfully shown, armament, food-supplies, explosives used to maim and kill our soldiers are going to continue in indefinite use. MacKenzie's interviewee complained, for example, about house-searching ( unbelevable!)and air-strikes. The next requirement shall be that our soldiers fight the Talibans with pocket knives with one hand only.
War is also about achieving superiority on the field of action. WHAT SORT OF A FARCE AND COMEDY IS THIS OH YOU BIASED, WEAK, FOOLISH, AUSTRALIAN, IRRESPONSIBLE ( IN RELATION TO OUR SOLDIERS) CANBERRA/WESTERN POLITICIANS ????????? Has anyone ever considered how the Pakistani Army has recently achieved in about three-weeks-fighting what our glorious allies ( English, Americans, Dutch, Germans and Italians) have not been able to achieve in perhaps five years? I'll tell you how-:No Rules of Engagement and pinocchio-reporters. They told the civilians to evacuate or else. They lined up their tanks and artilleries and systematically demolished entire villages and logistics/resource- centres. Then they went in and fought among the rubble. I would do this in Afghanistan in full Winter after asking for an evacuation in Autumn. Any civilian forced by the Talibans to remain there in a combat area would be the responsibility of the Talibans not the West Coalition. This is what the Israeli also understand and accept as War, not our murderous ( in relation to our own soldiers), biased, trendy, vote-catching, fake-humanists politicians, political prostitutes. This is the type of War ISLAM would make us taste if it had the upperhand. History has proved it over and over. It is a part of their religious beliefs. This is what the Pakistani, who are Moslems, have done to their Taliban-brethrens, who are practically rebel, ( a status cherished and worshipped by our cretin, fucky-fucky, substances-abusing, honour-less, god-less modern youth, bred by viragos) irregular troops. This is Islamic war and it should also be our war-method. Why is it no one wrote against the Pakistani's methods and crucify only Israeli and Allied soldiers? Why does not Obama or tiny, effeminate Rudd and the bunch of sodomitic/pacifist /pseudo -humanist enclave among our politicians in Canberra show us, as soldiers ( oh, I see they are pacifists), on a rotation, mission-basis, how to apply the Rules in an actual mission against a Taliban village firing in earnest against you, killing your mates, then bringing in/parading civilians on the fire-line, to stop you shooting back ? How can our soldiers' morale be high when they are sent in with their hands tied behind their backs? When, after suffering losses in a fire- fight they are told to retreat and leave the centre 0f the opponents' logistic supplies still operational???? WHAT SORT OF A MADNESS IS THIS?
Witnesses among the villagers admitted under cross-examination ( no, not by Pinocchio MacK-Kenzie) that the Talibans had begun firing against the Australians lined-up on a ridge overlooking the Village, and that then, before the Australians could return the fire, unidentified cars appeared across the line of fire.
How is an Australian soldier on the Ridge, to know that someone from the cars, directs a devastating rocket hitting the Commander Vehicle or other armoured vehicle?
Journalist MacKenzie, of the Melbourne dayly paper
: THE AGE, I am asking you, oh stupid Pinocchio-: HOW?.
Yes, you would raise a white flag of truce like Errol Flynn/Tyrone Power did on the Khyber Pass and go down to ask about intentions and identities.
How convenient!
Talibans' guns must fire noiseless/smokeless gun-powder! That is why the Talibans force their civilians ( I claim that there are no civilians among Talibans as the whole village is a weapon against us) to remain on the battle field.
So, all a Taliban leader has to do, is to keep a group of fake-civilians by his side and inject these in a fire-fight when convenient so that he can withdraw to repeat the same trick.
There is one thing wrong with this-: It is costing the mental health (morale versus the inanity and uselessness of all sacrifices in blood and lives since Gallipoli that was fought to free these vermin, these callous, insensitive scum, these opium-growers from the tiranny of the Ottoman Turks), the lives and body- parts of our soldiers who to me are as precious as Talibans' babies and women, even more!
A similar tactic happened in the use of civilians, actually, supposedly Australian citizens, in Lebanon where even our Lebanese migrants, who claim to be Australian citizens, having
in fact double nationality, how very convenient again, returned there in force to augment these obstructing tactics, costing the Australian taxpayers millions for repatriation on the excuse/claim that their vacation had been disrupted by the hostilities they actually aided. Australians, you make me puke in fear, sometimes.
The Talibans, like Al Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah, & Co. LTD. and whichever other diabolical islamic organisation are determined to use civilians as weapons ( the Vietnamese did the same in Vietnam against the French and the Americans) to frustrate return of fire or retaliations while they retreat to a new position to repeat their inhumane triks or to flee and disappear to begin again in another place at another time.

However, as an afterthought, perhaps our modern youth deserves slavery. They shall be the healthiest,
the cutiest, sturdiest, most athletic, slaves, nurtured by the GREENS Nature CONSERVATIONISTS, used as slaves in our own URANIUM mines by those who shall inevitably, eventually conquer us, if God shall permit it, forced to produce the inevitably necessary/required NUCLEAR ENERGY we are blindly, irresponsibly, moronically ( from an engineering perspective) refusing to produce, led by our great LABOUR POLITICIAN, who has no clue whatsoever about ENGINEERING but appears to be a SINGER, GUITAR -STRUMMING, PINOCCHIO ROYALE.
Send him back to shearing sheep!
Remove him before he does irreversible damage.
Guess who?
He looks like a reversed nazi skin-head
( everything in Australia gets reversed).
Shall I say more?

Hasta La Vista, Babes.


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