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post 117. An e-mail to Tim of "gensferreria/ferraria".

You teasingly asked me what sort of rare Spanish dialect I used in my e-mail to our cousin Antonio from the Alhambra's Division of "gensferreria", in Spain, the very one El Cid himself belonged to. :):):):)
By the way, El Cid was the corrector of all Moors, in the days prior to the glorious Ferdinand and Isabella when Spaniards were Spaniards and would not have loosed control of and opened their bowels at the death of 200 civilians blown-up by some al Qaeda's coward mafioso on a train.
No offence meant to Antonio.
I wish we had someone like El Cid now in Afghanistan. But some sodomitic leader would court-marshall him for being cruel to the enemy's civilians even if everyone knows that Islam uses civilians as a weapon/resource of war. A waste of El Cid then.:):):):)
The times of reckoning and of a gnashing of one's teeth are near.

Someone said that Spaniard is the language of Theology & Prayer and I believe this as I have some theological Books in the language, one, printed in 1756 en Roma, about St. Fidel de Sigmaringa . Sigmaringa is some place in Germany where he was martired by some blood-thirsty Protestant at a time when there were also plenty of Catholic ones ( see Inquisition).
You said to me once, you met some Germans,
ex-Nazi refugees, hiding there in the Venezuelan Amazonia, when you were preaching there the noble Kerygma of Jesus,
threatening you with a revolver.....................................................

May aaaahhhh....aaaaaskk what caliber......? Or was it a 9 mm. parabellum, a beautifully sleeky LUGER? Funny?:):):):):):)! ).

Poor Fidel was a Capuchin, a branch of St. Francis of Assisi's Franciscans. Spanish can be a language full of passion, real passion. Women cannot just resist well-spoken Spanish, either in its sacred or secular aims, as it can have the same effect on them as the Beatles, the Stones ( wether static or rolling, it makes no difference at all), and even Michael Jackson ( before he began getting bald as he could not endure becoming bald. So where is the strength, the real power, as Mr. Schlinder asked Amon the Nazi- fanatic murderer, in the film about the Holocaust, in an admittedly different scenario? )

I am bald, half deaf, have an enlarged heart and still live, by God's Grace. How comes?
Italian can be passionate too but one can always feel a lack of commitment, the means to an end-: ............. The twat or monney.
My e-mail to Antonio is in Italian, the language made for Angels who are not any longer interested in the twat since the miscegenation told in Genesis when the Enlil Yehwah Elohim cut-off the defaulting minor elohim's fuel supplies......... the vital juices and rendered them sex-less, and took all unnecessary-to-Angels, orifices away, including their mouths as they speak since then by waves of some sort, interacting with spirit in human kind. St. Teresa de Avila almost died listening to Angels' speech and song.
You could speak as if with the sound of trumpets, you......................................... ( Remember St.Paul about LOVE? ).
Italian, ( the Dante Alighieri's [ he was a Grand Master of Templars in Italy] version though that even I speak and write, not the one most Mafia speak and cannot write as it is a vile thing ) is also the language of Opera Singers with their bullshit and cheap, sentimental emotions. ( Oh, Lola ch'ai di latti la camisa, si bianca e rusa como una cirasa, quannu t'affacci alla finestra e fai la vucca a risu........................Haaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..........!).
This is a sample of vulgar sicilian spoken or sung by Turiddu in " La Cavalleria Rusticana ". Lola liked it, but she had no choice as she did not know Italian ( the Alighieri's version I mean), but Turiddu ended slain by her husband!

I forgot what that fellow said about French and German............. ..................................
You can imagine though...................................French...........
to woooooooooooooooo anorexic-twatted call-girls,
the St. Laurent-model type, you know....... they dislike the normal way......... ( the disdainful, dreamy-like, with the John Wayne-like, swinging-type-of-walking, when about to charge Burt Lancaster, shouting: " Timber!").
German.............. to threaten somebody especially the Talibans!
But for some mysterious reasons, it has not been working since the Germans have adopted Democracy.

The miracle is that Antonio could not understand my lofty english ( Be honest. Is it that bad?). but can my angelic Italian.
As to my own French, it is " a la Moyen Age" and I lie and say in shame......... I interrupted my studies of the language at the second year of the Sorbonne's High- French Course where the study of the language is historically /chronologically made, you know how thorough can the fastidious, primadonna French be intellectually, and stopped at the Middle Ages, just before Montesquie and Rabelais, etc., otherwise I would still be doing Modern French there now, instead of having done Theology with the mighty, cunning, irascible Australian Jesuits. Incidentally and very strangely,( no one shall ever fathom God's ways or means or plans) my best and almost only friend there among them was, but he was not an Australian though, Father Hogan S.J., who was, believe it or not an irascible IRISH, but a most honourable and noble individual who made me cry when he died. I am truly not being sarcastic or ironic here.
He had a spanish-like severity when teaching that I somehow respected, and was my tutor in Ethics and Morality, who bluntly told me to improve my english or else ( actually tha was Father Hamilton S.J.)................ but he is not responsible for my twisted, corrupt, decadent, distorted sense of humour.
We had in his Class that year a student, almost my age, from a Nation of Central Africa
, who was finding the course rather hard, as his written English was much worse than mine, and when assigning the written Essay for the Semester, Father Hogan told him he would have taken his limitations in consideration, then turning toward me with a beautiful challenging, provoking spanish- conquistador's smile, implying " Look-here, I know you can do it ", he told me that in my case, no allowances would be accepted. I understood his implication, felt honoured by it and smiled back and assented, like a noble conquistador would have at the invitation for a tourneament. Now that is what I call a teacher.
I am fluent in fact in Celtic-Gaul, a very rasping sort of French, good for cursing someone. It would make the women definitely refuse you even a glimpse of the you know what......................... c'est la vie, par Toutatis, mon view! Which reminds me sadly of AR60 one of my ex-friends from "Stumble Upon" who did not appreciate me calling him, or perhaps he was a she
( you never know on "Stumble Upon" where members practice lots of psychological hiding and make believe. It is apparently a most American practice since the beginnings of Al Qaeda, especially since after 9-11 ).
Now, having mentioned the Nazi and the Holocaust in relation to Mr. Schindler, who was a good Nazi, having been a Nazi-Party's member (Can such a thing be?) someone may challenge me, asking me in what way are we ( I am including the Israeli) different from the Nazi, when accidentally, unwillingly killing civilians in our war operations.
We, the West are asking Taliban, Gaza-strip dwellers, whichever civilian opponent or sympathiser of our opponents, to evacuate, sacrificing the element of surprise which is a legitimate means of warfare, before beginning a military operation.
Suicide-bombers sent among our civilians by islamic terrorists, use the element of stealth, treachery and surprise as if an ethical norm in a secular milieu not a military one.
Let me tell you,
oh my dear Pinocchio ignoramuses from Australian Universities, including foremostly their two-bobs sophistical Professors, among whom we have to suffer Journalists and Reporters and Senators like Faulkner, patrician looking ( oh, they look fantastic ) sitters on both sides of an issue without enough data in their brains to resolve the issue, that their Ethics are those of the steppes and the deserts from where they originated! The only outstanding qualification of this recent breed of Australians ( after WWII's baby-boom), a few exceptions excluded, being...........being-Australian-bred-and-taught- ignoramuses, as if this qualification by itself, fanatically produces excellence. Of course they soon become the darlings of Islamic leaders who can see a fool, as soon as they see one.

Let me remind you there is a vast difference between the Jews of the Holocaust and the fake civilians of Vietnam ( in Korea they used to evacuate the poor people. The Chinese who supported North Korea, allowing evacuation. I respect the Chinese vilified by our Pinocchios without moral discernment), Afghanistan or Lebanon or of Iraq.
The German and Polish Jews would have in fact willingly have left Germany and Poland, if allowed to. The Nazi however ( not the desperate Germans) were guilty in so far as they decided to plan the total eradication of the Jewish Race.
Let me also tell you that most Islamic Nations remained neutral during WWII and were as the genetic. ideological cretins the are ( especially so their religious-ideological leaders ), salivating in anticipation of and wishing a Nazi victory.
I, my family, was in Egypt prior to the battle of Alamein, my father Walter serving in the Royal Navy for the duration of the War, and know what I am talking about.

The Germans were not totally to be blamed for their suspicion of the Jews as, people who, accepted as migrants in a Nation keep on maintaining, flaunting their cultures based on a religious ideology, in competition with the local culture ( a part of the European one), a viable one in existence fo millennia, maintaining foreign-like enclaves in the midst of the host-Nation, are bound to be considered as suspect in their behaviour. Migrants have a duty to attempt assimilation, integration, synthesis and this is what I have been doing since 1959, suffering all the way, but keeping on going with it, in spite of the fact that the process should have been a vice-versa-0ne in my case as I am the better educated European in the process of assimilation, in relation to the founding Australians who are from a European Culture they insist in reviling and rejecting for pure, misplaced, wicked hubris and malice. It is a self- sabotaging attitude that explains many of Australian failures as a society. I am leaving out the Aboriginals who belong to the Stone Age. Sorry! Please don't give me your un-working plausibilities and hypocritical bullshit, oh Australians, as you have achieved nothing so far, [ how long are you claiming you have been trying?], nothing for the Aborigines, a failure in relation to them.
Apologies are lies without facts, however I must also admit that most Aborigenes are not co-operating, but again it is difficult, not being in situ, to know why.
Australians can make great actors. Another fact is that progressed Aborigenes generally refuse to live among their own people and act as a leader by example, preferring to mouth plausibilities like their masters in a vice-versa fashion the whole exercise becoming a political, ideological FARCE, Canberra-style.
Australia is becoming a Nation of democracy-abusing Pinocchios.


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