Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post 125. An expansion of " The Perfect Prayer ".

Attention all you thinking ( non-brainwashed ),
Hebrews and Mohammedans-:
This invocation can help you understand why you have remained limited
in relation to the understanding of, respectively
the Yehwah of the Hebrews' Old Testament
and the Allah of the
Mohammedans' Q'uran.
Consider, please, Genesis 1:1, 2.
and the fact that the Christian Gospels
are essential to a complete understanding
of both the Old Testament and of the Q'uran.
Allah ( pure Spirit or ruah elohim ), is of paramount importance, however needs mediation by someone more than mere human beings such as laypersons, Rabbis, Mohammed or Ministers, Pastors, Priests.
Funny hats, rituals, sacraments, memorisation of texts and prayers, do not help either, without a mediation from the Word, through the
Father and the Son.
Even the Q'uran admits Jesus was conceived through the intervention of the Holy Spirit ( an Angel of Allah ).
Allah, rationally and logically operates in Generation, Creation and Making through the mediations of Jehovah and Jesus in virtue of their close associations with the WORD who is the only Being of the same spiritual nature as Allah ( generated not created or made ).
Jehovah is in fact the Elohim, whose holding of the Holy Spirit, as the Word, allowed Jehovah to Make humankind
and to Sustain Creation-in-Time.
Respectfully speaking and thinking, a divine Mediator is required, as Allah's and Jehovah's powers cannot be approached by unmediated/unrepresented humankind.
Even Mohammed recognised the existence of Angels who operate and execute Allah's Will ( the WORD ) on behalf of Allah.
Could the greatest Being ( ATEN/ALLAH ) in the whole Cosmos be conceived to operate and execute with ITS own hands and receive messages personally ( un-mediated/unrepresented) being IT a pure SPIRIT and ITS invisible/hidden power being such that it destroys any ordinary living being approaching IT?

Can any life form survive meeting a Being whose power is greater than any nuclear explosion, whose spiritual power is infinite?
So, what is this self-delusion that one can pray to, communicate with Allah, who is a purely spiritual power, without the mediation or representation or advocation of a divine Being such as the WORD, who is Spirit in operation-in-Time, associated with
Yahweh-the-Father and Jesus-the-Son?
Please allow me to tell you, who are so self-deluded, your approach is both insulting and stupid and not to be tolerated to-day when understanding and knowledge have increased, written messages have been completed,
meant to be synthetised by the three peoples of the Books, LOVINGLY and in mutual respect, not in satanic bloodshed.
So, get the facts/truth correctly and stop killing one another for a lack of understanding, and scheming against us the West, oh misguided Jews and Islamists, before it gets too late.
Do you ever ask yourselves why you have lustily kept on killing one another for centuries and desiring to subdue all others in the name of your limited/defective understanding?
In fact, while we in the West have been changing and progressing, in spite of the corruption of many, you are still chained to an incomplete and unsatisfactory interpretation of God.
While saying this to you, I also admit the West is also in need of Ethical Reformation/Renewal and a re-evaluation of its Democratic Constitutions.
I am inviting both Jews and Islamists to work together with us in understanding and working for God.
Remember we are the three peoples of the Books.
If you refuse, your own blood is on your own heads.

Perfect Prayer of
Recognition in Invocation.

Hail Holy Spirit,
image-less, hidden, pure, restless, free,

ubiquitous, omnipresent,
outside Time,
un-mediatable by, un-involved with humankind

the Father and Jesus.

Hail Holy Spirit,
holder of all forms of Life,
Powers and Energies-in-Time,
through Time,
originator of Time,
Generator of the WORD,
who, as Spirit in action, operation, and creation
Created the heavens, earth and worlds.

Hail WORD,
who as spirit in operation,
are Yehwah ( Yahweh/Jehovah ),
Father and Maker of the human race,
and who, as spirit in operation,
are also Jesus the Nazarene,
Son and Mediator.


Note-: Amen the ancient egyptian attribute of Aten, borrowed by the Israelites, does not mean ' So be it ' as Haem does so.


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