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post 120. All Bloodshed, Rivalries, Enmities, Competitions, Oppositions, Confrontations to be Resolved in Jesus the Nazarene.

Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Miryam, Aaaron and Eleazar
from pages 346, 347 of
Sir Laurence Gardner’s
“ Genesis of the Grail Kings ”.
Note 0-: Miriam was the daughter of Amenhotep III and of Gilukhipa, Princess of Mitanni, where an indo-european language was spoken.
Note 1-: Mahalath ( or Nefru-sobek ), an Egyptian Princess of Royal blood, from the 17th Dynasty of Egypt, married Ishmael, the son of Hagar the Egyptian slave of Abraham. Ishmael was the half-brother of Isaac, and as a widow of Ishmael, Mahalath married Esau, giving birth to Igrath, also of Royal blood, who became the second wife of Pharao Amenehmet IV (1797-1786 BC ), of the 17th dynasty, giving birth to daughters, including Zelekha and her sister the Dragon Queen, Sobeknefru or Sobekhkare, the latter becoming the wife of the last Pharao of the Sobek Dynasty, Amenehmet IV, son of the first wife Aat of Amenehmet III (1841-1797 BC ).
Note 2-: Aye (ca. 1352-1348 BC), the son of Yuya (Joseph ), became the traditional Am-ram in Egypt ( see page 147, ‘ The Fire-Stone Project.’ in Sir Laurence Gardner’s “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. ”).
‘Am-ram’ was a designation or title probably inherited by Aye from his father Joseph, as another name fo this designation became ‘ Joseph ha-Rama-Theo ’, phonetically corrupted to ‘ Joseph of Arimathea ’.

When John the Baptist died murderd by the Herodians, without heirs, Jesus inherited the traditional ritualistic title of Zadok High Priest ( the first Zadok was Ahimaaz son of Eleazar, elected by King David, but the divine Zadok was the Archangel Gabriel, operating in Jerusalem as King Melchizedek in the times of Abraham ) from him, while also being the Royal David or Messiah and his brother 'James the Just ' took over from Jesus the traditional ritualistic title of ' Joseph ha-Rama-Theo ' or Craftsman, which had been a prerogative of the Sumerian and Egyptian Priesthoods, since the times of Hermes Trimegistus, or Chem-Zaratusthra.
I believe that at several times in Scriptural History elohim descended and operated on earth with special missions at various levels of power and tenure and that Yehwah the Father and Creator retained for ever this Mission and Power together with Jesus Christ.
Note 3-: Smenkhare, the scriptural Aaron, married a second wife Elisheba, daughter of Aminadab or Amenhotep, son of Rama ( the Aram or ha-Rama-Theo ) and of the latter’s marriage to Kiya-tasherit, daughter of MIRIAM, sister of Tutankhamun and had a son Eleazar who married the daughter of Nashon/Putiel, son of Aminadab. Hezrom was son of Pharez, who had illegitimately been born from Judah and Tamar, however legitimated through Pharez's marriage to Barayah, a legitimate daughter of Judah.
David descends from Jesse, Obed, Boaz , who through Salmon, via Nashon/Putiel, originated from Aminadab, related through Elisheba, sister of Nashon/Putiel, to Aaaron back to the lines of Hezrom and Shelah, both sons of Judah, however intermarried with the lines of Moses ( through the marriage between Aminadab and Kiya-tasherit, daughter of Miriam ), also related to the first Judge of Canaan, Othniel, from the line of Hezrom, to Bezaleel, the Master Craftsman, from the line of Caleb. Since Eleazar, born from the second marriage of Aaron to Elisheba married a daughter of Nashon/Putiel, and fathered Ahimaaz who was the first Zadok High Priest created by David, the Aaronic Priesthood of levitic origins and the Zadok one eventually coincided.
So, both the Davidic Kingship, the Zadok High Priesthood and the Aram Craftsmanship converge into the line of Jesus and James through the death without issue of John the Baptist.
Note 4-: The oppositions between Cain and Seth, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, between the precedence of Aten the Holy Spirit of Moses and the Israelites and Yahweh the Creator, of Lord Jethro of Midian and the Hebrews of Canaan who manipulated the Scriptures to favour, needlessly so, their ancestral lines, are all resolved in Jesus of Nazareth.
However this coincidence/convergence has not been seen, understood and accepted by the Nations in the present world and various opposing alignments as for example, between Hebrews and Islamists, Costantinianism and the upholders of the pristine ideals of Christianity, still linger-on in opposition to the Holy Spirit which requires Peace and Good-Will between the members of human kind and a stopping from all bloodshed.
Note 5-: Miriam is a very important biblical character mentioned in Exodus and Numbers, however diminished and obscured by the Hebrew Priesthood ( Yahwists ) of the post-Babylonian captivity, in ca. 538 BC. She is mentioned as the nameless sister of Moses in Exodus 2:7, as the sister of Aaron in Exodus 15:20 and as the sister of both Aaron and Moses in Numbers 26:59. There is clearly something missing in the whole scriptural account of the origins of Moses, considering the magnitude, importance and influence of the biblical personality of Moses, which gives an impression and feeling someone is hiding something without an outright use of lies, a typical talmudic approach and attitude to morality and ethics, later on adopted by the Roman Catholic Canon Lawyers. The obscuration of the truth about Moses and Miriam has also been the result of the eradication of all records and inscriptions referring to all members of the 18th Dynasty by the last ruler of this Dynasty, an egyptian general called Horemheb who became Pharao through marriage and one suspects, usurpation, after the death of young Tutankhamun, whose existence was discovered through the accidental discovery of his tomb. Horemheb’s motivation was both a hatred of ATEN ( the Holy Spirit ) and a seeking of popularity with the egyptian, polytheistic, idolatrous, well-to-do classes. There is a much respected Book of Jasher known to biblical circles which tells a more rational story and let me quote from “Genesis of the Grail Kings “ by Sir Laurence Gardner, who, although confused, unable to synthetise what he knows for our times, is an excellent guardian and narrator of a more likely truth. I am quoting from pages 290-291-:
Outside the Bible, however, Miriam’s story is told at some length----particularly in the book of Jasher, a work not selected in the canonical Old Testament. It was not until after some time after the death of Jesus that the separate scriptures of the Jews were collated into a single volume and it was then that certain books were excluded because they were at variance with the compositional strategy. One of these was the book of Jasher-----a bool so important to the earlier Hebrews tha it is still mentioned twice in the canonical Bible. The very fact that these references are to be found in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:128, indicates that Jasher was around before these books were written-----and they each claim that it was a repository of essential knowledge. But although not promoted by the mainstream establishment, Jasher has not been as historically secret as one might imagine. The 9-foot ( ca. 3 m) Hebrew scroll was a prize of the Court of Emperor Charlemagne ( AD 800-814 ), having been discovered in Persia [Iran] by the monk Alcuin, who later founded the University of Paris. As a reward for his discovery, Alcuin was awarded three abbeys and became England’s Archbishop of Canterbury. In the fourteenth century, the British Reformer and Bible translator john Wyckliffe (1320-1384 ) wrote “ I have read the book of Jasher twice over, and I much approve of it as a work of great antiquity ” . It is generally reckoned that Jasher’s position in the Bible should be between the books of Deuteronomy and Joshua, but it was sidestepped because it sheds a very different light on the sequence of events at Mount Horeb. In person, Jasher was the Egyptian-born son of Caleb; he was brother-in-law to the first israelite judge Othneil ( Judges 1:13 ) and was the appointed royal staffbearer to Moses.............................
There is a further question a discerning, thinking reader of the Scriptures who has not remained brainwashed by some fanatical church, should ask as to why Moses or his sons Gershom and Eliezer were excluded from the Priesthood in favour of Aaron, if Moses had indeed been a natural brother of Aaron, rather than nursed and fed
when a baby by Aaron’s natural mother Tey, who was a Jewish woman of Levite descent? Moses was not a descendant of Levi, and did not have a fully Jewish mother, although rightly called a son of Tey in virtue of her having been his feeding-mother, and his only Jewishness was second-hand, from his own mother Tiye, the paternal aunt of Aaron, the daughter of a Jewish father, Joseph the son of Jacob who had married the Egyptian daughter of Potifarre the Priest of Ra’, his original master when a slave in Egypt.
Note 6-: AMRAM, RAMA, ARAM, RAMTHA, IMRAN, HA-RAMA-THEO, ARIMATHEA and Jochebed or Tey, Moses’ feeding-mother.

The manipulations and obscurations present in the Canonical Scriptures are inevitable owing to the number and diversity of writers and redactors, each seing scriptural events from different angles, at different times in history, with different theological understandings and interpretations of the past, without a complete knowledge of the events, with different goals and world views. Most contributors meant well and what we have received is still a miracle of God’s Communication and Revelation achieved with such biased and flawed tools.
As I observed above, in spite of all the obscurations and manipulations tending to minimise all influences/contributions other than those of the Hebrews of Canaan, Jesus’ anscestors included all participants to the scriptural events in Mesopotamia and the Middle East, which shows the Holy Spirit DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE and loves to rehabilitate sinners, as in the end, there is no one innocent in relation to God
( see St. Paul’s Romans ). In spite of the efforts of Judaism to maintain the worship of Yahweh strictly a Hebraic Monopoly, Christianity became a universal Religion. It is time for Christianity to set some order in the Scriptures’ Interpretations, further honouring the wisdom of, say, Galatians 3:28, achieving and presenting a united Religious Belief to all other religious people in the World, this not to dominate but so as to act as an example of the praxis of Christian Ideals.
I personally cannot understand the malice of Jews and Moslems in rejecting Jesus as the Ultimate teacher when/once it can be shown how he descends from Juda/Jacob through David, and that Jesus’ ancestors have also intermarried with most representatives of the ancestors of the Arabic people.
This is why, although the obscurations and manipulations have not damaged our present understanding of the Holy Trinity, having only reduced the essentiality and independence of the Spirit, and of the fact that the WORD is the Spirit operative in time and creation, it is important to correct these faults, perhaps by adding a few more Books to the present Canonical Scriptures. This might require another Council to be convened.


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