Saturday, August 8, 2009

Post 127. Keep the Australian Political Scenario Clean Please.

Keep the Australian Political Scenario Clean, Please.
In Australia, we have a Prime Minister Mr. Rudd, a small, cutish primadonna, who has been wasting enormous resources of parliamentary time and energy in ghost-issues, such as AWB and Saddam Hussein, and is now repeating the performance, by having fake e-mails originating from his Treasury Department, creating a scenario similar to the Nigerian Scam, within the Commonwealth Government.
Are we now to doubt, as honest Mr. Turnbull naturally failed to do in his good-faith, the truth and legality of every document now being issued from within the Australian Government? Is not a Governnment Department to be ensuring the truth, content and sources, of its documents, to maintain credibility and functionality?
I followed the Lateline TV program on ABC on the 7th August and was amazed at the biased attitudes toward these events by some young Australian Media persons whom we would expect to be more intelligent than the average Australian, not just the cute baby-faced Australian Pinocchios they appear to be: Dr.Peter Van Onselen and Mr. Tim Gartlet and their host, a lady whose name I do not know.Does the University (ies) they attended warn about Sophistry in thier courses of Rhetoric? Have they heard about Aristotle's Philosophy and Ethics at all?
The trio was laughing, salivating, gloating over an event which should be looked at bi-partisanely by all Australians with concern and regret. No-one was aware of and mentioned the central truth/concern that a high standing reputable Government Official, a Godwin Gregg ( of ancient Maltese origins) actually faked a Document under the responsibility of the Labour Treasurer Mr. Swan, and lied about it at an Enquiry.
They were all wrongly, arrogantly, maliciously, mischievously placing the fault on Mr. Turnbull, the Leader of the Opposition, while treating the matter as a school prank. The fact is they also hinted that Mr. Turnbull who has no fault whatsoever and acted in good faith, should resign. So they were laughing, while asking for blood. This is typical of the Australian character, a dangerous treacherous back-knifing sort of bush larrikinism that I am not afraid to criticise and expose in so far as I am a Theologian and a Reformer, no matter how unworthy. In relation to the Ten Commandments, their actions fall under -: Thou shalt not utter false witnessing.
False witnessing is equivalent to Murder, it is actually a blood-less form of murder as it aims at the damage od one's reputation.
Note this oh Australian larrikins and politicians and engrave it in your hearts and minds.

Mr. Rudd began his rise to power by the AWB empty, useless issue. The Australian Economy may now have been saved by the massive, wise administrations of the previous Government who wisely accumulated the surplus funds.
Let us not forget this, oh fuckumites, before you begin murdering the Liberals.

We must discourage these effeminate, un-western, levantine, dishonest, malicious, unworthy, sabotaging, back-knifing tactics within the Australian political scenarios. else,   if we do not,   to please our young Pinocchio-like, unworthy reporters, journalists, would-be-politicians, lawyers, and their larrikanism and thirst for scandal and cheap emotions they probably became addicted to
during their education stages,    and   from   their   virago-type  mothers,   we are opening the way through abituation, acceptance, exposure and insensibility, to the infiltration by dishonest, malicious, malingering, opponents and traitors, posing as Australians, who would make these tactics their daily thought,   getting away with the use of these tactics, with far more serious consequences to our Nation,  as  these   would  not  be  mere   Pinocchio-bush-larrikins,   but  professional   destabilisers,   an  extension  and  preparation   for terrorist   tactics. Let us therefore proscribe and indite these practices lest we get used to these as if  these  were  normal   activities   and  behaviour. 

Let us keep the political scenario STERILE, ANTI-BUGS, AND ANTI-VIRUS,   above   all,  ANTI-SCAM,

if I am allowed the analogies for effect-sake.


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