Friday, August 7, 2009

Post 126. War and Popularity.

An E-mail to an American friend.
I have not yet seen a film which gives correct information about the past/History ( example: " The Kingdom of Heaven ", which is almost totally deceiving/misrepresenting especially regarding the Templars, also containing propaganda intended to make it acceptable to islamic audiences ) as it is always biased by the ex- goat-herders ( ex- sheep-shearers in Aussieland ) producing it. Skills are different from intelligence, understanding honesty and honour. The American film industry has been further degenerating with the rise of the new levies of patrician-looking ( how deceiving ), baby-faced, cute-looking producers from the post-WWII's Baby Boom, Pinocchios, Hippies and Harry Potter type gurus, full of vitamins and drugs. I prefer some European films anytime as there is more effort at presenting reality, intelligence ( psychology) and humanity in these. Oh, always magnificent photography and colour, but neurotic/psychotic producers, hooked on substances and overdoses of VIAGRA/CELIA with artificially enlarged cazzos, and their anorexic bambinas they prefer, as being near masculine, the sodomitic trend being widespread to-day among these modern baby-faced Gomorraites. We have got out of the Yiddish
( Jewish)-dominated Hollywood film industry of 50 years ago as all the Yiddish European expatriates, fleeing the Holocaust have died out. Praised be the ATEN, the Lord!!!
Their rendering of the Greeks, the Romans and the Middle Ages( example: The Templars and the European aristocracies) was all vitiated by the Jewish views of history where the only good people are the Jews and the Americans ! Today, their problems with Islam which they are unable to buy out, is embarassing/confusing/stalling them ( infiltrated as American Society has become by their own enemies whom they have been giving citizenship/voting to, without adequate cheks. THEY ARE JUST STUPID/MAD! Australians are doing the same. Anglo-Saxons have become mad! ).
Unless the West ( provided/assuming we take care of the infiltrating saboteurs first ) adopts the good, old, unavoidable War-Rules-of-Engagement, the Romans and the Nazis used, the Israeli need to adopt and would gladly do so if allowed to, impeded by their past Yiddish propaganda and indoctrination of the West against the Germans, our Pakistani allies (???) have
recently used effectively ( this should give us an idea about what we should expect from Islam had this a weapon superiority and the same global access and reaching by rocket- capacity we have, halas fettered by our Pinocchio parassites ), specially in the case of terrorists, irregular military organisations, para-military organisations, which should be considered to be outside Geneva Conventions and subjected to harsh Martial Laws, we are going to loose. In fact, America has not won a war since WWII when it could fight properly by claiming they were more humane than the Nazis and Japanese, while belting shit out of them, with the blessings of Jewish propaganda, rightly so of course. Example, phosphor bombs over Germany’s civilian population
( I believe the populations of two cities were destroyed, burnt alive). Of course, I agree, we were justified by the Nazis starting with V-Rockets over London, their Holocausts, and their searching for a nuclear weapon. The issue is so simple in my mind, being a matter of pure logic not requiring any skill or statistics, I am convinced Anglo-Saxon/Americans are basically and fundamentally, quasi-genetically STUPID
( probably the result of centuries of cocktail-parties=too much cholesterol in the brain=fat brains), because they have been unable to tell the World with a much needed modern propaganda, that our respect of WWII’s partisans fighting Fascism/Nazism/Samurais should not stop us today using Nazis methods to reduce terrorrists who are basically Islamic Nazis/Fascists, but we keep on treating as if WWII-partisans/patriots. Theirs is not a matter of patriotism but of a resurgent, dejas vue, islamic fanaticism. Mafiosi are also terrorists with privately- owned anti-social hubris for power and contol ( wealth, status, women, human resources etc.. Our most beautiful women, bred to be fit for royal matches, (some of these deserve their fate for being passive and submissive, when they should knife their oppressors in the kidneys or their spines) are being abused by these bastards. All terrorists are basically out from the same mould and masquerade behind high ideals. No, we are tying up the hands of our m
ilitary with Rules of Engagement which cannot win a war against these invisible, guerrilla forces which hide within the civilians as soon as they have a chance or use civilians as weapons of defence, tactically. I would fix Afghanistan in 12 months by blowing up all mountain villages and relocating the mountain civilians on the plains. I would destroy water supplies (wells) and food producing fields on the mountain-valleys. I would do this in the middle of winter after warning them to evacuate civilians in Autumn, three months before the hits! Hatred? Islam hates us anyway from a religious point of view. Our humanity is considered as weackness and fear, or Allah blinding us and making fools of us, which may be true, in part. And NO JOURNALISTS REPORTERS ALLOWED in the fighting zone. Moreover, once a legally elected Government engages in a war, no interferences to be allowed by Pinocchios and Hippies, substance-abusers, sodomites ( sarcophiles would be more correct), lesbians and viragos, parassitic-students, ethnic groups, stirred up, probably with the inducement of easy drug-money, by our opponents, in the name of a Freedom and a Democracy which does not exist in their countries and has been allowed to degenerate into a Civilisational Trap/Nightmare in ours.
I would tell all of these people to go and demonstrate in the countries of our opponents and see whether they would be allowed to do so. Remember the Turks had a go at the Byzantine Empire from 500 to 1500 AD, from 1100 to 1500 under Islam’s blessing and mandate. These bastards rely on war of attrition. One must hit their bases and centres of supply as any educated young military officer is taught anyway, but not allowed to carry out on the field by treacherous Pinocchio arm-chair Commanders, elected by Pinocchios majorities.. The Turks used to carry all their supplies with themselves as they were nomadic tribes anyway. Byzanthium could never hit their bases as they did not have any fixed one, or these were too far from Constantinople. Genghis Khan was the same as Karakorum was at a six month travelling distance from Constantinople. With the air control we have at the moment we can find their bases and destroy their military capacity, but we must hit or better remove their civilians too as everyone of them is a war resource, unnlike ourselves. Notice that in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, we did/do not hit them as soon as they gwent/go acros the border. Nixon ordered bombings and artillery fire over Cambodia but was somehow impeached with Watergate just a couple of weeks after this decision. What is going on with Americans?
I am afraid we need a new MacHarty, MacHartism to-day in the West with some thorough cleansing. for western loyalty.
Also a stressing of Duty as a pre-requisite for Rights.
In Australia, we have a Prime Minister Mr. Rudd, a small, cutish primadonna, who is wasting enormous resources of parliamentary time and energy in ghost-issues as AWB andSaddam Hussein, and recently, by having fake e-mails originating from his Treasury Department, creating a scenario similar to the Nigerian Scam within the Commonwealth Government.
Are we now to doubt, as honest Mr. Turnbull failed to do in his good-faith, the truth and legality of every document now being issued from within the Australian Government?

Even a Roman Dux was allowed immunity until the end of a War but the Romans considered war as a serious issue not like our Pinocchios in command crawling up our-opponents-voters’ asses. How did Pakistan recently fight the Talibans and reduce them in three weeks? By doing what I suggest. Line-up all your air-strike-force, tanks and howitzers and devastate. Even if one were not to win in the sense of occupying which is not necessary anyway, the opponents will and capacity to harm us would be devastated for years to come. Who would want to occupy those god-forsaken mud-traps anyway? The alternative is that the war becomes one of attrition and goes on for centuries. However, Moslems can do to Moslems what we are not allowed to do to them. Did anyone threaten the Pakistani with criminal charges as we have been doing with the Israeli? No, because the Pakistanis are playing a double role of Instigators and make-believe allies. ( remember who was behind the Mumbai events in India ?). What they are probably after is for the USA to hand out to them the latest weaponry systems. These military/historical issues fascinate me. Sorry to be carried away as I do. What started it? One cannot expect to be popular to everyone.


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