Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post 129. Beppe er Grillo again.


Gli Onorevoli e la Onorevole, Onorata, Onorante Societa' dei Culatoni Meridionali.

The air is heavy on this Day of the Assumption holiday. Too many people are already walking around with a plank in their eye. Shamelessly too. They no longer fear any consequences. The plank in the eye is exhibited in public with total self-assurance. It has become a sign of social recognition. A kind of status symbol. Italy is like Hell, disguised as Heaven.
Parliament is the most sought after circle of Hell. Once you get there, you can do anything you wish, including that which is prohibited for the common citizen. Prohibited for the dead souls that many Italians have now become. You can afford to have so many planks in your eye that you could just as well set up a joinery business. Heavy drugs, associating with the mafia and the camorra, corruption and even prostitution. A cocaine-addicted Deputy is not deemed to have committed any offence, while a joiner who grows some weed gets killed. In addition to Parliament, the second circle is similarly protected. It is the new Italian Stock Exchange, the lifeblood and the profit domain of Tronchetti, Geronzi, Tanzi, Cragnotti, the ubiquitous Berlusconi and the descendants of the Agnelli family. The third circle is where the wheeler-dealers, the local councillors, the up and coming mobsters and the simple arse creepers prosper. There are hosts and hosts of them. Their pupils only bear their masters’ smaller planks, but they are most brazen and boorish of the lot. They insult youngsters in public and then have them taken away by the forces of Law and Order. The fourth circle contains the Banana Republicans, the inscrutables, the indifferents, the “I’ll look the other way”s and the “mygrandfatherlivedtobeonehundredyearsoldbymindinghisownbusiness”s. There are entire armies of these out there and they have wormed their way in absolutely everywhere, including into families, into offices and into the Churches.
Protecting this fantastic world of planks are the lovers of lies. Raised in the newspaper publishing offices, the Public Relations offices of the political parties and in the television studios. Born liars that sneeze like the Campidoglio ducks at the mere mention of the truth. Those that look for the splinter in the eye of any of the System’s detractors. They turn white into black and shit into gold. They turn a scoundrel into a Prime Minister. A dancing girl into a Government minister. A ham actor into a Senate spokesman. They are the modern wizards of Government political-speak. Professionals in the art of defamation. Regurgitators of false accusations, living on subsidies and the taxpayers’ money.
It’s getting hot here in Italy this August. Unbearably hot. Outside of the circles, the temporary workers, the unemployed, the pensioners getting 500 Euro a month and the graduates with no future are waiting. Then there are also the honest people, the humiliated, the seekers of the truth, the pains in the arse, those that get their information from the Web and the international press. There are many such people and the number continues to grow. It is a growing tidal wave. When the well informed eventually make up the majority, the helicopter blades will start turning. Perhaps a cargo plane will be required for all of them to get away and maybe that will not even be enough. Blessed are the fugitives, because they won’t have to face the anger of the honest men. They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.


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