Saturday, August 15, 2009

Post 130. Mussolini.

From Beppe er Grillo.
Se oggi, domani e sempre vorrete conoscere la verita' , da Beppe er Grillo dovrete andare per ascoltare le confessioni all'italiana..........." Come prima piu' di prima confessero', alla e della Mafia tutto io confessero'......................."
Divided Italy.
"My name is Alessio and, although I don’t believe that you will publish this letter since your blog has some very different views, I am going to send it to you anyway. I am a “missino” (member of the Ultra-Nationalist Italian Right wing Movement) of the 70’s generation. One of those that took part in demonstrations in Milan and, when evening came, was only too happy to have returned home unscathed. One that believed in Giorgio Almirante and kept a copy of the book entitled "Autobiografia di un fucilatore" (autobiography of a firing squad member) on his bedside table. Someone that loathed the Mafia and Freemasons alike.
Today I hear people say that we are living under a fascist regime. But this is an insult to fascism. Mussolini sent prefect Mori to Sicily to fight the Mafia. His alleged heirs, the post-fascists, post-“missini”, later “annini” and then no more, have allied themselves with a party created by Dell'Utri, a man who has been sentenced to nine years imprisonment for associating with the Mafia.
Mine was a generation that believed in Justice and in the State, a belief that was even shared by our Hero Borsellino, a generationthat has now sunk so low as to become a shoulder to lean on for a P2-ist whoremongering scoundrel. How can people like Fini and La Russa, a man that previously risked his life for his ideas, those in which the young people of ""Giovane Italia" once believed, have the gall to now suddenly be a part of this contemptible charade? If Ramelli were still alive today, he would most certainly be sick to his stomach. I, instead, am merely discouraged.
What we really wanted was a Homeland, however, what we have landed up with instead is the Lega and the Party of the South. Gaber once said that "His generation had lost", which is all good and well, but my generation has totally lost its socks and now we are even being told that we have won. Even Fascism was more democratic than this caricature of twisted democracy in which the same people always win, namely the rich and powerful. Fascism will never return. They made some inexcusable mistakes and fascism is now finally dead and buried, but during the fascist period, someone like Gelli would have been locked up and someone like the psychodwarf banished to some or other godforsaken province. I believe that no State can tolerate the existence of a secret counterculture in its midst, nor can it afford to relinquish the principle of Authority otherwise all is lost. The Southern regions of this Country are under the control of the Mafia syndicates, yet we are told that “we must learn to co-exist” with them. The Freemasons are stronger than ever before. The American occupation troops are still here in Italy, more than sixty years after the end of the war.
The typical literature of my Right wing used to include Guénon, Evola, Pound, Nietzsche and D'Annunzio. Today instead, there are the reality shows, even going on at Palazzo Grazioli, the new regime’s bordello. At the time of "Mani Pulite" (the Clean Hands investigation) ours was the party of honesty, the only one, fighting against corruption. The Milan Pool (a group of investigating prosecutors) was a real point of reference, even though the members were somewhat inclined to the left. The very same leaders of the time have now voted in favour of the Alfano Bill, a disgraceful law that not even “Il Duce” would have wanted. And for what purpose? Simply to prevent Berlusconi’s prosecution on charges of corruption. Not on some or other political charges but simply for money, for filthy lucre.
Perhaps I got it all wrong, as did my counterparts from Avanguardia Operaia (Workers Vanguard) and Lotta Continua (Continuous Battle) who have, in any event, since earned my respect. We all believed in a better Italy, albeit each of us in our own way. I learned at my own expense that the Italian population is an opportunistic one with an extremely short memory." Alessio


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