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Post 131. Mafia and beppe er grillo

Verità di Stato e Verità di Mafia.

By Travaglio for beppe-grillo.com

Good day to you all. Welcome back after the holidays even though perhaps some of you are still away. Unfortunately, I’m not.
Straight away I want to talk about an issue that I feel will be the key to this season of politics, of information, of news reporting, of justice and that is probably the most important happening that is going on, even though the newspapers are hardly talking about it, between highs and lows, between flare-ups and icy showers. In fact, perhaps just because the newspapers are saying little about this, just for a change.
It’s the happening of these sudden “rips” that have opened up this summer on the issue of the negotiations between the State and the Mafia in 1992, that then was nothing more than the screen that veiled the external instigators, the secret “suggesters” of the 1992 slaughters, at least as regards the slaughter of Borsellino, and those that took place in 1993 in Rome, Florence and Milan.
There are a lot of new things that are difficult to note: and yet it’s enough to match up and compare what is appearing in the newspapers, without having to go and look at the transcripts of the judicial proceedings that are still secret and thus of which neither I nor you can know the contents. Already what you can read in the newspapers is pretty significant about what is coming out and I think that if there is a push from the ground level of civil society, if someone on the political front will finally take this seriously this affair and if the magistrates are allowed to do their job, above all those of Palermo, Caltanissetta and Florence, that are the ones with the jurisdiction as regards the subject matter and the territory relating to the negotiations on the “papello”, and Palermo on the instigators of the slaughters. It may be possible to manage to understand who are the founding fathers of the Second Republic who, as you have probably already heard said, was not born unlike the First one out of the Resistance but really from the slaughters, from the negotiations, from the bombs and from the blood of those who died.
It is always best to summarise to avoid taking anything for granted, so that anyone who takes on board “Passaparola” may know how the affair started and at what point it has arrived.
After that we will come back to it, if, as I hope, it has developments.
Massimo Ciancimino is starting to talk

The affair started simply with the interviews with this really interesting character, unique, definitely one who talks a lot, that is Massimo Ciancimino, the son of Vito, the former mafia mayor of Palermo, who was under investigation for years by the Palermo Prosecutors Office, who had the injustice of having to manage his father’s patrimony and who has been accused of “money laundering”. That is to be seen. We are not so interested in that. He has a first level conviction for “money laundering” and now he is fighting at the appeal stage. There are certain things that he hadn’t told the magistrates up until a year ago, even because he had the impression that the old Palermo Prosecutors Office was not very interested in raising their sights to the high levels of the institutions and politics that were frequented by his father; however he made it known to the new Palermo Prosecutors Office, the one directed for the last couple of years by Prosecutor Messineo – to be clear – that has the impression that they have more interest in touching certain “altarini” {mysterious secrets} and thus it has started to tackle topics that it had ignored earlier.
Even because he noted that when they raided his house, strangely, the Carabinieri didn’t even go and open the safe that was even visible to a child, but we are talking about affairs that keep repeating as you will remember, the Carabinieri of the ROS {Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale or Special Operational Group} never even entered Riina’s house: the motto of certain servants of the State, especially in Palermo, is “don’t open that door and don’t open that safe”, perhaps because they already know what they would find inside.
In any case, this is the reason for his impression about the old management of the Prosecutors Office, then later they found the letter from Provenzano to Berlusconi and instead of making use of it in the trials, the magistrates of the old Prosecutors Office left it to rot in a box and those of the new Prosecutors Office fished it out and made use of it “in extremis” to use it in the Dell'Utri trial, that among other things will start up again in less than three weeks.

Posted by Beppe Grillo.

Comment-: Why should Islam be attracted by Democratic Systems that include such shit as the one exemplified by the iniquitous and corrupt Italian one, ruled by dishonourable, dishonouring, all-corrupting ( your daughters and children) Mafiosi goat-herders and shepperds?

Sometimes I doubt whether the West deserves saving, whether God is using Islam as God's sword.

Let Sharia Law prevail!

I am personally disciplined and uncorrupt enough to be able to live under the rigours of Sharia Law.




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