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Post 136. Berlusconi the European Judah.

Berlusconi and his ex goat-herding/shepperding followers at Montecitorio/Rome, more numerous and by far more expensive and resource-wasteful than the participants in the pre-Republican
Government of the Savoja-Monarchy that had at least given genuine freedom, honour and prestige to Italy, yes, Berlusconi, Archetype of all Banana-Repubblics' Pimps, Mafia-Collaborators, the Archetype of the Italian Machiavellian, Political Wheelers-and-Dealers of the Renaissance, the soft rear-end-hole of Europe courted by all anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-European Political Sodomites, the modern political Icon of the Giuda, the betrayer of Jesus the Nazarene, the betrayer of the possibility of a Reformation of South Italy by a Federation of Italy and by other measures including the assignment to and expectation of more responsibility, transparency and collaboration from South Italy with a total elimination of Omerta', Corruption, Criminality and Mafia infiltrations and manipulations.
'Methinks' Berlusconi may have been affected by Gheddafi's charisma in the same way Caporale Mussolini to whom he so much resembles in profile view, had been affected by the glorious Hitler, Father of all Corporals, including Saddam Hussein, who could barely write his 'X' as a signature.
If anyone is to be be blamed in these contrived, planned, de-stabilising, illegal, migrations occurring in the Mediterranean, similar to the ones occurring in the Australian waters, having Australian Liberals and Labour idiots, idiotic as Berlusconi is, being all ex-sheep-shearers with some University Degree, at one's another throats while Islam is laughing and salivating, Berlusconi should indite and warn off,
terroristic Islam and, specifically, in the Mediterranean, GHEDDAFI who has been in 1961, the Ruffian Usurper, of the legitimate Islamic Monarchy of the Senoussi , the latter having been the true descendent of Mohammed the Prophet of all Islam, this is if, if, if, if, if........ if he had the balls, and was not an effeminate, fearful, cowardish, peasant/storekeeping Repubblican parvenue. Also, Africans and Asians should be educated about the necessity to reduce IRRESPONSIBLE PROCREATION, which cannot be a human right any longer in view of the present demographic explosion. And, frankly, it has never been one, if responsible procreation is taken into consideration. Fuck by all mans to your heart's contentment but reproduce only if you can afford it, mate! Western Aid, including EMIGRATION, which should eventually totally stop, would only go to those who demonstrate genuine and effective efforts at Population Control. Geneva Conventions, Human Rights Conventions, all Humanitarian Conventions, including the Medical Ones, should become dependent on this top-priority, essential requirement of a responsible Demographic Control. Islam is in fact exploiting even planned Irresponsible Demographic Explosion as another mean to de-stabilise the West. But it shall eventually fire back onto Islam itself as we in the West, God-Willing ( Inshallah) become aware of this satanic malice. Berlusconi should demonstrate greater intelligence, become aware of these forces and agencies and make his hits in the right directions without compromising his, our, all western birth-rights and civilisational-cultural-rights, in such a manner as the Members of the old, ancient, honourable Aristocracies who made Europe, would be doing if empowered and allowed to do so, oh you vast mass of democratic MONGRELS!
Islamic Nations in North Africa should be clearly told to stop the criminal departure from their shores of all illegal traffic, else strong measures would be taken, regardless of principles of humanity, the blame to be ascribed to them as the provocators. That oil supply have to continue for a market set price and that blackmail would be met with military retaliation. Etc., etc.,
Here is   Beppe  er  Grillo's   Article.
Luigi De Magistris is the Deputy elected to the European Parliament with the highest number of preferential votes, namely around half a million. More votes than those received by any other representative of any European Country. He is a man that was born of the Internet. He is highly qualified to speak about Europe, indeed more so than anyone else, irrespective of whether his or her names are Frattini or Gasparri.
The psychodwarf is busy implementing the age-old strategy of the dictator. In order to justify his failures he continuously finds new external enemies. Firstly it was the communists, then the illegal immigrants, the world’s media and the Church, and now it’s the turn of the European Union, which he would like to paralyse unless it shuts up.
Interview with Luigi de Magistris
blog: Luigi de Magistris: After having attacked the press, now Berlusconi goes on to attack the European Union, making all sorts of crazy claims.
L.d.M.: We are finally seeing the extent of our Prime Minister’s insanity. He no longer knows who to have a go at after having attacked the judges, the prosecutors and the free press, so now he tries to conceal the government’s failure by attacking the European Union. This latest escalation began with the immigration issue, in other words the absolute failure of the Bossi-Fini Law. Immigration has increased and human rights were trampled with these latest tragedies that have occurred in the seas around the Italian coast. In order to conceal this Government’s failure, the Prime Minister has chosen to attempt to blame the European Union. He did the very same thing with the issue of the prisons. In response to the drama surrounding security in our Country, the privatisation of security by means of citizen patrols and the attacks on the magistrates, he has seen fit to lay the responsibility for justice and the overpopulation of our prisons at the door of the European Union.
The latest is his raving attack on the European Union in general, the European Commission and the European Union spokespersons. But why? Because Berlusconi’s failure has by now become clearly evident, even to the European centre-right, namely the European Popular Party. Since the Prime Minister’s image abroad has been very badly tarnished, by the “papi” affair of course, due to his privatsation of a public matter and his utilisation, as end-user, of the female body, and now the Prime Minister’s image is totally blown, he has done nothing but vent his spleen against the European Commission in an attempt to also conceal the total failure of the government’s economic and employment policies. This is a very serious situation. It is very serious situation because the European Parliament, instead, is currently busy addressing a number of extremely serious matters, beginning with topical issues such as climate change and immigration. Berlusconi would do well to resign.
blog: What are the implications and the seriousness of Berlusconi’s threat? I will paralyse the European Commission? Perhaps the Italian media have not adequately reflected this, but Europe has interpreted his words as a major scandal.
L.d.M.: Yes, this kind of thing is unheard of. Never before has a democratic Country threatened to paralyse an institution simply because this institution has perhaps said something that is unacceptable to the Prime Minister, who has of late been behaving like a little Peronist in Italy or like a dictator who wants to consolidate his P2-ist plan by eliminating the independence of the magistrature, destroying the freedom of the press, turning power into the personal asset of the leadership, reducing Parliament to nothing more than an organ to rubber-stamping the Prime Minister’s dictates, privatising security by the introduction of citizen patrols, and filling the Country with soldiers in order to manage the inevitable social conflict that will result from this government’s totally failed economic and employment policies.
Posted by Beppe Grillo


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