Saturday, September 19, 2009

Post154. Vatican, Priests and Donations.

Vatican, Priets and Donations.
In relation to the content of Beppe er Grillo's Article, discussed at Post 154, i.e.,

fuck the Italian Catholics' 8/thousand contribution to the Church.
Churches should somehow become independent of donations. For example, I am writing, totally without financial gifts from anybody, for the pure love of truth and self-respect.
Italy and Italians have hosted the Church Headquarters for millennia now and what have so called or self-named Italians and Italy learned? Nothing, as Italy is to-day at a worse stage of morality and wisdom as it has been in the days of the Barbaric Invasions.
The difference is that unbridled Democracy USA style, courtesy of the primadonna-like, thickle, French people and their French Enlightenment and of the Revolution of 1789, has empowered all the descendents of the ancient Barbarians who settled in Europe and Italy, in addition to those who had been brought in as slaves by the Romans, to take over the chains of command.
Io MENEFREGO ( I do not give a hoot as Mussolini used to say) whether these idiots are going to do anything to redress the damage done, by seeking out the few GENTLEMEN, probably in hiding somewhere, as they are at the end cutting their own throats.
I'll be probably dead in 5-10 years from now and shall spiritually laugh
at them from the heavens above, spiritually kicking them in their asses as a spirit.
If I were the Italians I would re-establish the SAVOJA MONARCHY who knows who the GENTLEMEN are as these come from the ancient families with the correct DNA.
Vittorio Emmanuele and Son is a man with balls although, like Berlusconi and all Italians, Barbarians included, he might have a liking for the fair sex.
So do I, after all.
Better than to be a CULATONE!
C'est La Vie!


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