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Post 159. Italy the Laundry ( Money Laundering) Maiden.

General question of interest-: Do maidens still exist in the West and in Italy in particular ? At what age do maidens loose their virginities in our modern western permissive societies? Should the West adopt the islamic ( Middle Eastern) solution to have plastic-surgery-reconstructed hymens for its maidens just before marriage?
Why did God give women their hymens?

Does the Pope know?

Comment by uploader-: This is what happens to Republics in general where abused Democracy ( one without duties or responsibilities, only RIGHTS ) and laissais fairism encourages the establishment of moneyed powers generally sinister, corrupt and mercenary, detrimental to the moral fibre of the Nation and of Society.
Since the advent of Fascism and its alliance to Hitler and Nazism,
the loss of the War and the abolition of the Savoya Monarchy, Italy has done no good at all, embarking on a road of decadence, corruption, moral decay, irresponsibility, becoming a despised Mafia-dominated-Nation, with the largest number of prostitutes of both genders roaming its streets at night in the World, a Nation no one abroad trusts or respects any longer. The Italian people should have never forgotten its historical debt of gratitude to the Savojas for risking everything in 1848, for the sake of the liberation of Italy from foreign rule. Lack of gratitude is a form of Injustice and GOD punishes Injustice! The Americans in Italy after WWII made a terrible mistake ( probabbly influenced by the Brooklin Mafia unlike General MacArthur who did not let himself be affected by the Japanese one), unlike General MacArthur in Japan, who wisely supported the retention of the Japanese Monarchy. Under the Savoja-Monarchy 's strict but orderly Government, Italy was a clean Nation, had pride, honour, respect and a future. Gentlemen from the Italian aristocracy were providing the required supervision that kept in check the aggressive, colluding, scheming, anti-social opportunists and self-seeking goat-herders and shepperds from South Italy and the Mediterranean Islands, populated by people of ancient saracenic mafiosi origins. I am not saying all Southerners are so, but a majority keeps passively silent ( OMERTA' ) when it should act and lynch Mafiosis. Let us contrast Italy to Spain and Japan, especially Japan where, in spite of the judgment-errors of the Emperor, the Japanese people and General MacArthur's wisdom and nobility pof heart retained the beneficial influences of the traditional leadership, although demanding its reform.
Italy, the Italians need a Monarchy capable of fitting within the framework of a United Europe. The European Federation must embed in its Constitution, clauses allowing its member-states a monarchich choice that does not conflict with its Unity. So should Australia and even the United States of America, and others in the West, as a Monarchy does not have to necessarily be to-day incompatible with Democratic Duties and Liberties.
So should Australia which should forget about its repubblican illusions.
I would also advocate the return of the Stuart Monarchy to a separate and independent Crown of Scotland within the Unity of the European Federation.
So speaks a Templar!
Beppe Grillo's Article-:
Italy the Laundry ( Money Laundering ) Maiden.

300 BILLION EURO will return to Italy protected by Tremorti ‘s fiscal shield. The State will gain 5% for the amnesty. Money that nothing is known about, in all probability never taxed. To whom does this capital belong? Do you know any labourer, any office worker, electrician, mechanic, hairdresser with tens of millions in a tax haven? Basically, do you know any WORKER who will get an advantage from Tremorti’s shield? Anyone who pays taxes at 15/27/35/50% has the right to know the full names of those who export capital and the origins of the loot. We want the list published in the newspapers by law, anything but the impunity and the anonymity.
Tremorti has stated: “I don’t believe that the criminal world will make use of this provision. Criminal capital is either in Italy and perfectly well “laundered” or they will continue their activity abroad”. “I DON’T BELIEVE”? A Minister of the Economy who does not believe that out of the 300 billion there is mafia capital, from bankrupts, from complete tax dodgers, the product of money laundering, of dirty money? But who does he think he is bullshitting? This State amnesty is, until proved otherwise, an amnesty for the mafia.
Franceschini Boccon del Prete” said earlier in Parliament that the fiscal shield is: “a slap in the face for all Italians who honestly pay their taxes”. From the words to the actions. The so-called Opposition, acting on the suggestion of Italia dei Valori, asked for the vote in the Lower House on the unconstitutionality of the fiscal shield. If the 280 Deputies of the PD, IDV and UDC had been present ,the Fiscal Shield would have been blocked. But they were in the bar, the restaurant, perhaps at Arcore, to publish a book with Mondadori or getting interviewed in the early evening on “Canale 5”. Perhaps out whoring with Tar Head. Perhaps on an outing with Tarantini. Anywhere but not in the House. 59 Deputies of the PDminusL were not there, together with 8 from the UDC and 2 from IDV. Of the PDminusL, the two champions of the Primaries, Franceschini and Bersani, were absent, together with D'Alema, the psycho-dwarf’s best friend. This is the “really harsh Opposition”. With these characters, mates and accomplices, the psycho-dwarf ( Berlusconi )will last even after his embalming. It’s the Opposition that makes the government filthy. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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