Saturday, October 10, 2009

Post 160. Nonsense!

It appears as if natural catastrophies caused by tsunamis, earthquakes, eruptions, floodings, tornadoes etc. are on the rise to-day as the result of Global Warming. Most people are also expressing the certainty about the capacity of humankind and technology to control Global Warming based on an assumption that it is fundamentally the result of human abuses of Nature in so far as the latter is related internally to the Earth System in which we live, neglecting the vast space around the earth and the Planetary System and Stellar Systems to which the Earth ultimately belongs, of which we have absolutely no control . Let me suggest to you the possibility that Global Warming may have begun in about 13,000 B.C. after the last Glacial Maximum that occurred between 25,000 and 13,000 BC. Also that, the man-made contribution to GW has been a quickening of this warming process since the days of the Industrial Revolution sometimes in 1800, and that nothing we may do now can reverse the process, here on Earth except perhaps slow GW down but irreversibly so, since we are dealing here with the huge Entropic Processes going on in Cosmic space, of which Rudd and Garrett who have never done any Engineering at all, have no clue at all. Of course reversals of what is occurring here may be occurring simultaneously elsewhere in Space. Let me also suggest that the greatest contribution to GW on Earth has been the ever increasing demographic growth of the human population of the globe SINCE 11,000 BC that has caused human kind to go and live on the beaches, to crawl under the mouth of volcanoes, to populate flood-prone-areas like Bangla-Desh, to populate areas known to be affected by tornadoes, like Texas and the Caribbeans Islands, etc. all the while destroying animal and vegetable life and habitats. Demographic growth has in some cases, like for Islam, even been planned and encouraged as a strategy of conquest and domination. And the doctrine is still maintained in some parts of the Middle East and Asia. For example, in the present discussions between Israel and the Palestinians, one of the issues, a religious/political one rather than a globally related one, as it should be, is who should be allowed to increase its population. I say both Jews and Moslems should be told to adopt Zero-Population-Growth else their credibility about their interest in Peace is ZERO and the whole of the Middle East should not be allowed to have Nuclear Armament, since Peace is clearly not their aim, judging from the inability of Middle Eastern Nations to accept and adopt common sensical measures and solutions outside their fanatical religious mental make-up and archaich obsolescent cultures. EVEN A ZERO-POPULATION- GROWTH EVERYWHERE ESPECIALLY IN THE THIRD-WORLD- NATIONS WOULD ONLY SLOW DOWN THE PROCESS BUT NOT STOP IT ENTIRELY AS THE ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE IS OF A COSMIC NATURE, PERHAPS EVEN DIVINE-WILL. However, it would be THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE THE SCALE OF THE FUTURE OCCURRENCE OF HUMAN SUFFERINGS AND TO ALLOW THE SURVIVAL OF MANY, I.E., BY HAVING ACCESS TO VAST QUANTITIES OF NUCLEAR ENERGY TO ALLOW TEMPERATURE CONTROL AND THE NECESSARY AMOUNTS OF SWEET WATER FOR WHOEVER MAY BE ALLOWED TO SURVIVE GW. To achieve this, the world needs PEACE and CO-OPEARATION. Since Iroshima and Nagasaki, the phosphor-bombs attacks on the German Cities, the use of Napam and forest-defoliation in Vietnam, the West has demonstrated Nuclear restraint, but, on the basis of the century old tradition of hatred and conflict between Islam and the Jews and their inability to co-operate and intermarry on the basis of cultural differences, we cannot be sure Islam would exercise a similar restraint in the future, if allowed to have Nuclear Armament or even Nuclear Capability, considering Islam has still Fossil Fuel Capacity and both capabilities can be dangerous in the hands of unreliable Peace-Keepers and potential political blackmailers, a fact demonstrated by the various terrorist movements operating in the shade of Islamic Nations. Jews and Moslems should bury their religious and cultural differences and make peace and co-operate. There should not be a war-terror-mongering IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PALESTINE, PAKISTAN, ISRAEL, etc. The Chinese ex-Communists have wisely abandoned Population Growth and begun a policy of population control. I commend and congratulate them! However I wish China were more active in fighting Terrorrism at the side of the West. Actually, incidentally, digressively, and improbably so, I wish to suggest the possibility that Al Qaeda may be hiding in the Chinese territory penetrating like a long needle Afghanistan, perhaps with Chinese blessing. One moment one would be out of, the next in China, out of reach. This would be duplicity on the side of the Chinese, being perhaps the price asked by Al Qaeda ( Islam ) for a terrorism-free-China, but all things are possible in World Politics. It is time now everyone stops winging and expressing false hopes in immediate solutions in relation to GW, blaming even God, asking for humanitarian aids without addressing the fundamental problem of the World Population Escalation. Too many people and organisations including so called religious ones, gain financial benefits from all these humanitarian aids which should consist principally of shiploads of BIBLES ( but then one needs the right interpreters of the Books but I trust God would take care of that issue once the Bibles were there), CONDOMS, CONTRACEPTIVE DRUGS, and CONTRACEPTIVE EDUCATION. Fornicate if you must but do not procreate, especially if the resources to support procreation are not there. I have only procreated one daughter and helped to support three step-daughters in two marriages, so I have lived by God's Grace and chastenings in accordance to what I am preaching about. I am not a Saint as I consider Sanctity a form of Sacred Mental Illness reserved for a few! So, do not start looking at my many defects and shortcomings to shut me up you hypocrits!
Hasta la Vista!


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