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Post 164. More about the Ferrers-: The Triptych.

The Triptych at Tamworth Castle.
The Triptych consists of three heraldic oil-painted panels sequentially numbered 53, 54 and 55 on the ceiling-corniche of the Withdrawal Room, at Tamworth Castle in Staffordshire. There are a total of sixty five Coat of Arms similarly painted, in both the Withdrawal and the Breakfast Rooms, all quartered per pale with a few exceptions, to commemorate marriages by and to the House of Ferrers, a few being individual Arms, one about Sir George Vere-Ferrers-Townshend, either the 16th or 17th Baron Ferrers de Chartley, Knight of Tamworth Castle, Baron Compton, Marquess of Townshend of Raynham, Earl of Leicester, being multi-quartered.
The series was commissioned in the times of the Hannoverian Dynasty (1714-1901 ), following the fall of the Stuart Dynasty ( 1603-1714 ), as panel 54 appears to refer to the reign of King James II ( 1685-1689 ), just before whose reign, John Ferrers, the last Ferrers Knight of Tamworth had died, in 1680. His daughter Anne had then inherited the Honour of the Knighthood of Tamworth Castle which was passed on to the son of her marriage to Robert Shirley Esq., who died in 1698, yes, her son Robert Shirley
(1692-1714 ) who styled himself Viscount Tamworth in 1711.
Robert Shirley died without issue, and all Ferrers’ resources assembled in turn in the hands of the Shirley, the Compton the Townshend, the Ferrers of Baddesley-Clinton being unable to accede to these probably owing to their lack of adequate rank, in spite of the marriage of Edward Ferrers de Baddesley-Clinton to the Ferrers-Townshend-heiress, Lady Harriet Ann Townshend, who died in 1813.
Owing to the presence in the series of the already mentioned, multi-quartered Coat of Arms of a Sir George Vere-Ferrers-Townshend, Marquess of Townshend,
either the 16th (1755-1811 ) or the 17th Baron Ferrers de Chartley ( 1788-1855), both of the same name, and with the same Titles and Honours, it is quite possible one of these two gentlemen may have been the one to have either commissioned or at least to have had the works completed.
There are a few errors, either pertaining to heraldic representation or of an historical nature in the Arms of the collection.
Although the principal aim----------there being several goals aimed at in the collection of heraldic nuptial Coat of Arms, all discussed in my book------appears to be to summarise and commemorate the most influential alliances with other noble Houses, since the beginning of the House of Ferrers at the landing at Hastings from Normandie, then known in the Latin used in those times all over Europe for legal purposes, as de Ferrariis, the Triptych holds a central position in the Nuptial Collection and focuses on the Britishness of the Ferrers by its summary of the links of this House with the Scottish Crown and its British traditions and aspirations, about which Sir Laurence Gardner ( of St.Clair, the traditional hereditary guardian of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland ) writes so well and extensively in his books about the Holy Graal and the sacred Desposyniic Dynasties. Gardner fails however to ask vital questions about the failures of the Desposyniic ( Davidic ) Lines, thus also failing to seek suitable answers and to synthetise this knowledge for our times, a task I am trying to accomplish.
The three panels of the Triptych are in fact floating in a badckground of five-petal Rosae Rugosae or Templar Roses, pink and silver, which symbolise par excellence the Holy Graal tradition of the British Monarchy .
Let me quote from page 286 of Sir Laurence Gardner’s “ The Bloodline of the Grail Kings ”-:

On 26th March 1371 the Royal House of 6th century Arthur [ b. 599- d. 603 ] mac Aedan of Dalraida, the key Graal successions of Britain and Europe had conjoined in Scots Royalty, and the Stewarts’ ancient legacy of kinship was fulfilled.


Another Article in my book shows the links of the House of Ferrers to the Order of the Knights Templar since its origins, their contributions to and participations in the affairs of the Order, founded by Sir Godfrey de Bouillon, under the instigation and inspiration of Saint Bernard de Clairveaux, the reformer of the Cistercian
( Cluniac ) Monastic Order along stricter Benedectine Rules, until the loss of the Earldom of Derby at the time of the eighth and last Earl, Sir Robert Ferrers
( 1241-1279 ).
I shall come back in this Article, to this stage of Ferrers’ history, which has been much maligned and misrepresented by most historians slavishly protecting the reputation of the English Royal Dynasties of the Plantagenets and of the Tudors, among whom there were some really abominable and diabolical Kings, worthy of the worst and sinister side of their ancient barbaric anscestors. Being of the blood of Jesus has not been, does not necessarily mean a guarantee of sanctity as God’s Will, Grace and the assent to God’s Grace by the individual are required.
Both King David and Sholomon were corrupt, King Arthur was incestuous with his sister and we all know about King Henry VIII of the Tudor Dynasty and his nine wives many of whom he had judicially murdered.
Being related to Jesus can mean however a natural ( inherited ) predisposition to and openness to Grace.

In a short but necessary digression, it is important to note that all modern democratic ideals of personal liberties, freedoms and privileges, unless complemented by their corresponding duties are but shallow and hollow, aimed by abusers at justifying the liberties of corrupt leaders and rulers, including present Mafiosi
( i.e., anti-society, anti-civilisation, anti-State ), Repubblican Governments ( a typical example being Italy to-day, in 2009). These abusers of Modern Democracy claim in fact to be democratic while abusing and corrupting the ideals of freedom by separating these from their corresponding complementary duties, and by neglecting a suitable and satisfactory education of the people, alienating these from their histories, noble traditions and heroic, sometimes saintly, referential witnesses, thus giving rise to generations of Pinocchio-like individuals, who have lost most of the knowledge of their national and even personal identities/histories/glories/honours, becoming open to the evil, shallow manipulations of their soulless, mercenary leaders who fill these with hollow heroes taken from ball games, sports, the stages etc., a repetition in a different, bloodless form, of the Gladatorial Games of corrupt Imperial Rome. Much of this History is erased from school curricula on the basis that it cannot interest the children of our Immigrants who originate from different cultures. This is totally wrong and absurd, since one ends with new generations of people without identity at all, and a cultural vacuum and emptiness that becomes filled by the Pinocchios’ advertisements from our moneyed powers, the new rulers without honour, tradition or belief except money. Our Immigrants should embrace our culture while retaining whatever is not inimical to our own in their own cultures, else stay there where they came from. All Modern Democratic ideals had their origins in the Golden Age of Greece which reached its peak at the times of the ostracised, exhiled, maligned, persecuted oligarch Pericles, the last of the true, noble Greeks, and were championed and implemented in Medieval Europe, before the rise of the corrupt National Monarchies, fostered by the Constantinian Church of Rome, to antagonise the Holy Emperors, by the Templar Movement which has its roots in the times of King Zedekiah of Judah ( 597-587 BC), martired by his captors, from the New Babylonian Empire ruled by Nebuchadnezzar II ( 605-562 BC ) Zedekiah’s daughter TAMAR being brought to Ireland by the Prophet Jeremiah together with the Royal Guards of the Temple of Jerusalem or Sion ( the anscestors of the Templars) and married in ca. 586 BC, to EOCHAID I, the King of the Irish, giving rise to the ‘Stone Royal Dynasty’ reaching down to UGAINE MAR THE GREAT of Ireland in the 4th century BC and from the latter down to the ‘Royal Scots and Welsh Dynasties’ of ARTHUR OF DALRIADA and ARTHUR OF DYFED in the 9th century AD.
There is also a publication from the The Covenant Publishing Co., LTD., London, “ The Royal House of Britain an Enduring Dynasty ” by Rev. W.M.H.Milner...... which gives at page 21 a genealogical list not much differing from the one supplied by Sir Laurence Gardner.
In the former Tamar is rendered Tea Tephi of Tara and Jeremiah was by the Irish called Olam Folla. According to the ancient Epics, Tamar married, sometime after her father death in 587 B.C., a Milesian ( from Miletus/Greece ) Prince of celtic origins rooted in the area around the Caspian sea in 6000-4000 B.C., whom she met in Spain during their migrations to Ireland where they soon landed founding a Dynasty that gave rise to the Royal Irish and Scottish Houses, through which the present Stewart line as well as those of most Desposyniic European Monarchies can be traced, since they all intermarried.
One must also mention at this stage, the other judaeo/christian alliances through Jesus and Mary Magdalene, James of Arimathea and other intermarriages between Celtic, Gothic and Shythian Princes during their migrations from the Caspian Sea to Northern Europe and its islands, begun in ca. 6000 BC and even earlier prehistoric mediterranean semitic ones to the prehistoric anscestors of Cro-Magnon origins of the mentioned Celtic/Gothic/Shythian groups, which occurred in ca. 30,000, prior to the Last Glacial Maximum ( L.G.M.) that occurred between 25,000 and 13,000 BC.
Constantinianism, although motivated at the time of Emperor Constantine,
( who was incidentally a Desposyniic Ruler through his saintly mother’s anscestry ), by then plausible historical and political reasons, has attempted during the first centuries of the Roman Christian Church to erase or somehow manipulate all these memories and origins and give Western History an exclusively Latin/Hebrew-dressing, however to-day, when this dressing has become alienated and corrupted by the rise to power on the waves of a corrupted and abused Democracy, of the moneyed, collusive, scheming, sinister, goat-herders and shepperds, ex-slaves brought into Europe by the naive Romans, or later Barbarian Invaders, who are also religious hypocrits, to-day has the time come to bring these memories and traditions back, to purge Constantinianism from its Mafia accretions, affiliations and infiltrations, to reform, revive, Christianity, and save Western Civilisation and its democratic achievements, by looking back to the original Templar understandings about a healthy and godly government. It is important to remember that the Scottish King Robert The Bruce ( 1306-1329 ) gave sanctuary in Scotland to the Members of the Order of the Templars which is still active there in hiding, its ideals also being still alive to-day.
The Stuart Dynasty ( 1603-1714 ) tried to spread these ideals for the benefit of Europe, however England was then bent onto becoming a World Empire, a process begun under the Tudors and the religious wars among christian hypocrits and fanatics of various denominations, who made a mockery of Democratic Ideals, destroyed their well-intentioned attempts. The English Empire is now no more and the Tudors fizzed out in a couple of generations, killed by STDs contracted by King Henry VIII, paradoxically also a Desposyniic Royal. England ( I do not say Britain ), although still in better moral shape than Italy, France, the Balcans and the USA, etc. is fast degenerating too under Anglo-Saxon laissais-fairism which is not Democracy but its corrupted form. We all know now in the Era I qualify as “of Manure ”, the catastrophic events the Western World and the whole world has had to endure since the French Revolution and the Era of Enlightenment, without any real or permanent political progress having been achieved, except a vast wastage of resources and the danger of Islam and an all-engulfing and fagocitating global demographic expansion threatening to obliterate Western achievements.
With the rise of a United Europe a possibility has now eventuated for another attempt at returning Law and Order to governing bodies infiltrated by moneyed power groups ( vulgarly called Mafie) who are so mercenary, selfish and stupid, as to not be able to realise the number of further catastrophic events looming at the horizon of their self-deluding ways. The Mafie have ruined the USA, are sabotaging Europe, and even Australia, a Continent the Cities of which can show such a transparency due to their open and clean areas and suburbs that organised crime should not be able to exist, is fighting a loosing war against Organised Crime since, even the High Police Force Commissioner has admitted the goal is now to just maintain existing Crime manageable. We are referring here principally to the drugs’ traffic that is damaging our young generations for which so much money is being invested when adolescents, a great deal of which is being wasted due to the damage caused by substance-abuse and a lack of identity. The inability to effectively hit Crime is the result of Democratic Laws that insist in dealing with it with an excessive amount of safeguards protecting the Criminal. Drug-users should also be prosecuted and punished. Gentlemen are required at all governmental levels, not just a couple of them as puppets at the top, members of the ancient noble Houses. In order to get these gentlemen to leading positions, the restauration of all Desposyniic Monarchs is required, joined into Monarchich Assemblies, with elected Monarchich leaders, ranked in accordance to their educational achievements and experiences, according to merit, working together to balance and check Parliaments, Senates, Congresses, all governmental levels, through series of Permanent Royal Commissions, in relation to issues of corruption, selfishness, delusionary fraudolent practices ( including bubbles of all sorts and descriptions ), monopolies, in relation to all moneyed powers in the Western Nations. These Monarchich Assemblies would also ensure the protection, survival and perpetuation of our Western Cultures, Traditions, Languages, Values/Ideals, Religious Beliefs and Liberties from the infiltrations, encroachments and take-overs of foreign, alien, opponents, mostly masquerading as Immigrants or lovers of Democracy.
The West should remain open to adoption of Immigrants but these Immigrants should be West-Lovers, else they should remain where they came from, not emigrate just for the sake of acquiring political rights and to benefit from higher standards of living and being. These people, if serious, should remain in their own Countries and actively fight their corrupt leaders if needs be through armed Revolutions. There is no room for loafers and fake pacifists in our World. There has never been a place for these fakes and yellow bellies, unless they are prepared to renounce the world like some ancient,
genuine, catholic, buddhist or islamic saints did.
These Immigrants must either fight their Revolutions at home or be prepared to fight in our armies.

End of Digression.

The Triptych is a Templar legacy from the Ferrers who are members of “gensferreria/ferraria/farrar ”. The reason for my spending so much time and effort in researching the Ferrers is therefore in the fact that they are Desposyniic, have these strong Templar links, which have also existed in other European families of “gensferreria ” as exemplified by the Arms of the Ferrari of Genova, have behaved extremely well when compared to noble families from the Middle Ages, surviving by the Grace of God until our present times, having given rise to this Clan which is unique in the History of Europe, and can be used as an example of Desposyniic excellence, in spite of the general failure of Desposyniic Monarchies. This legacy, this tradition, being of a spiritual rather than a material nature, can serve as an archetype for all those in the West who have descended from Celts, Goths and Scythian tribes who as the “gensferreria....... ” ( a late Clan assembled in about 100 A.D. around the lake of Lemann where Geneva is in Switzerland ), migrated to Europe from the Middle East prior to the establishment of the civilised borders of the Roman Empire. The Triptych is about all these issues I have written above, once one has taken the step and made the effort to know the History it has been associated with, this history having been interpreted correctly.
The abridged Charts preceding this Article have been supplied to provide some of the landmarks required for this understanding of the human resources and their progress in experience, distance and time and of the European scenario, which gave rise to the Templar movement from its Biblical origins in the times of King Zezekiah, the last King of Judah (597-587 B.C. ) of the Prophet Jeremiah, the Temple of Jerusalem and its Body of Guards of Syon.
The Triptych begs the honest and enlightened reader to ask and to consider the question why did all these somehow well-intentioned Nobles and Monarchs, related to the Davidic Lion of Judah, to the Royal Houses of Israel and Judah FAIL?
The House of Ferrers at least, which is a member ot he Desposyniic Clan of “gensferreria/ferraria/farria” has always been extremely well intentioned and behaved better than most, when contrasted to various Dynastic and noble Houses, all fallen along the way.
It still has to-day, representatives at the House of Lords.
The explanation asked above about the reasons for all this failure, a question which is not asked or answered by Sir Laurence Gardner ( who as a descendant of the St. Clair should know better than anyone else ) and the present descendants of the ancient Desposyniic Monarchies, still bent on and bound to try and repeat the errors of the Past, if allowed to do so, is the spirit of greed and competition that animated all these Desposyniic Monarchs, as well as their predecessors, since the Fall of the Roman Empire of the West ( about 450 A.D.), who tried to eliminate one another in continuous fratricidal wars, including and up to WW I, all fighting against the ideal of European unity under the German Emperors of the Sacred Roman Empire.
These failures can be somehow ascribed to the complex and confusing scenario caused in Europe by the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, the continuous Barbaric invasions and the competition for dominance and survival. The Roman Church, which also became infiltrated by competitive factions, is also to blame for hiding the original truth about Jesus' Royal Mission and presenting Him as a poor, crucified carpenter without earthly ambitions. In fact, one must remember that the Emperors had been originally intended to have been dynastically issuing from the ancient Line of the Desposyniic Fishers Kings that was from King Clovis the Merovingian.
The interferences of the Constantinian Church in Rome aimed to generate an Imperial Line totally dependent and submissive to Rome and tried to achieve this aim by manipulations and exclusion of texts ( at the Council od Nicea and at later ones ), by the total Judaization/Latinisation of the Biblical sources, the removal of Desposyniic mandates and missions in History from the Nordic Lines that had intermarried with the Davidic descendents. The Constantinian Church had however always been opposed by the survival of the Roma Empire of the East, in which the religious power was subordinated to the one of the Byzantinian/Greek/Macedonian/Illirian Emperors, the refusal of the Saxon/German Emperors to submit to Rome, aiming at the same control Byzanthium had of the religious power. The Consatntinian Church therefore began the dangerous game of encouraging the rise of the European Monarchires and of the cultural divisions in Europe, politicising these diffreences aiming at reducing Imperial Power, an aim they achieved at the cost of an enormous waste of resources and the cretion of artificial barriers between the European ethnies. This is why “gensferreria/ferraria/farria ” is such a unique phenomenon in Europe, since the members of this Clan unconsciously retained in their surnames, by remaining at least true to their surnames, amidst the chaos and disorder of European history, like the struggle between Ghibellines and Welf and those caused by the Religious Wars, just to name a couple of issues for division and dissent, the evidence of common ancestral roots-: i.e., in the latin irregular verb fero-tuli-latum-ferre.
This is why I am suggesting to-day a restauration within the framework of a Federated and United Europe, democratically governed, of all existing surviving Monarchs to the ancient European seats of Monarchich Government, under democratically controlled conditions and safeguards, afforded by modern Media and Communications, benefiting from the new realisations and understandings afforded by our present knowledge of History, interpreted according to the lines pointed out here in this Article.
These Monarchs should have advisory and legislative powers in parallel with Parliaments, Congresses, Senates, etc. and would provide a guarantee of the perpetuation and protection of our cultural heritage from opponents and infiltrators, due to the fact they would only be allowed to intermarry within the European, Christian, historical framework in the same way the Islamic Monarchs have been doing.

Panel 55 of the Triptich shows the marriage alliance between Sir William Ferrers, the seventh Earl of Derby, wrongly designated in the Panel as the 2nd Earl, to Margaret de Quincy, the eldest daughter and co-heiress from the marriage of Roger de Quincy, the Earl of Winchester, to Helen, daughter of Lord Alain of Galloway and Margaret of Angus & Huntingdon.
The House of Angus & Huntingdon is also the pivot of the alliance between the Bruce and the Stewarts who gave rise to the present pretenders of the Royal House of Scotland.
The three panels are self explanatory. There is an execution error in the de Chartley Arms, vairee or et gules, shown on panel 55 in so far as the design should begin with gold, not red. The differences in the Crowns, distinguishing between a baronial, earldom or royal rank, should also be noted.
The heraldic roses are a fundamental symbolism pointing to the Templar associations and affiliations of the Houses represented and their sympathies for the Stewart Dynasty. This does not have to detract from present loyalties to the Windsor Monarchy, which is also Desposyniic, but apppears to have relinquished this knowledge and Mission, which should in justice do something about a Stewart-restauration in Scotland.
Since my book is about the Clan I call “gensferreria......... ” of which the Ferrers are illustrious and important Members, I would like to say something about the Clan, the Ferrers and to point out, in particular, paradigmatically, the injustices, abuses and persecutions which this House had to suffer from the Plantagenet and Tudor Dynasties, in spite of the Tudor al;so being of Desposyniic descent.
At page 2 of this Article I have mentioned Sir Robert Ferrers, the eigth and last Earl of Derby who lost all the Ferrers’ resources belonging to the male side of their ancestry with the exception of those inherited from the marriages to the Peverell, the Chester and the de Quincy heiress or co-heiress.
These resources were confiscated by the Crown with the blessings of Parliament at a stage when this had begun to be infiltrated by the new nobility of the pen and law, like the Dugdales ( i.e., Sir William Dugdale of “ Antiquities of Warwickshire ” ’s fame ) and given to the Lancaster Branch of the Royal House. This at a time when Parliament began to play the Monarchy against the Barons and vice-versa, in a similar way the Papacy played the Monarchies against the Emperors. These games are very dangerous ones to play and can result, in spite of an apparent paltry achievement acjieved at the end of a move, in the serious damage of the governing system which eventuates centuries after the game has been played. The Westminster System of opposing Parties debating in a Parliament must never be abused by fanatical partisan enmities. Love of Civilisation and Nation must always be paramount in the order given. The Plantagenets ended badly and were replaced by other Dynasties. It is possible to show, in a way that English Historians have failed or have been unwilling to do, that the Policy of the conquering Norman Dynasty in relation to neighbouring Scotland was one of recognition, toleration and respect of the then ruling British Monarchs of Scotland and Ireland, provided these reciprocated the same attitudes. This criterion of non-aggression, if mutually repected, in the absence of the many
interfering forces, would have been a minimum requirement for a Dysposyniic balance. It was in fact King Henry II, the Plantagenet of flawed Visigothic descent, who, having obtained the English Crown by marrying Eleanora d’Aquitaine, the daughter of King Henry I, embarked in wars against his neighbours for the purpose of dominance and conquest. Eleanor d’Aquitaine, who had been during her father’s reign the ruler of Aquitaine, showing great wisdom and ability, opposed in fact, together with her sons, her greedy and power-crazy husband twice, first when Henry refused to return the Scottish territories of Northumberland and Cumberland to William The Lion ( 1165-1214 ), the second time, when Henry asked to divorce her, bent on marrying Alice the daughter of the King of France who had been living at the English Court since the age of five, as the betrothed of Richard ( the future Lionheart ), one of the King’s son, aiming at the conquest of France as a step towards the throne of the Holy Roman Emperor. Much has been said about Henry’s reforms of the Law of his times, ( even in a recent BBC Documentary by an archalogist called Anderson, a little blind sycophant leading the blind ), and the enpowerment of Common Law. However, England is the only western Nation that has not yet achieved a Constitution, thus leaving all Law in a state of flux. Moreover, Henry’s own character and way of living showed he was without scruples, morality or good intentions, a dissembler of truth. His real aim was to increase Royal Power, by playing for the favour of the masses at the expense of existing cheks provided by the Church and the Nobility of the Sword, which is the true Nobility, insofaras it is the only real people prepared to fight injustice consistently for honour and justice ( in a modern abused Democracy these classes can easily be replaced by dishonorable moneyed Mafias ), by increasing the authority and jurisdiction of Common Law and of his appointed Judges, creating a Nobility of Pen and Law, the arm-chair fighters, knowing he could always control and dictate to them, since he alone had the power to choose and elect his judges.
In modern abused Democracies these become the creatures of the moneyed powers, the Mafias.
To-day ( 2009) the danger is the Judiciary System gets infiltrated by Mafiosi elements as it has happened in Italy and elsewhere, and there is then no other power to reform the whole judiciary structure. Civil War becomes the only solution, like in Franco’s Spain in 1938, but a Civil War leader does not happen everyday, especially in a the yellow-bellied societies the West
is nurturing. Republics, in a worse situation than Monarchies, in which Royal Commissions can be mandated, given that honourable, incorruptible individuals are still existing, show the weackness of an abused Democratic System of Governmment. Otherwise a stalemate is reached in which corruption is balanced by incorruption and nothing can be done.
Again, the Common Law is only as good as the people of a Nation are. With the present abuses of Democracy, and the corruption of the Mafiosi leaders and of the Middle Classes, the Law suffers from being biased in favour of the moneyed individuals and is too expensive for the average citizen. Even when the scenario were to be uncorrupted, what may appear to be acceptable and normal to-day may not have been so in Henry’s times, when justice depended much on the activities of some good powerful Nobles or Institutions who had the power to oppose a corrupt Monarchy or Papacy. The Military Monastic Order of the Templars was such a Power in the Europe of the Middle Ages until its persecution in 1300.
No, it was not and could not be legally dissolved and is still theoretically there in existence owing to the resistance, defiance, and opposition of the Grandmaster, and of his Assistant, unto death, by burning. An example of this to-day would be the United Nations. However, in this Institution there is too much collusion against the West by Islam, India and China with Third World Nations. What the world needs to-day, is a strong, Christian, healthy European Union, with a strong balance of checks, between a Parliament, a Senate and a Monarchich Assembly or something similar, and of course, a strong, flexible, open-ended Constitution to protect the endurance of the system and to prevent infiltrations and its being damaged, weakened or taken-over by foreign elements, factions, factors, forces and powers.
The members of the Monarchich Assembly would like the Royal Monarchs of Islam ( i.e., Saudi Arabia ) only marry members from within its own ranks or from families recognised as being the descendents of old European Noble Houses, not for racial motivations, but in order to avoid the infiltration from incompatible foreign cultural elements aiming at unreciprocated power trade-offs . Try and find out how many barriers there are to infiltrate the Saudi Arabian Monarchy.
In any case, the fact remains that, in spite of all evidence that Henry improved the administration of the law, he was an absolute Monarch that did not hesitate to use evil ways to attain his aims, as the case of the murder of Saint Thomas a’Becket shows and his exhorbitant ruinous, ruthless taxation that alienated all the people subjected to his rule in the Angevin Empire. I am not an enemy of the Church of Rome ( and I shall die a Roman Catholic ), which is an Institution worth saving, except that I believe Constantinianism is now redundant and obsoleted, only cherished by Mafiosi bent in controlling the Roman Church which must get rid of them, since they represent, in spite of their chamaleontic camouflages, in Europe and in the West, ancient, foreign, destructive inplants and infiltrations. King Henry’s feud against Saint Thomas may appear to have been justified by unrealistic priviledges safeguarded by the then too powerful and wealthy Constantinian Church, bordering on injustice, protecting criminal prelates among the Clergy, however, let us say that the Clergy is subjected to by far greater temptations and forces of evil than the average lay person who can eadsily let off steam when under pressure, and should be judged by their own peers. As I have already said, Henry’s aim was to decrease the Church’s power seeking the increase of Royal Power. This was shown in the reign of King Henry VIII when the humiliation of Rome was to serve his lust and attempts at siring a male issue from a succession of marriages, a vane one, owing to the fact that his reproductive system had been damaged by STDs ( syphilis ) acquired in his dissolute youth. The fact that his wife and his sons opposed him most of the time does also not go in his favour. His times were those in which the Nobility was asking for unfettered balancing judicial checks, both against the encroachment of the Church and of the King. Magna Charta and the Provisions of Oxford and Westminster were to be achieved only in the times of King Edward I ( 1272-1307 ), after the rebellion of Simon de Montfort, the Earl of Leicester to which Sir Robert Ferrers participated (1241-1279 ).
A new Religious movement had actually risen in the meanwhile in Italy, that of the Franciscans, clamoring for justice and the protection of the poor, and was replacing the persecuted Order of Templars. Simon de Montfort was a Third Order ( lay) Franciscan. These were the times when the whole of Christendom was debating the issue of Church and religious poverty.
Even the Franciscan Order was divided by these issues.
The struggle for Magna Charta backed by the Order of Templars, had begun in the times of Sir Robert Ferrers ( died 1173 ), Lord Tutburie, the third Earl of Derby, who rebelled against King Henry II, in a rebellion that lasted for 16 years, in support of Queen Eleanor and her sons aiming at curbing Henry’s obsessions with further imperial expansion that was causing increasing poverty in the Angevin Empire. How could a Knight, a Baron or an Earl find the capital required to stimulate the economy of his estates and the welfare of his people as well as to finance the costs of an unending War for Empire, with the new nobility of arm-chair Nobles, the itinerant Royal Judges and their pen-pushers breathing down their sweaty necks and lusting for a share of their wealth?
The sixth Earl of Derby, Sir William ( died 1247 ), perhaps the most brilliant among the eight, also opposed absolute monarchich power, in support of Magna Charta, however using diplomacy rather than violence and brute force. However, one must also keep in mind that he lived when the Templar Order was still active and exercising its balancing activity in European Life. Even so, all the opposition by the Barons to the centralisation of all powers in the Monarchy, had to be prolonged until the times when Simon de Montfort
( 1251-1266 ) was forced into a rebellion, against his wishes for peace and justice and his loyalty to the Crown, that almost wiped out the Plantagenets. The proof of what I am saying is in the fact that he fought his last Battles ( Lewis and Evesham ) while holding King Henry III a prisoner in his camp, instead of having had him
executed as he should have.
See “ Simon de Montfort and His Cause ”, by Rev. W. H. Hutton, London, 1888, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, a little work that shows the honesty and good will of Simon the Earl of Leicester. On the other hand, L. F. Salzman’s “ Edward I ”,
although confirming the prolongation of the struggle for judiciary balances ( at least theoretical ones ) in the times of this King, fails to do justice to the cause of Sir Robert Ferrers whom he dismisses without any research of his motives and of his aims, not even mentioning de Montfort and the fact that Robert had joined the latter’s rebellion, being made a scapegoat, while de Clare and others had been pardoned.

I quote from page 45-:
Early in 1273, there had been a rising, anarchical and aimless, in the north; Robert de Ferrers, the restless Earl of Derby, had seized Chartley Castle in Staffordshire and had had to be brought to order by a force under Edmund of Lancaster [ to whom later on went all confiscated Ferrers-resources ] and the Earl of Lincoln.

Dugdale, an extremely skilled, intelligent, Antiquarian, Lawyer and Heraldist, however still a yellow-bellied pen-pusher, unfit to be an Historian, in his “Antiquities of Warwickshire ” also comments as one who blindly and servilely believes that every opposition to the Government ( the Monarchy ) is always wrong. He was a King Herald of Arms, a very gifted man, but he belonged to the new, rising nobility of the pen, of lawyers, people who fought sitting in arm-chairs.
As a contrast, there is not one Battle of the English Middle Ages in which the Ferrers did not participate, including the famous, mythical ones of Agincourt, Crecy and Poitiers when the English fought the French outnumbered-: 1 Englishman against 10 Frenchmen.
De Chartley was a Castle or Barony that had been acquired by Sir William Ferrers ( died 1247), the sixth Earl of Derby in the days of his marriage to Agness, the third daughter of Hugh de Kevelioc, the fifth Earl of Chester, sister and co-heiress of Ranulph de Blondeville, the sixth Earl of Chester, Duke of Brittany...............with which the Arms Vairee or et gules had become associated that had been inherited by the marriage of the third Earl of Derby
( died 1173 ) to Margaret, the daughter of William Peverell, the Baron of Nottingham. Since de Chartley was a Ferrers’ possession sourced by their matriarchal lines, it was not liable to confiscation by the Crown and as a matter of fact it allowed John the son of the last Earl of Derby, the disgraced rebel, the foundation for a request of a Chartered Barony of de Chartley to be approved
together with a pardon, by both the Crown and Parliament.
It is most likely then, that Robert Ferrers, the eigth Earl was fighting for honourable causes, as perceived by the Chivalrous/Feudal Laws of his times, following intolerable provocation by the Crown, to retrieve an ancient maternal inheritance to which the Ferrers’ Coat of Arms, Vairee’ or et gules, were linked, something every noble in England would have respected and assented to by existing Law, rather than seizing a new possession as the sycophant and ignoramus L. F. Salzman reports. It is important to emphasize the fact that the Ferrers had by then already lost the use of their ancient, original Coat of Arms, the one born by the first Earl od Derby, born 1083, i.e., Silver, six horse shoes black nailed or, arrayed 3, 2, 1, prior to the de Chartley one, which latter Arms they had inherited from the Peverells. The former Arms had in fact been placed in abeyance, following the rebellion by Robert the fourth Earl of Derby when King Henry II punished him with the loss of Tutburie Castle at the border between Staffordshire and Derbyshire, to which these Arms had been linked. Some Arms, when linked to an Honour such as a Title or a Castle, etc. are lost with the loss of the resources. Salszman should have known this when judging Robert Ferrers, the eigth Earl, in his dismissive, condescending, superior way. Please remember that the first Robert’s crime had been to support Queen Eleanor and her sons against Henry who pardoned his sons.
Was that Royal Justice inspite of the so much praised establishment of the Itinerant Royal Judges?
It is obvious to anyone considering the enormous power held by the Ferrers as the Earls of Derby, that they could not remain neutral in the struggles between the Barons and the Monarchy. It is also obvious to one who keeps on reading the History of this House with an open mind, seeking the path of Justice in History, that the Ferrers, whose line had failed in the male issue and had been taken over by the Devereux, when a Walter Devereux (1461-1485 ) became the 7th Baron Ferrers de Chartley through his marriage to Anne Ferrers
( born 1483 ) the only daughter of William Ferrers de Chartley
( 1412-1450 ) still kept on seeking Justice rather than self-aggrandisement when, in the person of Sir Robert Devereux-Ferrers (12591-1646 ), Knight, 12th Baron Ferrers de Chartley, Earl of Essex, Viscount Hereford, Baron Bourchier, financed, organised, trained and led Cromwell’s Roundheads in the days of the Civil War between the Protestant “ Puritans ” and the Monarchy. Incidentally, in order to further show by contrast the flexibility and readiness of these patriotic, by-partisan, great western historical examples to champion/serve political justice/righteousness, rather than a rigid, fanatical, partisan attitude, let me tell you that, while the afore-mentioned Walter Devereux-Ferrers, Knight, the 7th Baron Ferrers de Chartley, died on 22nd August 1485 with three of his sons at the Battle of Bosworth, in support of the Plantagenet King Richard III, Sir Robert Devereux-Ferrers, Knight, ( 1568-1601 ), the 11th Baron Ferrers de Chartley, Earl of Essex, Viscount Hereford, Baron Bourchier who had become the favourite of Queen Elisabeth I, was condemned to death on trumped-up charges, beheaded and atteinted in 1600-1 by a corrupt Parliament filled by pen-pushers, Lawyers and servile Judges. However, his son, Sir Robert Devereux-Ferrers, Knight, was restored in blood and honours in 1604 since Queen Elisabeth I died in 1603.

To conclude, let me make a short list of grievances the Ferrers have against the English Monarchs which point to the possibility they were continuously being provoked by the jealousy of the Monarchs about their wealth, successes, good-will, their power for good they never abused, using it only when some cause in the name of Justice required it of them, in accordance to conscience, as the Earls of Derby-:
(1)King Henry II overlooked the fact that Robert, the fourth Earl, had cavalierly supported his wife against him. He should also have punished his sons but did not. The walls of Tutburie Castle were reduced in height and the Ferrers lost the use of their ancestral Arms. Duffield Castle was also reduced to its foundations, remaining as such till to-day. Agatha, Robert’s daughter was seduced by King John, abused as a mistress and Joane, John’s illegitimate daughter sent into exhile, married off to LLewelin the Prince of Wales who had fought against Robert and Eleanor, had captured Robert’s brother, Walchelinus, the Baron of Eggington, Joanne's uncle, and had had him hung.
(2) Robert the eigth and last Earl of Derby had not participated in the Battle of Evesham ( some say he was forced to by Simon against his will to do so but Simon would not do such thing) that saw the defeat of Simon de Montfort, withdrawing from the cause of Simon after the Battle of Lewis ( 1263) together with de Clare who was senior to Robert and of a higher status than Robert was. Yet he was severely punished while de Clare and others were pardoned. His daughter Elisabeth was married off to the Welsh Prince as a way to exhile.
It is interesting to think about the possibility that the Tudors may have had Ferrers blood through two Ferrers-ladies in their ancestry, and that they caused the final fall of the Plantagenets, who had persecuted the Ferrers.
Had the Plantagenets been more bright and polished, they would have raised the Ferrers, who are anyway of Desposyniic descent, to their Royal Status by intermarriage, but they were a vain and corrupt lot of Gotic stock who preferrred to bring foreigners into England, so weakening their own cause.
A short account of the debacle is supplied in “ A Survey of Staffordshire ” by Sampson Erdeswick................together with “ The History and Antiquities of that County ”, by Reverend Thomas Hardwood, B.D.F.S.A, see pages 398-400, the Latin petition sent by Robert to King Henry III, therein being given also.
A short history of the strategically important Castle of Tutburie is also given (3) It is probable that had the Order of the Templars survived the French and Papal collusion, Sir Robert Ferrers would have retained the Earldom of Derby since there would not have been rebellions against the power-usurping and taxation-grasping Monarchy. However, even after their impoverishment and the reduction of the Ferrers' Power in Staffordshire where the bulk of their Manors had been
( 114 out of 210 ), they were suspected of hoarding Templar resources. King Henry VIII, in his move against Rome, confiscated Church-property-: Abbeys, destroyed monasteries, sent Clergymen and Religious to starve in the streets. Merevale Abbey, that had ben founded by the second Earl of Derby ( 1101-1163 ) was dug-up below its foundations in search for buried treasure and is now Merevale Farm in the hands of the Dugdale family of pen-pushers, bent on allowing time to erase all memories and monuments left of the Ferrers, a few of which have been collected in the Gate Church of Our Lady of Merevale at Merevale.
The most ancient of these is the Knight-effigy of Sir William Ferrers, Lord Tutburie, the 5th Earl of Derby, who died as a crusading Templar, in ca. 1197, at the siege of Acre in Palestine, led by King Richard I, the Lionheart. His effigy is coeval with and made by the same artist who made the one in the Church of the Templars at Temple Court in London, commemorating Sir Geoffrey de Mandeville, one of the leaders of the struggle for Magna Charta, who aldso participated in the same Crusade as Sir Willim Ferrers.
Incidentally, the Ferrers’ effigy has been wrongly identified in the past by so called experts, as belonging to Sir William Ferrers (1200-1254 ), the seventh Earl of Derby, and I have rectified the error, when visiting Merevale Church in 2004.
Knowing the pigheadedness and arrogance of the English, nothing has been done yet about this serious error.

There are two further examples of sinful ( slander is as sinful as murder ), criminal malignity by certain Anglo-Saxon quarters who have anachronistically kept on their ancient barbaric feuds against anything Latin not having anything to do with Constantinianism or religious belief, in virtue of the Latin roots of the Ferrers’ surname which does not make them Constantinian or less English than most Anglo-Saxon mongrels. The 65 heraldic panels at Tamworth Castle prove the antiquity, nobility and integration of the Ferrers with the best in the the British Islands and supply any ethnic qualification anyone in the British Islands may wish to claim as prerequisites for a claim to be British or English, keeping in mind that the English are latecomers to these islands, in the same way the Ferrers may have been.
I say ‘may’ as there is evidence the de Ferrariis of Normandy and Brittany had been intermarrying with the Britons even before the Romans were compelled to evacuate the British Islands, centuries before the Angles, the Jutes, the danes, etc. etc. invaded England.
The two examples are of the nature of slander resulting from attributing to the Ferrers killings which were perpetrated by their next of kin by marriage.
One was the killing of a Catholic Priest by a Brome, the father-in- law of a Ferrers. According to the jealous husband, the Priest had been taking some liberties with hs wife. The killing was pardoned by the Pope and the penance was the addition of a storey to the bell-tower of the local Church. The other was the shooting of a provoking, disrespectful steward by a Shirley ( ancient Saxon surname: Siwalis ) who had acquired the use of the Ferrers’ surname in virtue of descendance from an anscestor who had married a Ferrers only heiress.
When it came to crime the Ferrers’ surname was used in preference to the principal one. Please note that in both cases the people involved had Anglo-Saxon surnames.


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