Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Post 173. The blog is a train.

What is the blog? Who are the passengers? And what is its destination? Who gets off, and why? And those who get on, why? Who are the trolls? The night visitors, what do they do during the day? Who is the sunflower? Do Tinazzi and Stirner and viviana v. really exist? Questions without answers, lost on the Internet. A train that doesn’t stop, never stops. A blogger has inserted a poem in a comment. The greatest that has been dedicated to the blog. Thank you to “a passenger”.

”The blog is like a train.
A train without a final destination and that no one really knows where it started off.
At the station there are those that get on and get off.
On the journey, between one station and another there’s chatter.
About this and that.
It’s a train that you get on without a ticket.
But where there’s the first class, second class and third class.
There’s even a train driver, but as on real trains no one sees him, no one talks to him.
Every so often, there’s an announcement over the sound system.
Every so often a passenger forgets what it’s all about and starts checking the tickets.
They even forget that no one on this train has a ticket. Because it’s free.
But he checks all the same.
Just to feel more important.
There are even those who never get off the train, even though their intuition tells them it has no true destination.
But they stay on all the same. Because at the stations, so many interesting people get on and off.
And there’s nothing better to do, or better place to go. And then anyway, the stations are all the same.
What reason is there to get off?
And then you talk with one, you talk with another, perhaps you find out you’re different, changed, even informed … You seem to be almost, … better.
So you stay on board.
And meanwhile, the stations go by, so many people have got off at their stations. Some have got on. But those getting on always seem less interesting. Those that got on once upon a time, yes, those were interesting passengers!
And then you start to say … at the next station, I’ll get off.
And then again… … at the next station, I’ll get off.
But why get off?
Let’s see rather, where this train goes to .
Let’s see what is its final destination.
How do I get to talk to the driver? He surely might know where the train is going.
But it’s not possible. The carriages don’t communicate with the engine.
And that sound system that announces just the next station. Never the end of the line. Or even going backwards. It’s not possible. Always on its track.”
From the Blog Railways
Have a good journey.
A passenger

Note: The poem was published(in Italian) in a comment posted at 10:06 pm yesterday on the Italian version of the post “RAI at the end of the line”. Thanks again to the anonymous author. As always, those who want to, can get off…

PS This evening at 6:30 pm at the “libreria Feltrinelli“ in piazza Piemonte in Milano, Giuseppe Onufrio, director of Greenpeace Italia, and I will be speaking at the presentation of the project “Terra Reloaded“.

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