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Post 172. Father Farinella and misplaced humanity!

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Father Farinella and misplaced humanity!

Today, Sunday 8 November, the words, the sermons, that I would like to hear from a priest are those of don Farinella. His discussion about the crucifix is worth 100 sung Masses. The blog has become his voice. If you click on the word “Listen” at the end of the post it will seem as though you are in church listening to one who serves Christ (with the voice production of a 1950s journalist…).

Poor Christ in the hands of Berlusconi
by the priest Paolo Farinella
“The newspapers dated 5 November 2009 show a photo of Berlusconi holding a pretty big Crucifix in his hands. The reports say that it was given to him by the priest in Fossa at the time of handing over the homes. If there is a blasphemous image it’s this one: the one who passed an uncivil law against the “immigrant Christs”, who talks about the “defence of Christian values”. A priest who hands a crucifix to Berlusconi is a perjurer like but worse than him. Poor Christ! Defended by a mass of thieves that are not only joking about him, but who are crucifying him again with the blessing of the Vatican, that through the mouth of the distinguished Secretary of State, thanks the government for the appeal that it will take to the Appeal Court in Strasbourg.
We can say that there is a new “Company of Jesus” made up of those who have been corrupted, who corrupt, thieves, tax dodgers, mafia people, high priests bedecked with blasphemy and indecency, of opportunistic atheists, of those who cultivate values and Christian roots (or radishes??) … those who prepare the cross, those who prepare the rope, the nails, the thorns, the vinegar … and the high priests who create a show and applaud. Meanwhile for the “poor wretch” called Stefano Cucchi, who died from lack of “food and water” there has been no one who has uttered a word of condemnation of those guilty of his murder, not even from the monsignors who shouted out “assassin” at the father of Eluana Englaro.
Poor Christ, defended by priests like ornaments and ashtrays in public places and forgotten by everyone as the Man-God who welcomes everyone and who declares that the ones who are blessed are the poor, the mild, those who weep, those who build peace, those who are persecuted, the starving! Poor Christ, defended by those who adore the Po god and Woden who make that a sign of civility, while they allow to die poor cold unfortunates who are searching for a fraction of life. Poor Christ, defended by the “Minister” Gelmini who transforms the Crucifix into a piece of tradition of “us lot”, just like the pizza, the “pecorino”, the “tortellini”. Poor Christ, defended by Bertone, who puts it on the same level as the jack-o'-lanterns.
Poor Christ! He’ll have to thank the Strasbourg Court, the only one that rose to its feet to defend him from the insults of those who were pretending to honour him. Lord, have mercy on us!
Looking at that Christ who is the sense of my life as a man and as a priest, I have the distinct sensation that from his convenient position nailed to the cross, he is saying: “Blessed are you, defenders of the office,… blessed are you that I have feet that are nailed, because if they were free, no one would protect you from a well-aimed kick”. “

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As usual, lots of humanity without brains, or a complete vision and understanding of the issues in Father Farinella.
Pane, Amore e Fantasia! The Po people ( the Lega Padana) are defending their Province from the obscene exploitation from all Italy living on them plus the illegal migrants from Europe! The Immigrant Christ "my foot"! It is time, before it is too late, that all these people spilling over, overflowing from their places of birth, stop procreating beyond their means. This is the real sin of the flesh-: Procreating irresponsibly. Fornicate as much as you wish, by all means, but try to live where you are with your own resources. Africa, India , as examples, have better, more extensive agricultural lands than Italy and should use these instead of murdering one another. Every bullet costs at least one dollar! Machine guns fire at the rate of 750 dollars a minute! As for the people like Cucchi it is misplaced humanity and irresponsible procreation that generates them and in a world with 6 billions people, growing................ there is just no room for them any longer! Stop the waffling Farinella! I hate the Mafiosi but I welcome severity and fascist methods as the Democracy has failed!

Posted by: Attilio Louis Ferreri | November 11, 2009 10:27 PM


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