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Post 183. Jesus Deliver Us from the Italian Rot!

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Jesus Deliver Us from the Italian Rot!

The non-Parliament is unconstitutional, it’s a fiction, it does not exist. The non-Parliament must be closed down. It’s a no-place in which the non-elected don’t-go and don’t-discuss the non-laws. The Lower and Upper Houses are “il deserto dei Tartari” {the Desert Steppe}. And the non-elected are also taking us for a ride. Luca Barbareschi, often “on tour” (he has not been seen for 52.95% of the sessions) states: “I couldn’t manage to continue with just the politician’s income” of 23,000 Euro a month. “Mavalà Ghedini” disappeared 3,564 times out of 4,789 (74.42% di absence), followed by Massimo D'Alema: 3,294 out of 4,789 (68.78% absence). And we must not forget Emma Bonino who holds the top position for absence in the Senate: 2,099 out of 2,725 (77.03% absence) (data from The non-elected non-parliamentarian continues to do his own thing for the whole legislature and can get a double salary after being promoted by the boss in Parliament. Like the unbeatable “Lurch Ghedini” who rakes up private lawyer’s fees and money from being a deputy. The non-Parliament is a no-place because the non-parliamentarians are not there. No citizen has elected anyone. Those that don’t roam around have been taken on by the psycho-dwarf, by Topo Gigio Veltroni, by Casini. They are non-parliamentarians. They never speak. They take orders. They press a button in the Chamber, when they turn up. This is their work, trained monkeys and well paid. A whole non-parliament “appointed” by 6 people. The election law that denies the preference vote has transformed Italy into an oligarchy. No party raises the topic for discussion any more. Their judicial problems, called “reforming the justice system” are more important than restoring the rules of democracy. They don’t even have enough shame to suspend Cosentino as Undersecretary for the Economy. A whole country is held hostage by them.
The non-Parliamentarian is not even capable of discussing non-laws. He only approves decree after decree. Tar Head’s decrees. They are government decrees with corrections expressed by the PDminusL that approves them with the non-presence in the Chamber as happened for the Fiscal Shield. The Senate in two years, has not found the time to discuss the "Parlamento Pulito" {Clean Up Parliament} popular law which was made legitimate with 350,000 signatures. Schifani (second top position in the State, but do you realise where we have got to?) is not interested. He is only the non-President of the Senate with the “amount carried forward”. Fini has suspended the work of the Lower House for 10 days because of the lack of financial resources to cover the non-laws. That’s never happened since the war.
Mussolini threatened to make Parliament a “bivacco di manipoli” {temporary encampment for a handful of soldiers}. The parties have transformed it into an encampment for convicts, of ruffians, of families. Anyone with a minimum of dignity should resign as a parliamentarian. Anyone staying in Parliament is an accomplice to the end of democracy. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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COMMENT-: What can anyone say? We, including the Italians, are fighting in Afghanistan supposedly for Democracy, and for the right/freedom to make and burst Bubbles, but what about the end of Democracy in Italy? Should not Europe and the Free World, if any really exists any longer, intervene in Italy? Are the Talibans and Islam perhaps on the right side, fighting for truth and the right issue that is against western mafias and western corruption trying to corrupt them too? I have also always wondered about
how a small nation such as Italy can afford such a disproportionately vast Parliament. One can see an oceanic expanse of goat-looking heads at Montecitorio, mostly in absentia! And what about an Italian Parlamentarian's remuneration at the rate of 552,000 Australian dollars a year? Does this not appear to be rather excessive and scandalous in a nation i n which spo many are living deprived lives? Is this not rather scandalous? and how comes the glorious Italo-Australian newspaper IL GLOBO is not reporting all these scandalous affairs and issues? Is IL GLOBO perchance supporting the MAFIAs? Should not the Australian Government investigate IL GLOBO in relation to its reportings' credibility, since it is being red by Italo-Australians voters and moulding their political consciences? And ask questions about Beppe-Grillo's veridicity and credibility? ETC.ETC.ETC. AD NAUSEAM?


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