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Post 184. Where to Find Incorruptible Trustworthy Italians in Italy or Abroad?

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Can Politically Incorruptible, Trustworthy Italians be found in Italy or Abroad To-day?

"I’ve had a gutsfull of Berlusconi". Say it public, in all the bars and the restaurants. Shout it out loud on the radio and at the traffic lights. Write in to the newspapers, send e-mails to both Italian and International websites, to the e-mail addresses of Deputies and Senators. "I’ve had a gutsfull of Berlusconi". I don’t want to spend my days looking out for the latest Alfano Bill, the latest Ghedini bullshit or the latest legal acquittal of a corruptor. I don’t want to get into yet another discussion on the umpteenth “ad personam” law, or on the way in which democracy is being taken for a ride time and again. I can no longer tolerate these servants that continue to blabber on about reforming the justice system on our television programmes. The kind of people that continue to defend the indefensible and get paid to lie, cover up and howl.
How is it possible that the Italian people, even those whose brains have been turned to mush by the crap on television, don’t get the urge to gag, the urge to vomit when they see the Italian Republic treated like some common whore? Has the Great Corruptor even succeeded in corrupting our consciences? Everything that he has ever laid his hands on throughout his life has become corrupted and has fallen apart. He is the H1N1 that has infected our democracy. The champion of the kind of fake propriety that has turned everyone into a Capezzone clone: from Ratzinger through to Bossi and from Fini through to Bertone. The only exception is D'Alema, who has always been a “capezzone” by nature.
The psychodwarf is a man that is constantly on the run, living a life that is spent running away from court cases, a man who always has a “Plan B” ready and waiting in order to escape the Justice System, then another Plan B and yet another. He has millions of Plan Bs, enough to sink the entire Country. This is a man who allowed topless pictures of Veronica Lario, the mother of three of his children, to be published in “Libero” with her boobs flapping in the breeze, simply because she had the gall to criticise him. A man that uses the media as a shit-spraying fan against anyone who dares stand in his way. Italy deserves far better, we have become the laughingstock of the entire world.
This old man of seventy-four has had his chance, just like the gaggle of henchmen that he has gathered around himself to protect him, henchmen that have managed to infect both the media and our Parliament. Arrogant and ridiculous individuals. Once Berlusconi goes (and go he will), we will have to clear his shit from every barn in Italy. It's going to take take years.
A “heartfelt farewell” celebration for the psychodwarf, to be known as "No B day", has been organised by the Web for the afternoon of 5 December, in piazza della Repubblica in Rome. I will be there. 250.000 other people have already indicated that they will also be there. The Pdwithoutanel has refused the invitation, apparently they prefer collusion to street demonstrations. I invite the Meet up groups to participate and to spread the word about this initiative. They may never give up (is it in their interest?), but neither will we.

Posted by Beppe Grillo at 03:09 PM in Wailing Wall

COMMENT by uploader, Attilio Louis Ferreri-: Can Politically incorruptible, trustworthy Italians be found in Italy or abroad To-day seing that corruption is to-day endemic, a cultural characteristic spread like an infectious desease to the whole of Italy?
O.K. say Berlusconi gets removed. Where can one find incorruptible, trustworthy Italians to replace him and the ocean of Parlamentarians, the Judiciary and the Police etc. the formers being, according to Beppegrillo and Travaglio, one of his most popular reporters, absent from Parliament most of the time? If BeppeGrillo and his associates are saying the truth, this has been going on in Italy since decades even since the end of WWII with the birth of the Italian Republic. It seems to me that the whole system of the Republican Government is just not suitable to the ancient scenario of the Italian culture and of the ethical make-up or history of the truly Italian people. Modern Republican Italy appears to be governed by a large oligarchy of descendents from slaves promoted to freedmen by the Romans, shepperds, goat-herders, mafiosi in general, bent into orientalising Italy.
Consider that even the Melbourne newspaper IL GLOBO in the Italian language does not report on these issues in the way Beppe Grillo and, say, Travaglio do. Why? What is the truth? I know that my Comments to Beppe Grillo's Posts on his website have been censored or refused a print. Who does the censoring? If not Beppegrillo, it seems he may be saying the truth and that the Italian Republic hides the truth. If so then, IL GLOBO should be asked wether it is saying, reporting the truth on Italian affairs. The Australian Government should also become interested as to wether the IL GLOBO is publishing the truth, as it is moulding, educating and influencing the conscience of Italo-Australian voters. The ethical political standards of potential parlamenterians of ethnic origins and affiliations, should also be thorougly scrutinised to avoid the same rot that exists in Italy to infect our Parliament and Political System. In the Global political scenario of the West every nation member showing a corrupted system of government should be investigated and reformed, via a western anti-corruption Commission created for this purpose. One solution to the Italian Dilemma is the Restauration of the Monarchy as a check to the usurpations of power by these mafiosi oligarchists, corruptors of the Italian Democratic ideals and aspirations and of the Goals of the Italian Risorgimento which has been anyway a movement led by the Italian Aristocracy.


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