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Post 191. Alleluja for Italy!

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Alleluja   for  Italy  a  Nation  of  "CASINISTI/BORDELLISTI/CHIAVATORI"!
"Let’s get to the mattresses", as Don Corleone said in the film: "The Godfather". Let’s be prepared. There’s not much time left. We have danced on board the Titanic for too long and we no longer believe in the existence of the iceberg. The Italians are like polar bears drifting on the ice sheets in the Bering Strait. On ice sheets that are getting ever smaller. They don’t understand why they find themselves to be in the middle of the ocean, but they are thinking that as long as there’s ice, there’s hope. Berlusconi is finished. With his super-human wish to survive justice and physical decline he has maintained in artificial life a non-existent country together with his carcass. The post- Berlusconi era has already begun. His former chums Fini and Casini are getting ready for the succession.
Italy is splitting like a sheet of ice. It’s a rabbit, hypnotised by a serpent. It cannot manage to move its eyes away from a psychologically unstable old man aged 74, while the State is collapsing.
The State has gone bust. They will say so the following day. They will say that it could not have been forecast. When instead, everyone knows it. The Greek president Papandreou is afraid of bankruptcy, the loss of national sovereignty, basically being managed by a commissioner, the impossibility of having an autonomous economic policy. Anyone who has Greek State bonds is afraid that they will become like the Argentine Tango bonds: waste paper. Greece has 300 billion euro of public debts, we have SIX times that amount. The Greek population is about 12 million inhabitants. We have almost 19 million pensioners and public employees. A realistic estimate of Italian unemployed is about 3 and a half million, counting those who are no longer looking for work. The so-called "disheartened". The world financial institutions and the Treasury Ministries are buying State bonds. To protect themselves from the “Country risk” they can take out insurance policies. Italy is the world leader for policies taken out against its bankruptcy. What else needs doing before alarm bells ring?
If the economy presents us an invoice that we cannot pay, the same will be done by History. The Lega is aiming at the splitting off of the North, and there’s every likelihood that it will succeed. The crisis of the State and the collapse of the P2-ists of the PDL will help that. The mafia in Sicily has the same objective ever since the times of Salvatore Giuliano. A sweet Yugoslavia is what is in wait for us. The Italians have been mixing with each other for too many thousands of years to do a real war. A country that has Napolitano, President of the Republic, Schifani, President of the Senate and the psycho-dwarf President of the Council, is dead. A walking zombie. The Italian tsunami is round the corner. Let’s get ready with the mattresses.

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13/12/2009 20:28
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Posted by: Chiara Viano | December 13, 2009 09:35 PM

UPLOADER'S  COMMENT-:   Alleluja!  Let us   end  the   Italian  Comedy!   Something..............   anything  is  better  than   the   Comedy  so  far   enacted   on  behalf  of  the  ocean  of   southern (  Puglie,  Sardegna,   Sicily,  Calabria,  etc.  ), treacherous,   PARASITES    doing   bugger-all   at  Montecitorio  except   supporting   one-another, dishonouring   the    glories   of   pre-WWII   Monarchich    Risorgimento  Italy!
Let  us   have  a  Federated   Italy   with a  separate    North  and   an  experimental    Kingdom  of  Italy    of  the  three    Provinces  of   Gorizia,    Bolzano   and  Trieste,  with  King    Vittorio   Emmanule   IV   at  its   head,   of    which  I  am   personally   an   auto-certificated   Citizen  (  no  I  am  not   a  traitor,   Italian  Repubblicans   are),    in   which  the   South  is  made    more  accountable,   responsible   and    entrepreneurial,   allowing    the  safeguarded   presence/injection   of  capital  and  people   from  all  Europe   to  settle   and    develop  it,  rather than   being   a   MAFIA's    Private   Empire   threatening   and   tawrting   anything   non-MAFIA.
How   comes   the   Australian/Italian   IL   GLOBO    never   mentions   these  issues?  Is  IL  GLOBO   also  MAFIA?
I   have  been   smelling   something   in  the  air   for  years  in  Melbourne.    Now   I   think  I   know    what.   Thank   you   Beppe   Grillo!
Note-:    The  Italian   Republic  of  MAFIA   has  censored   most of   my  comments.   This   says   volumes   about   its   fake   democracy!    Alleluja,  Maranatha   et  Amen!


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