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Post 197. A Summary of Mafia's Biography & Stupidity.

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COMMENT ( by  Blogger)-:   Well   written   and  summarised  Beppe  Grillo!   Why  does   not  "Il  GLobo ",   the  Melbourne   Italo-Australian    paper   write  also  in  these   terms?   Are  they  MAFIA   too  ?   I   would  not  be   surprised!
Ma  che  cazzo  fate  oh  Italians!

A  Summary  of  Mafia's   Biography  &  Stupidity.

Are the mafias investing in cement, in the Messina Bridge, in the TAV, in the nuclear power stations, in the incinerators? According to Spatuzza and other turncoats, the mafia has made a pact with the State? For Lunardi we have to get on with the mafia? In Parliament there are two senators of whom I’ll only give the surname: Cuffaro and Dell’Utri convicted at the first level for relations with the mafia? The top business of the country is mafia with a turnover of hundreds of billions of euro a year? The Fiscal Shield for the return of mafia capital with a five per cent tax and guaranteed anonymity is tailor-made for the mafia? The auctioning of the goods previously confiscated from “mafiosi”, well does that just favour the mafiosi? The cuts to the police forces, who are now reduced to pushing their vehicles on the road, does that strengthen organised crime? The attack on the magistracy by the government, does that exalt the mafia? If you have read all the questions, I’ll ask you another one: why give a resource like the mafia with an allocation on contract to the State?
The mafia can become the engine of the Country, its enormous investments could be directed towards the future. Solar, wind power, renewable energies for a renewable mafia. Cement and incinerators destroy the territory in which the mafiosi live, refuse tips and toxic waste kill the citizens, even the wealthy ones, so they will no longer pay the “pizzo”. What will the mafia live on tomorrow?
The “connected” politicians are not trustworthy, they never have been, they are mediocre men, “quaqquaraquà” as Sciascia said. They see no further than their kickback or their position of power. There’s more dignity in a “Provenzano” than in many parliamentarians.
In the 19th century the mafias were latent. Their fertilizer, what has made them grow, has been the Unification of Italy  [ the  so called.......................Risorgimento ( Rebirth of  Italy !)  1848-1870 ]. In 2011 they will be celebrating, together with the Italian State, the 150 years {tears?} since the birth of the mafias One life senator, Andreotti, is revered by all the media, from “Il Corriere” to “La Repubblica” and he is a mafia “prescritto” {having benefitted from the Statute of Limitations} The best men of the Republic, from Falcone to Dalla Chiesa, were killed by the mafia, or by parts of the State that used the mafia as their armed wing. In the second world war, Sicily was conquered by the Allies thanks to the mafia and the United States, in exchange, they allowed for the installation of hundreds of “men of honour” in the key positions in the island from where they have never budged.
Today it’s difficult to draw a line that shows what is mafia and what is not mafia. Certainly we can’t go on for another 150 years with the joke, ever less credible, of the fight against the mafia. The mafia exists because Italians exist. We have to come to terms with that or change ourselves.

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