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Post 196. Italy and Corruption.

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Italy   and  Corruption.
Berlusconi  and  his   cronies   do  not   deserve   Pity,  Compassion,  Consideration  or   Humanity  as  they have  been  behind  all   public   massacres    perpetrated   by  the  terrorists  of   COSA   NOSTRA.

 Zanna Bianca Maroni wants to gag the Internet. To put in filters to prevent the Italians accessing sites appearing on a black list while what is being looked at by Paolo Romani is a prohibition on live streaming. China has not dared to do so much. From one who plays the sax (quite well) and one who (perhaps out of anger) mauled the calf of a police officer, I didn’t expect that. From one who defends oppressed peoples.
In another country, a Minister of the Interior incapable of defending his Prime Minister would have resigned. He is setting off once more in the search for external enemies. The truncheon of the police is by now the symbol of Padania {the Po Valley}. Hit and hit. Students, ALCOA workers, demonstrators in Piazza Fontana just the other day. The Lega of the bullets at 300 lire, of the Italian flag with which you can clean your backside, of the “I have a dream in my heart, burn the tricolore” {national flag} sung at Lugano by four Lega Ministers, of educational games like “Bounce the clandestine” and against violence on the Internet. If millions of Italians go online to say “F… off”
On 8 July 1998 the daily paper “La Padania” asked ten questions about the origin (mafioso?) of Berlusconi’s wealth. Perhaps even “La Padania” was instigating people to hate? Should it then have been closed down by Cicchitto-style P2-ists? The "mafioso of Arcore", (words used by Bossi) is today the master of the Lega who keeps it on a short leash. Maroni knows that in politics nothing is worse than renegades. Of those who have fought, I believe in good faith at the beginning, against the P2 and the mafia to then find themselves the servants of a P2-ist who defines a multiple murderer like Mangano to be “a hero”. Why vote for them? For one of the Centre Right at this point the original is better. The Internet is the bad conscience of the Lega. Anyone can listen to what the Lega leaders were saying a few years ago and can see what they have become today: the doormats of the P2. More Internet, less Lega, it’s arithmetic. Maroni has understood this. In a bit all the Italians will understand it, even above the Po. To help them, download the PDF with the ten questions of “La Padania” to Berlusconi, read them to the Lega people, print them and distribute them everywhere. For those questions the Italians are still waiting for responses. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we. to a corruptor, pimp, P2-ist, friend of the mafia, is it the fault of the Internet that informs them, or the fault of the corruptor, pimp, P2-ist, friend of the mafia?

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Comment   by   Google-Blogger-:
I   do  not  make  it  a mystery  that   my   collaboration   with   Beppe-Grillo   and  Travaglio,   etc.   does   not   go   all  the  way.
I   go  along    with  them  as  the   Internet  should  remain   totally  free,  uncensored   and  accessible   and   when  they  indite    the   corrupt  Italian  leaders   and  their   criminal,  treacherous,    irresponsible   practices.  The   Internet   contains  lots  of  crap,   excreta   and   manure (  i.e,   sick  and  distorted  pornography,  even   bestiality,  but  it  is  up  to the  users   to   discriminate  and   make  responsible  choices.  It  is  hard  in  fact to   be  a    responsible   democratic  citizen).
Incidentally,   even  orchids,   some  exquisite   women,    grow   in,  love   and  need   manure.   
Besides   one  cannot  really   say  to  have   judged  or   choosen or   overcome  anything,    always   with  God's   Grace  of   course, if  one   ignores   all  the  alternatives  of   harsh   real   reality.
Even   I,  the  mighty  Templar  of  Melchizedeck  
( ah,ja,aj,ja,ach,he,euh,hi,hah........),   am  struggling  in  fact   daily   with  the   Internet   and  praying   for  my   right   choices,  as  if  all   depended  on  God!

Beppe   Grillo   and  Travaglio   and   all  are   like  all  the   waffling   Southerners   whose  anscestors  never  participated  in  the   struggles  of  the  Italian  Risorgimento  and  in  fact  we   the  Northerners  had   to   emancipate  them,  in  one  case  i  Fratelli  Bandiera   were   massacred   by  the    peasants   in  Cosenza  during  their  landing  there,   attempting  to  liberate  them.   They  are   against  severity   and  full  of  their   empty   southern   smiles   and   pseudo  and  fake   humanitarian   feelings   which   do  not  mean  anything  in  practice   when   considered  and  judged  against the  background  of  southern  generated   MAFIA's   exploitations  and  abuses................of   women  in  particular. 
Rome,  the  Holy  City  has  the  largest   number of   prostitutes  and   distorted  sex-peddlers,   in  the    World.   Yet  Beppe-Grillo  and  his   various   priestly  Dons   never   say  or   do  anything   about  this  plague.     It  is   an  unpopular  issue.   Travaglio  was   almost   apologetic   and  protective  of  that  Transvestite   Governor  of  Rome!    Ma  che  cazzo  fate!   These are  the  plagues   which   cause  all   the   degenerate  morality,  false,  hypocritical   attitudes,     endemic   corruption   in  Italy  and  other  Nations   etc.    right   around  your  very   democratic  noses   and  just  around  the corner!  Have  you  ever  asked   yourselves  you  hypocrits   who   abuse   them,  were   do  all   these   exploited,   oppressed,  desperate,    abused   peddlers  of   flesh   come   from,   what   forces   caused  them   to  have   to  sell   their  flesh  for  a  living?  This is  why  I  spoke  in  the  previous  Post   195,   about   a   forgotten  Beatitude  in  relation   to  the   wankers   who   should   inherit  the   Heavens.    Beppe-Grillo  and  Travaglio are  masters  at  rhetoric  and  sophistry  like  the   Moslems/Saracens/Curds   from   whom  they   derive.   They  are   collusive   and  prone   to  take  overs  and  infiltrations   without   any    ideal  of   chivalry   and   a   fair-go.    They  are  better  than  Mafia  but  just   so.   I  do  not  blame  the   Padani  of  Lombardy   for    wanting  to  burn  "Il  Tricolore "  as it  has   no  Savoja   Arms  on  it, being   to-day  a  symbol   of  the  modern  Italian's    disrespect   for   duties,   oaths  and  honour   and  of  MAFIA   rule  in  Italy.   They   criticise  the  Police's  hard   manners,   but   stern   methods  are  essential   in   the  West   to-day,   as   the   fake  Democracy   that   worships   Liberty   without   Duties,   generated   by  the   abuses  of  human  rights by   the  French  Revolution  and  a  spurious  Enlightenment,   can  only  degenerate  as  these   did,   into   INJUSTICE   and  the  rise  of  the   MAFIAS.    Liberty   without  Duties   equals    INJUSTICE   and   has    generated  all  the   corruption   with  its   Berlusconis.
Greece  is  in  the  same   way  as  Italy.

Good  leaders    with   severity   and  Justice  are  required   to  re-establish     love  of  Duties,  Honour,  Law  and   Order.


I  am  here extracting  some  text   from   the   copy   of  the   lombard   daily  “La  Padana ”,  dated   Wednesday,  8  July, 1998,  referred   to   by   on internet less  lega.html
dated   17/12/2009, 
 in  relation   to  Berlusconi’s    actual   condemnation   in  the  first  degree,   by  the    VII   Section  of   the   Tribunal   of  Milano,   sentence  read   by  the  president  of  the  VII   Section    Mrs.  Francesca   Manca,    to  two  years   and  nine  months-   enprisonment   for    corruption  and   criminal  use  of   Mafia  capital.
That   affair   showed   how  there   was  collusion   between  members  of  all   italian   parties   including  the  Socialists  and  the  Christian  Democrats,   the result  of    a  corruption   that  goes  beyond    and  through   political   Credos.
How  can  one   hope   to   reform   the  Italian   leadership    class   when  they are  all   born  crooks?

This  is  the  present  Italian  dilemma.
I  say,   by  a  radical   change  through  the  Restauration  of   the  Savoja   Monarchy   and   a  radical   change  of  all  the  members  of  the  present   political   class  in  Italy  with  a  clamping   down   through  Martial  Laws   on  the   MAFIA.
The  re-introduction of  capital punsihment,    deportation   from  ancestral  lands   (    i.e.,   exhile   to  the  borders),  vconfiscation  of   funds,  removal  of    civil   rights    from   Mafia   bosses  and  their  families   for  a   couple of  generations,   forbidding  entrepreneurial    activities,   etc.   for   terrorrist   crimes,   drugs-related   crimes,  sexual  exploitation,    human organs   traffiking,  treason  against   society  and  the   nation,  etc.
How  can one    feel  any   compassion   for   a  person  like  Berlusconi  who  has  been   evading   the  punishment   assigned  him   by  the   justiciaries  of  Italy,  making  a  mockery  of   all   things   democratic?
The  man   deserves   being  lynched  in  the  streets  as    an  example   and a   stimulus   for  reform,  or   permanent  incarceration   to  forced   daily  Labour.
Here  is  the  text   published  by   “ La  Padana ”   when  Bossi   its  leader   was   still   uncorrupted   and  not  a  colleague  in   illegal  and   criminal  manipulations    with  Berlusconi   and  the  now   widespread  italian  Mafias.
I  quote,  trasnslating  from  Italian-:
Extremely   serious   news  are   reaching  us   from  Palermo:
Silvio  Berlusconi  is   being   investigated  for  massive  recyclings  or  launderings  of    funds  belonging    to  COSA   NOSTRA.   
“La  Padana  ”  is  offering   the  Cavaliere [   how   could  Berlusconi   qualify    for  the   title  of  Cavaliere  of  the  Italian  Republic one   wonders ]   to  deny   and   erase   any   suspicion    directed   toward   him.    It  is  just  enough  that  he   answers    ----  one  point  at   the   time,  quoting   names---    our   questions   in  relation   to   clarifications regardinng   his   entrepreneurtial   activities.   We   are   asking  him,   who,   where  and   the  reasons   why    he  was   supplied   at  the  beginning  of  his  career,  over  a  span   of    10  years,  the  large   funds   which  allowed   him,   then   a   relatively   young  man,   32  years  old,   without   inherited   funds,   to  set  up    a  building   industry  able   to    build    whole   suburbs.  We  are   further  asking  him   to  reveal   to  the  Nation  this   mystery.   We   also   ask  him   to   remove   the   many    curtains   hiding    the   sources  of   such  huge   funds  and  faking   the   apparent  coincidences  of   so  many   preferential   entrepreneurial  assignments.     Speak  Cavalier,   speak    now  else     keep  silent   for   ever.    [ “ La  Padana ”   8  July   1998  also   listing   ten  questions   addressed   to  Berlusconi   by  the  lombard   daily]. 

We   the  Italo-Australians   ask   the  local  Melbourne  paper  
"Il  Globo "-:
"Che  cazzo  fate?  Perche'   non   accusate   questi  Mafiosi? 
Siete   voi   forse,   pure  dei  Mafiosi?"
( tr.  By  what   sort  of   fornication  are   you   acting?   Why   don't  you   accuse/attack  the  Mafiosi?   Are   you   perchance   also  Mafiosi? ).
Svegliati oh  Italia! 
A  me' Italiani!
Italo-Australian   professional   persons,   the ............................. etc.  

"  Ma  che  cazzo   fate? ".  Are  you  aware  of   what  is   going  on  in  Italy?   Do  you  read  at  all,  do   you   think  at all,  or  is   your   culture   bankrupt    and   relying  on  the  past   glories  of   Italy?   Have  you  ever  asked   yourselves   what  being  an Italian,   in  addition   to  being  an  Australian,  of  course,  really   should  mean?   Wake  up!   Or   are  you  just  concerned   with  your   double  stories,  balconied,    quadruple-  fronted   status   symbols?



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