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Post 198. The Mafia in Milano.

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The  MAFIA   in   Milano.
Milan, the moral capital, has become immoral. It’s the capital of drugs and of cement without rock and roll, but with Expo 2015. It’s the European capital of cocaine. You breathe it in the air together with the CO2 to produce more. Even Milan’s rats are regular consumers of cocaine that flows into the sewers. “Mortizia Moratti” knows nothing, sees nothing and hears nothing. Mafia? What’s the Mafia? Someone explain to her, poor soul.

Interview with Gianni Barbacetto
”I am Gianni Barbacetto, a journalist. Among other things, I write for “Il Fatto quotidiano”. Milan has become, in an incontrovertible way, the capital of the ’ndrangheta. That’s said by magistrates who have spent years and years of their lives investigating what is by now the most important criminal organisation in Italy. But Milan, unlike Palermo, Reggio Calabria or Naples, is not a city that is monopolised by a criminal organisation. Milan is an open market. In Milan, there’s the ’ndrangheta, but there are also Cosa Nostra men carrying out activities as well as camorra men.
Milan is the capital of cocaine. A research project carried out by the pharmacologist Mario Negri, has estimated, by analysing the water in Milan’s sewers, that every day, 12 thousand doses of cocaine are consumed in Milan. In Milan every day there are 5 or 6 people taken into hospital for a cocaine overdose. It’s an immense market. The main segment of this market is in the hands of the ’ndrangheta that has set up privileged relationships with the Latin-American producers, and from this enormous cocaine market, loads of money arrives every day. This money can get into the legal flow and pollute the business of this city.
By now, the mafia groups in Milan have arrived at the second or third generations, they continue the old dirty business. In Milan in the last 18 months there have been 5 or 6 mafia murders, not in Palermo, not in Naples. The families of the ’ndrangheta, but also the men of Cosa Nostra and the camorra are continuing their dirty trafficking, basically drug trafficking, they continue to settle their feuds, then however, there’s also legitimate business, this enormous mass of money gained above all from cocaine, is made use of mainly in the construction sector, by now it’s said that there’s no building site in Milan (and in Milan there are so many building sites) in which there’s not the presence of earth moving vehicles, and the trucks of the ’ndrangheta families from Calabria. If you don’t give work to the trucks of the ’ndrangheta, your building site is at risk. Your vehicles could be set alight. They can steal building materials on site. Many entrepreneurs who have surnames from Lombardy, people who are really from Milan, pretend that nothing is happening. They close an eye, even two eyes, and they have by now learned to live side by side with the mafia. They have understood that in order to have a quiet life, here they have to give work to certain families.
In the Milan hinterland, for about 2 or 3 generations, some important families have established themselves. They have surnames that are at the top of the Platì ’ndrangheta in Reggio Calabria and that here however, have established their affairs. There are surnames like Sergi, Trimboli, Papalia, Barbaro that work in Calabria, but by now they have their base in Milan as well. The sector of private construction is amply polluted by the criminal presence, but by now the latest investigations have told us that the ’ndrangheta, has taken a leap. It has managed to even get public contracts, work for example on the construction of the fourth lane on the Milano – Brescia motorway, work for the high speed train, by now there’s also the leap into public construction even on public money, on the public contracts, organised crime has made an entrance.
All that would not be possible without contacts with politics. Organised crime in Milan, even in Milan, has found out how to make close contact with certain politicians, naturally we don’t know whom, however we recognise some signs, some names, for example, we know that the Morabito family, an important ’ndrangheta clan, has organised a great election dinner at the Gianat restaurant in Milan in honour of Alessandro Colucci who is one of the regional councillors in Lombardy.
We know that certain people considered to be close or connected to the ’ndrangheta have had a relationship with Vincenzo Giudice, A city councillor in Milan, who among other things has caused the collapse and the loss of loads of public money by causing the bankruptcy of a public company called Zincare, but in spite of that he was rewarded with the well paid position of president of another public company in the town.
For example, we know that a deputy of the Republic, Francesco De Luca, has had contacts with a Naples family, with the emissaries of a camorra family, the Guida family that operates in Milan. The topic was to “adjust” a trial in the Court of Cassation. He has always defended himself by saying that he said “yes” and then he did nothing.
There are contacts and we probably only find out about the tip of the iceberg of this phenomenon. The families of the ’ndrangheta, of the camorra, of Cosa Nostra have loads of money. They have methods that are very convincing to succeed in penetrating the economy in the north, in Milan, in businesses in the north and they also have the means and the people to infiltrate and open up relationships with politics. The contracts for Expo 2015 will be substantial and they are attractive to everyone, even to organised crime. They would like to sit down at this sumptuous table when it is prepared for the feast.
The watchfulness relating to organised crime, to infiltrations, above all by the ’ndrangheta , but not just in Milan, should be very high. However, there’s a low level of awareness among the politicians, even Mayor Letizia Moratti, when there’s talk of the mafia in Milan says: “Let’s not exaggerate. You must denigrate the city. This is the city of fashion, of design, of voluntary work and lots of other great things”. That’s all true, but alas, we have to learn to also see the dark side of this city, because otherwise the alternative is that without our noticing it, they will be infiltrating into the economy, into politics and when we take notice, it’ll be too late!” Gianni Barbacetto

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Comment   by   Blogger-:
And   who  has   made  Milano  in   what  it  is,   according  to  these    Reporters   who   always   leave  out  the  most   relevant  facts   in    their   sophistical   Confessions   of   half-truths,   Italian/Catholic   style?
The   migrants   from  the  South of  Italy  and   from  the  Balcanic   Nations   (  people   in  North  Italy,   including  my  aunt  Armida  in  Rovellasca,  Milano,   live  in  a state  of  terror    with  triple  locks  on  their   doors,    citophons   etc.   I   advised  them   to   buy  a  Beretta  pistol   and   shoot  the   mongrels ), with    their  white   smiles,   their    double    morality,   and  their    Saracenic,   corrupt  Carabinieri,   supported,   aided   and    encouraged   by   a  corrupt,   American-style-Constitution  that  has  not  changed   since   the  days  of  the  crazy  and  biased    French    Revolution!
And  Mafia's  bribes!
These   modern   reporters   are    generally  cowards   and  effeminate  cro-magnon-genitalied (  most of  their  blood   supply   is   constantly    wasted   down  in  their  huge   genital  areas   to  the    detriment  of  their  blood-starved  brains   and   intellectual    strength )  individuals,  the  product of   sophistical    Universities'   educations    which    make   them   blabberers   of   hipocritical,   soft,   pietous   comments   about   humanity   and   christian   behaviour,   critics   without    solutions,  defenders   of   human   rights   without   duties,    condemners   of    strong  action   as  fascism,    extolling   the  ideals  of   our   Democratic   Constitutions   without   being  aware  of   the   abuses   of   these   ideals   by   the  Mafiosis  with   equally   selectively  (  they   inter-marry)  cro-magnon-sized   genitals,   suffering   from   their  (  the   reporters')   same   intellectual  limitations,   surrounding  us,  aiming   to   infiltrate   all   levels  of  Government,    electing    their   ineffective   puppets   who  have  no  understanding,   wisdom  or   solutions.
What  can  a leader,   elected   by  these  mongrels,   do  in  such  a   climate  of   cowardice,  criticism   and   plausibilities?
One  needs   the   cunning  of  a  Lorenzo  de'  Medici  and  the   pragmatic   cruelty  of  a   Cesare   Borgia,  but  Italy,  Europe,  the  West   of   rincoglioniti/sodomitic   footballers/altar-boys     does   not  produce    such   men   any   longer.
Most  women  are  throllops!

The  only   solution  is,  in  my  opinion,   to  somehow   reflect  and  redirect  the  terrorism  onto  these  Mafiosis,  starting   with their  families.   Forget   about   the  New  Testament  and   apply   the  Law  del Taglione of  the  Old Testament  (  Retaliation  in  Kind-:   A   tooth  for  a   which  the   Mafia    subscribes   anyway    while  hipocritically   and     falsely  claiming   to  be  loyal  Catholics,    bribing   and   crawling   up   the  Church's   asses   with  their  money    from    the  sewers  of  iniquity  and  obscenity.     Come  "Global  Warming"   and   wipe   the  Mafiosis   out   somehow    for  ever   and   ever!  ).   
Stop   SILENCE   or  OMERTA'.      
The   Duomo   thrown  into   Berlusconi's   face   by   a  desperate   and  frustrated   man  is  a   warning  to  the  Mafia   by  God    Itself.
Consider   please    that  even  God   has   to  use   a   poor   bastard   from  the  street    as  God's   tool   as  there  are   no  men   worthy  of   the    name  in   the   West!
I  at  least, dare   to   write  in   unambiguous   terms   doing   no   favour   to  and  not   sparing   anyone !
The  North of  Italy   is  becoming  asphalted   and  concreted-in,  look   at the  Mountain  of  Brunate   at  Como,   and  to  the   Valley   facing   Como  itself,    the  walls   and   noblest   buildings     being   grapphited 
by  these   goat-herders,  while  the South of  Italy   remains   wilderness,  a   no-man-land,   where   no  one  dares   to  invest  capital.       Look  at   the  miles  of  grapphities   along  the    Railway-of-the-North  in  Milano.   Even   my  old   College,   an  ancient  patrician   building   housing   l'Istituto   Tecnico  Industriale   Statale   "G.  Feltrinelli "[  I   was  in  the  Aeronautical  Classes   of  1956-57,  1957-1958,   but   had   to  retreat   from  Final  Exams   because  of   a  threatening   nervous   breackdown.   Also,   as   a   future   migrant  to Australia   an   Italian Diploma  was  practically  useless,   and  Gheddafi's   Islamic  Nationalism  was   squeezing   us,   my brother  and  parents  out  of  Libya   and  Australia   was   our   only  option.   So  I  had   to  say   good-by  to  Italy,  thanks  be  to  God!] is   unrecogniseable   since  the   exodus  of  the   southern   migrants   to  Milano   since     I    left   Italy  in   1959.    
Even  ancient,  noble,  buildings,   the  heritage  from  the  past,  in  Como  are  being  grapphited   by  these   Barbarians   from the  South.    
Vergognati   spudorata   meretrice,   volgare  Italia   odierna!).  
Yet  everyone   knows   who   the  Mafiosis   are   and   where   they  live  and   what they are  doing.
Lynch  the  Bastards  in  the  streets,   Brasilian-style! 
I   am  not   going   to  buy   anything  from  them!  
They  can  stick  their   Pizzas,   moducci   suits,   ferrari   ball-suspenders,    gucci   bags,   etc...................up  their  sodomitic   asses.      Yet,   the   Mafiosis   are also   the  greatest   fools   ever!  The  Master  polluters  of   everything  they  handle,   par   excellence. They   believe  they  are   going   to  get  away   with   it   because  of  their   double   standards   whereby   they,    like  the  Moslems  lock  their   women   up   and   deal   honestly  among  their  Clans.  It  does  not   work  that  way,   grongos!    Morality  and  Ethics  are   a matter  of  God's  Grace,    which  cannot  be   bought,   not   even   by  the  Pope   himself  or   by  the   Church. 
Martin  Luther   was   right  in  this  respect!  
Sorry   Benedictus   XVI!
And  if   you   disagree,  I  say  to   Thee  "  Va'  a  fan  culo!  ".
It  is  time  the   Churches  begin  preaching   against   and   excommunicate   these    Mafiosis.   Or  are  they  afraid?
There is  no  room   for   fear  in  the True   Church.

They  are   self-sabotaging  themselves   though. 
Beware  of    smiling Greeks,  South-Italians,  Arabs    and  Jews  bringing    gifts.
So   speaks   and   writes   a  true  Templar   not   one  of  those   in   hiding   nursing   their   chronic   fear-induced-diarrhoea  and  playing    with   empty   rituals  that   do  not   signify   anything   in  their   hands! 


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