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Post 208. Italy is a Third World Nation!

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Italy  is  a  Third  World  Nation!

The attack on the Internet is by now shameless. The government, thus the owner of Mediaset, has decided that the right to information on the Internet has to be ratified, that copyright be used to close down websites and to eliminate videos from YouTube. That the live recording by a citizen using a webcam in live streaming is considered to be on a par with a live TV broadcast. That websites that provide information on the Internet have to provide rectification that is on a par with national TV News. All this shit that should be returned to sender. The Internet will have to do an act of civil disobedience, starting with this blog, when faced with a law packaged for Mediaset and for the RAI.
Berlusconi is paying just one per cent of the income on the three national TV channels. He is rich thanks to D'Alema who, when he was President of the Council, packaged for him a tailored-made law in 1999. Have a go at giving away some property of yours, an apartment for example, in concession to someone and then you just ask for one per cent of the rent. This is what the PDminusL has done. I propose at least 30% to keep the concessions with Mediaset and a single network, and packaged with this, the immediate resignation of Berlusconi. A concessionary of the State in fact, cannot have roles in the government. Violante reminded Parliament that the directors of the PDminusL guaranteed (in private) to Berlusconi that his TV channels would never be touched. Furthermore, the PDminusL, in the last Prodi government, followed the advice from Arcore and organised the appointment of Paolo Gentiloni as the Minister of Posts and Telecommunication  instead of Antonio Di Pietro. That
    Gentiloni, “ surprised” by this law, who as a Minister, did not lift a finger to apply the verdict in favour of Europa 7 and move Rete4 to satellite. The Guarantor of the Communications will have to ensure respect for the law on the Internet, “their” law, he’s the person who controls the information and uses a person like Minzolini to dishonour the RAI and to humiliate the Italians who are listening, with the celebration of the thief Bottino Craxi. Let Clito Minzolini come to the Internet, live, and tell his lies, and he will understand how the Italians are thinking, let him read the comments, listen to the “chat” and book himself a helicopter.
We have to move forward with our work. To eliminate toxic refuse from the Internet. Delete Mediaset programmes and publish no more of them. I’m starting, from today, let’s make the Internet a better place. Denounce Mediaset and the RAI every time they make use of, in their programmes stuffed with advertising, one of your videos or one of your articles that is published on the Internet. They will never give up (but is it in their interests?). Neither will we.

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Comment-:     I  urge   Italians   to   unanimously  and  collectively   throw   rotten  tomatoes,   eggs     and  excreta   onto  Berlusconi,  (  if  not  a   heavy    solid   Torre  di  Pisa,  or  San  Pietro ),    who  is   a  shameless   criminal,     unworthy   to   lead  a   Nation   with   a   civilised   MEMORY/PAST (   yes  to-day   a  memory  only  due  to the   mis/mal-education  of  its   youths  )   like  Italy.       A    MAFIA-style-explosion   would  be  better  though  as  those    he   caused    Falcone  and   Borsellino  and  others   to  be  executed   by!   Does   Berlusconi  ever   look  at  himself   in  the  mirror,   the  FREAK?   There  are  moments  when   he   reminds   one,  with    his   jutting   mandible,   of  that  other  Italian   idiot,   the    adulterous,   fake,   neo-,    pseudo-Roman,     Corporal  Benito  Mussolini   who  was   hung-up  like   the  pig   he   was  with   his   adulterous   mistress  Claretta   Petacci.  
The  comment  also  applies   to   Craxi,   Prodi   and  other  Italian   politicians  including   Bossi  of   the   now  corrupt  Lega Padana!
Lombardi................andate  a  cagare   con la  luna   piena  con  la   postina  della  Val  Gardena!

Italy   is  not   fit   to-day    for   sovereignty   and  independence  in  Europe  as  it   lacks   men  fit  for  Government!
It  should  again  be   placed   under  the   supervision  of  more   disciplined    nations  like  Germany   and  Spain.
Modern   Italians  are   traitors  to  their  Past!   I  am  ashamed  on  behalf   of    Italians!  

Go  and  play   Football   you   mongrels!


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