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Post 207. Back-Door Immigrants.

10,000  black   Spartacuses  in  Calabria.

What the hell are more than ten thousand illegal immigrants doing in the countryside of Calabria? It’s obvious; they are creating wealth for the people that are exploiting them. In order to do this, they are living in the kind of unhygienic conditions that you would expect to find in a pigsty, they are paid very little and then under the counter, without any benefits whatsoever. The immediate and unwavering reply from the third-world burkes is always the same: "They are here by us to do the kinds of jobs that the Italians are no longer prepared to do!". On the contrary I say, pay the Italians a reasonable wage and there would be a string of unemployed local Calabrians ready and willing to take their place.
These immigrants work in the kind of inhumane conditions that the Italians are no longer willing to endure and that is why these people are here in Italy. So, I ask again, who actually scores from this situation? The new landlords, organised crime syndicates looking for cheap labour, or those looking to rent out hovels at sky-high prices? This is only the tip of the iceberg, the bit that is most visible. Immigrants are essentially a voter pool, they bring in votes for both the right wing and the left wing. They are a mass diversion tool that is used by the political parties. The Lega and the Pdl live of the black man, for them he is the bogeyman. The Pdwithoutanel and similar bleeding hearts stand up for them, at the expense of the lower echelons of society that live cheek by jowl with the immigrants and land up fighting over the few available resources. Votes to the right and votes to the left. Quite clearly then, in a Country where thousands of exasperated illegal immigrants take to the streets in a village such as Rosarno, swinging iron bars and setting fire to things, the rule of law has ended. Africans against Calabrians and, in the middle, are the ones who have never taken responsibility for the inflow of immigrants, for welcoming them or for helping them to settle in.
What do we want, cheap immigrant labour or immigrants that are integrated into our society? We don’t need more slaves, we already have enough of our own. And so, a revolt by these black Spartacuses can ONLY a href="" target="_blank">become a problem of law and order and a problem of control in our area. Minister Maroni, I ask you, also on behalf of previous Ministers of Internal Affairs: "Where were and where are the forces of law and order in Calabria, the very same forces that managed to immediately spot a 30 x 50cm banner against Schifani that was held up by a citizen yesterday in Reggio Emilia?".
The illegal Africans have always been there, skins glistening under the sun in the fields of the South and then rotting in the slums. So, where were and where are the various institutions that continually bust the chops of the last stallholder at the market because of hygiene, till slips, hawkers licences and employment tax, where the hell are they? Furthermore, why do we continue to pay them if they always and only spot the splinter and overlook the beam? Italy is a small Countryessentially an exploited labour force, a commodity for unscrupulous businessmen and for politicians and journalists who can’t pronounce their “R”s and rattle on endlessly about poisoned wells. A precious resource for the politicians that then proceed to leave these people to their own devices. There is a war going on, which sometimes explodes into skirmishes: immigrants and Italian citizens alike, all being taken for a ride. The Country ends at Rosarno.

The “MoVimento 5 Stelle” in LOMBARDY: I will be in Milan on Saturday, 9 January, to announce the “MoVimento 5 Stelle” list of candidates who will be running in the regional elections in Lombardy, with Vito Crimi as candidate for the position of Regional Premier. Come and join us at 15h00 at "SPAZIO TADINI", via Jommelli 24 (MM1 Loreto, MM2 PIOLA, Tram 33, Bus 62 -
The “MoVimento 5 Stelle” in PIEDMONT: The first signature-gathering event in Piedmont. You are all invited to simply come and sign, FREE OF CHARGE, so as to give the people on the "MoVimento 5 Stelle" election list the chance to stand in the upcoming Regional Elections scheduled for March 2010. Saturday, 9 January 2010 in the following towns:

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