Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Post 71. To two Entwined candles Burning with a Single Wick.

To Two Entwined Candles,
Burning with a Single Wick.

My dear, my love, my queen
oh being of all that is,
excepting God Who is
of all Love the spring.
Let You and I make
of our loves that
like two candles burn
dripping their waxed drops
as if in a crying deep
for their of love divided realm,
one jointly entwined candle
that with a single wick
does burn a light
that neither profane nor divine might
shall either quench or dip.
Halas, for the harsh laws
of scarcity and necessity
under which our Divine Lord
made us to creep
while the desire to soar and rise
still beats in quasi-divine souls
with a flame that other such flames seek,
in resonance and unison to burn
so as to make a mightier flame
that no jealous human or godly force
can either quench or dip or switch.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Post 70. The Obscenity of Bestiality is in Our Midst!

The Obscenity of Bestiality is in Our Midst!
This is my first attempt since blogging to denounce the excesses and extremes of pornography which is yet another mild word just meaning representation of nudity, which may be a relative mild and educational aid in the area of human sexual knowledge, used by our legal /religious/moral system to describe what should be rather labeled as sarcography, i.e., the representation of sexual deviations, extremes and excesses, which have escalated, at present, yes to-day, yes NOW as it is going on even while writing this Article, into the totally unacceptable, totally obscene, sexual extreme of BESTIALITY.

I only got onto the Internet at the end of 2007 and have never been aware of all these extremes since I have never had the opportunity to investigate these. Nothing like this existed when a young man.
Even had I visited X-rated Shops I would not have found out as BESTIALITY is not advertised there.
Approximately one month ago I joined Stumble Upon, on the invitation of a kind member and came across, while blog-socialising, for which that Blogging Community is justly renowned, having a membership of close to 6 million members, some blogs which contain pornography in various degrees of aggressiveness, but which can be tolerated, with the exception of some cases in which some photos in these are cunningly linked to other sites of escalating deviations, which I have found it to be the case here and there. I became curious and decided to get deeper in the field. Please remember I am a qualified theologian ( Bachelor of Theology) and that ethics. morality, human behaviour and sensibilities ( see Paul of Tarsus) are a valid and legitimate part of my professional interest, almost a duty. There has recently been a movement of public indignation against child-pornography, again it should be called child-sarcography, in order to seriously give the required relevance and degree of indictment to the deviations and their lethal, society-damaging, obscene, totally unnacceptable aims. I am not aware of exactly what our hypocritical, all-whitewashing Law and the ppolitical freaks behind it, has achieved or prescribed ( details bore me), but I found out that, in areas of Europe like the Balkans and in America, child-pornography is still being produced and pushed. If one is prepared to pay approximately $40.00 a month, one can access it here. However as bad as child-pornography may be, I got shocked when I accidentally stumbled upon BESTIALITY. I had heard about this in my days when I red sections of classical latin in the course of my humanites in Italy and I had come across a middle-eastern Queen called Pasiphe who, as a sexual deviant, had had a hollow cow manufactured in wood, inside which she could position herself so as to receive the sexual attentions of a poor dumb bull.Actually, now that I remeber, even the great florentine, Dante Alighieri mentioned Pasiphe in his Hell.

I never suspected even at my wildest, some among my modern, educated, enlightened, progressive, healthy, clean, hygienically-minded and trained contemporaries could fall for such an anachronistic and diabolical thing as BESTIALITY. So I was shocked when confronted, not with one clandestine, but with at least a couple dozen sites on BESTIALiTY in Japan and the U.S.A., all enjoying, like all other forms of sexual deviations the best in digital photography, editing, publishing and printing, certainly not an undercover and clandestine industry. Moreover, judging from the glossy advertisements, also enjoying excellent patronisation. I did not continue the search as everything one does on Internet is traceable and I do not wish to be bunched-up with these low-class mongrels who are certainly mixing socially with what modernity calls to-day the wealthy socialites.What amazed, struck and saddened me again was the attractiveness, health, beauty of face , body and countenance of the women used or rather shall we say, abused in carnal intercourses with dogs of various sizes breed and colour, horses, and even tamed bears.There was an occasional photo of a man carnally knowing a dog. What also may sadden is the abuse of the poor unknowing brute animals so used.Now, whether one believes or not in the existence of God the Creator, this is not acceptable in a human society that has not become bestial.The insult to the human female form and beauty that is near to being angelic deserves the heaviest punishment the Law should inflict, were our legislators and politicians not also corrupt and degenerate, only caring about their well-being and statusa in society. Our silent Churches, the Clergy, the leaders in our whitewashed societies, the members of all Professions, all political Parties which are allowing these extremes of obscenity, sexual corruption and degeneration, deviations and miscegenations to occurr in the name of human rights without duties, of an abused democratic freedom, are just drawing on all of us a divine vengeance that shall know no limits. Anyone, knowing about what is going on and not doing anything about it is a partner in these obscenities.Remmeber that, no amount of church-attendance, confessions, pious wafflings, hymn-singing, sacraments and rituals shall be a substitute for right-judging, right-choosing, deciding, willing and above all RIGHT-DOING. All these activities can only be a prelude to conversion, not an actual CONVERSION. Read Paul of Tarsus!Grace alone is just another myth of wafflers!What count is the DOING!

Ah, another thought. Whenever confronted with some global catastrophe, do not accuse God of cruelty or say there is no God, just think about human depravities and obscene activities that even animals cannot indulge in. Sarcography ( pornography) in both its forms of child-abuse and bestiality is a human-made activity.

I feel I have done my duty and have not been waisting the financial assistance given to me by the Commonwealth of Australia when financially aiding my theological studies. I do not owe anything to Australians or to Australia now. Please thank me.