Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post 352. Go back to where you came from.


Go  back   to   where   you  came   from.

The  title  is  referring   to  the   celebrated  Australian   T-V  Documentary.   What   a   useless   waste  of   money   and    pathos !    But   this  is   what  our   bored    Australians   in  the  well-to-do   bracket    need.................
The   financially   marginal    Australians   are   in  fact   those     who   are    affected   by    these     unacceptable     and   uncontrolled     demographic escalations   due   to    the     lack   of   housing,     medical   facilities,    jobs,   etc.      with  the  result  of    rising   costs   of   living.
I   am   not   disputing   the    fact   that   refugees    are   suffering   terrible    inhuman  living    conditions ,   and   I  have   no   need   of  the   documentary    to   prop   a   defective    imagination.
The    final   question   remains   whether   Australia    can    tolerate   the    precedent   of    its       national       boundaries     to     be   violated     and    of  the  unknown     answer    as      for    how    long     boat-people   are   going   to  be   accepted      to  land    here.      
The  fact  also   remains   that   these    people   are   illegally   jumping  the    queue   of    those    waiting  in    Refugee-Camps.
My    idea  of   a   better   solution   to  trying   to  settle   these    people   without    training    for    a     nation    like   Australia    which    has    a   developed   standard  of   living    is   to   finance    their   relocation   in  Asia,    Africa      where    they   generally   come    from,    where  there  is    still    agricultural  land    and   water   a-plenty.
Simultaneously,   these   people    should    be    clearly    and  unequivocally     be   explained   about   and  accept   the   reality  that  they  cannot   expect    to    have  a   future    and   be  able   to   procreate   at  the   same   time    as   if    world-overpopulation    were  not    the    fundamental   cause   of   their   displacements.   And   this   applies    in   particular   to  the   scenario     in   which    Israelis   and  Palestinians     murder  one   another.
Simultaneously,      Asian,   African    Nations     should    similarly     generate   a    program  of   massive    population   reduction   which   in   just  a   short  time     would   make    room   for   all   their  own   refugees.    Resettling  these   people  in  their  own  environments     would   be  a    kinder    thing   to   do  to  them.
I   do  not  have  the   statistics   but   I   would   like   to  know    what   is   the   total   population   increase  per   year   of   Asia    and  Africa,    with   a   separate   figure    for     Islamic    Nations.
We   would   be   surprised   of   how   short   a   time    would  be  required    to   solve   the     problem  of     52   millions   refugees.........procreating   and  increasing   esponentially.
A   bit  of  gentle   persuasion    should    be  the    Financial   Aid    that   the   Western  Nations   are  waisting  in  just  maintaining   the    pejorating  status    quo.
Aid   should   consist   in    condoms,    contraceptive  pills   and   sterilization     programs   until   the  problem  is   solved.
This  is   the  way   to  go   about    rather  than    MAUDLING   and    WEEPING   and   feeling    compassionate.......etc.   etc.
Send   a   copy  of   this   to  your   favourite    Parliamentarian     in     Canberra!



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