Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Post 91. Of Celts, Romans, Moslems and Hebrews.

Premise-:My political/historical/religious articles must be understood in the spirit of Galatians 3:28.
This map ( Not shown. Research under "La Tenee" ), shows the Celtic Civilisation geographical distribution in Europe in ca. 500 BC ( it probably began to coalesce in 900 BC as the waves of celtic migrants arrived and settled in Central Europe, between the Rhine and the Elbe rivers, which had begun migrating from Turkmenistan in ca. 4,000 BC) until the Romans who where a celtic/mediterranean racial mix, but still an essentially celtic offshoot, were compelled to confront the La Tenee Civilisation and to absorb it in a struggle for survival.
What favourably characterises the ancient Celts ( a present day Irish or Scot is not necessarily a Celt ) as a people of profound wisdom, hence my choice of them in this article as an example in history, is their willingness to co-operate with the Romans once defeated, rather than continue in an evil of feuding, revenge and eternal blood-letting like the semitic people ( mutually related Arabs and Jews) appear to indulge in to their continuous damage in the face of an angry and despairing God/jehovah/Allah ( See the Old Testament).
In order to understand the Romans' predicament and their determination to win, consider that, behind/beyond the Celts there were all the steppe people pressurising the Celts, including the Goths their relatives, who however moved to the Baltic/Scandinavian territories, from which they returned to the Continent around the beginning of the first millennium, after overpopulating Scandinavia ( in relation to the limited resources of those nordic climates in the limited economies of those times), predominating over the steppe people until the arrival of the Huns in ca. 350 AD. The Franks then became the predominant race in France, until 900 AD. Etc. etc. So, history not only shows we all have been migrants of some sort, at some time in history and that progress is not only a matter of struggle but also and mostly of co-operation, the one who is the best at synthetising what is good in all cultures coming out on top. You pig-headed asses of the semitic races of Jews and Arabs have been feuding for 6,000 years and one day we in the West shall have to say, with God’s blessings-: " Enough is enough! ".
Have you got any common sense at all ?
No, what a bad neighbour does affects all since we are living in a global environment!
Intervention is necessary!
So, dear modern, baby-faced Pinocchios utopia-dreamers, pseudo socialists, etc. theoreticians of freedom without duties, a multitude in the West, shut up, please and use your biased constitutions as toilet paper.
I tend to consider the West at present
---- in contrast to the Anglo-Saxon pseudo-christian churches, there is an infinity of these mongrels all prophesising in a negative way that is the expression of anglo-saxon megalomaniac self-delusion and moral failure----
as a transformation of the Roman Empire, as a Federation of the western people who have been able through progress to see themselves more as a Commomwealth than as an Empire, as a conglomeration of good-willing people and races desiring good, however still imperfectly so, because of greed and corruption, endemic to humankind.
Jewish anger, feuding and vengeance
----accumulated and fanned since 70 AD when the Romans, who were also working for the good, albeit handicapped by human limitations, limited communications and resources in the face of the overwhelming multitude of Barbarians and the malice of un-co-operative opponents like the Hebrews, for example, in a still bestial world deprived of the Christian light, got fed up with their non-co-operation and dispersed the Jews over the Diaspora with God's blessings------
has sapped and destroyed much of western pride and consciousness of roman links but this smearing propaganda in which everyone is bad except the Hebrew or the Anglo-Saxon, is sadly backfiring onto them now as they have got locked into the Islamic confrontation that is extremely provoking and exceedingly revengful and does not allow for moderate reprisals and reactions. They are reaping what they have sawn with their cunning and devious Propaganda that has never recognised or admitted Provocation.
The lesson to be learned about Propaganda is that it is a double-edged sword and that there is a Commandment against "falsely accusing and witnessing against your neighbour " whether this be the Romans or the Germans. I am not saying that the Romans and the Germans have been free from blame, but that there is a time when Propaganda becomes "murderous", blinding the propagandist as to its own behaviour equally or even more culpable owing to a total disregard by the Propaganda of the paramount element of Provocation.
History shows that Romans, Germans, Arabs, Hebrews were all provoked.
The solution are to be found in recognising the Provocations and placing a stop to these. At the same time cultures with a history of feuding, revenge and violence must seek their own reformation or be annihilated as mad dogs are.
I am however, as a Christian and a Celtic-Roman morally and historically superior to these middle-eastern mongrels, since I am prepared to accept and support the maintenance of Israel in the Middle East, as Israel appears to be co-operating to-day, for the time-being, with historical reality, first of all as the humanitarian necessity of the Hebrew people for a Nation of their own, 1.5 million displaced moslem Palestinians being a relocateable people, within Israel itself, if they were only willing to consider, as they are bound to do when migrating to a western, non-theocratic nation such as Australia, as an example, their religious/cultural differences as secondary to those of a social, historical, political nature that they should be prepared/willing to share in common with their isreali kinspeople in a Federal State of Non-Theocratic Israel ( the same considerations to apply to the Israeli, mutually). Moslems must cease from their religious obsessions and theocratic dreams and co-operate with the rest of the world as God created and loves all without discrimination.
See Malachi 2:10-:
" Is it not one father that all of us have? Is it not one God that has created us? Why is it that we deal treacherously with one another, in profaning the covenant of our forefathers?"
The only true reality proven by history is the message of
Jesus of Nazareth
( see Paul of Tarsus), whom Zechariah, the hereditary holder of the Most High Priestly-status in Israel, John the Baptist's father, Jesus' uncle, has presented to us as being born from Mary by the Holy Spirit.
The Palestinians are not the only and the first people to loose their lands. I am sorry for their losses and about the unfortunate events leading to this, but the deed cannot be reversed unless Israel adopts Communism and abolishes private property, which may be a good idea. Bolshevick Russia, Fidel Castro, the French Revolution, the Reconquesta of Spain in 1450, wars deprived millions of their possessions, in the name of fate and history. My anscestors had Castles and lands all over Europe once. Before the Conquests by Islam in 700 AD, the Greeks owned Palestine. Where are all their Titles of Ownership? Palestinians complain the Israeli destroyed their Titles, but where are the Byzantinians ones? One reaps what one saws.
And before the Byzantinian ones where are the Roman ones?
And before the Roman ones where are the Titles of Ownership of the ancient Hebrews?
This is history.
The Palestinians must learn to adapt and to co-operate with fate and history. God tests us as to our willingness to renounce goods. So begin to do some productive and constructive work instead of devising ways to sabotage and de-stabilise your neighbours an spend all your budget on weapons like Mr. Saddam Hussein used to.
A secondary consideration for the support of Israel is, that the West cannot trust an Islam that is uncompromising as to its duty to a gracious, holy acceptance and recognition of a Nation that is different from Islam only in so far as Islam’s present leaders wish it to be different, aiming as Islam does to the total annihilation of Israel, the total blotting out of the name of an entire Nation, somethingt that Islam has already done in several instances in history, since 650 AD, and to a predominance in the Near and Middle East ( since 1945) that looks very dangerous, menacing and suspicious to those of us in the West, who are not psicotic saboteurs or traitors, blind, stupid, or total ignoramus, against the scenario of a world that must become de facto global as it is by nature so, to survive global-warming and the stupidity of human kind.
Hear Malachi again at 3:5-:
" And I will come near to you people for the judgment, and I will become a speedy witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against those swearing falsely, and against those acting fraudulently with the wages of a wage worker, with the widow and with the fatherless boy,
and those turning away the alien resident,
while they have not feared me, Jehovah of armies has said."
However, we in the West must get back our pride and consciousness of our traditional links to Rome and Greece, and if possible to Christianity, if we wish to remain united and to confront our primitive, barbaric opponents and to survive their primitive and unreformed barbarisms.
La’, ila la’, illaa Allaah!