Friday, April 3, 2009

Post104. Breppe Grillo the Incorruptible for Bruxelles.

Beppe Grillo,
also known as
"The Incorruptible Dude and Last Hope
of Italy and of Europe,
the Terror of the Mafia
( We Hope....)"
for the European Parliament.
"L'Ha Da Fini'
Sta Commedia all'Italiana!!!! "
Today I spoke in the European Parliament. I’m publishing a summary of my speech.
”Last week I was summoned to the Tribunal of Parma as a witness, as a person who was informed on the facts because in my show I said, two years before it went bust, that Parmalat was in bankruptcy. Everyone knew it, the journalists, the Consob, the Bank of Italy, but right up to the last day, the banks were selling Parmalat shares and bonds to the investors. The biggest European crash in history was denounced by a comedian. The Italian Stock Exchange is not just Parmalat. It’s also Telecom Italia or Seat Pagine Gialle, companies that have seen their shares plummet and their controlling shareholders and their managers getting richer and richer thanks to dividends and stock options. In the Italian Stock Exchange there are people with previous convictions like Roberto Colaninno, convicted and sentenced to 4 years and 1 month for the bankruptcy in the Italcase crash. There’s Bagaglino, the president of IMMSI and of Piaggio and a member of the Board of Directors of Mediobanca to whom Berlusconi has entrusted Alitalia. There’s Salvatore Ligresti, arrested and convicted for bribes who made a plea-bargain with the judges and got 2 years 4 months and was placed in the hands of the social services who is a member of the Board of Directors of Unicredit, Immobiliare Lombarda and Premafin Finanziaria. There’s Cesare Romiti, convicted and sentenced to eleven months and ten days for irregularities in the period when he was the CEO of the Fiat Group, who is member of the Board of Directors of RCS Mediagroup and Impregilo. There’s Cesare Geronzi, under investigation in the trial for the Parmalat crash for serious usury and collaboration in fraudulent bankruptcy. Under investigation in the Cirio crash for fraud and for the issue and placing of Cirio 'bonds' through Capitalia. Convicted at the first level for the Italcase rash for bankruptcy and sentenced to one year and 8 months with the prohibition on holding any office as a director for two years, president of Mediobanca. Paolo Scaroni. Arrested in 1992 with the accusation of having paid bribes to the PSI on behalf of Techint.
In the trial he made a plea-bargain to reduce the sentence to one year and four months..."
PS On a wall in the Province of Teramo they have written: "de Magistris a Alfano condannati a morte". {de Magistris and Alfano condemned to death}
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