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Post 292. Has the West become infiltrated?

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 Has  the  West  become   infiltrated?
I  have  been  reading/hearing   in  the  News  about   our  Western soldiers  who   have   become   so  demoralised    that   they  are   suiciding   and   taking   drugs  to   be  able   to   escape  the    atmosphere/scenario    of    inefficiency,     incompetence,   cowardice,    false   idealism,   fake   humanity  of  their  leaders,    beginning   from   their   President   who   has  never  been  at  war.   A   President  and  his  band  of    stay-at-home-    Senators    and   Parlamentarians,    determine   the   type  of  Defence   Officers    who  are   going   to   get  promoted   and   I   have    little   confidence  in    modern,  present   American  Officers,   since  the  days   of   Vietnam.
They are   more  like   the  cliche'  of  the  American   dude,    rippling  with   unnecessary   muscles,    shown  in,    more  concerned    with   the   size  of  their    dicks   and  porno-   babes,    than   the   type  of  European   fighting-man   famous   in  the   Middle   Ages  and  Renaissance.
Not  only  do  our  Western   soldiers   have  to   fight   and  every  normal   human  being   fears  death,    but   they  have  to   constantly  live   with  the  unnecessary   fear  to  make  a  mistake  and   be  the  ones   to   shoot   first,   as   modern  war   requires/demands,    owing   to  the    high   rate  of  fire  of   automatic   weapons   and  the   instantaneous   damage    made   by   explosives,    and   of  perhaps   shooting  the  wrong  person,   perhaps  a  woman  or  a   child,   perhaps  placed  there  as  a screen/shield   to  create   confusion,   by  their  opponents   the  terrorrists,   as   demonstrated   many  times    by    the  experiences  in   Mogadiscio,   Beyruth,    Iraq,   etc.   etc..
Bona  Fide-Errors   should  be  generously   allowed,   thus   freeing  our   soldiers   from   such   a  heavy,   crippling  handicap  and  responsibility  of    having   to  decide   whether to be   the   first  to  shoot  or  not,    and   if   so  allowed,   then   civilians   would   be  very    careful   to   piss-off   wherever   our  soldiers    come   around,   knowing  that   they  are   not  hampered    from   such    stupid    handicaps.    Opponents   would  then,  hopefully,   not  use   civilians  as   human   shields   or    ' fog-of  war  '  as  they  are  doing  with the   support  of  our    naive,   cretin    journalists  and   reporters.   
Stop  the    STUPIDITY   about   which  all  Islam  is  laughing   and   concluding   Allah   is   really  and  truly   against   us    fogging  our  minds   and  proving  their   righteousness  and  condoning  their  treacherous   methods.
If   terrorists   keep  on   killing   civilians   so  should   we,    preferably  in  their  own   villages  up  on  the  mountains  from   which  they  receive   logistic    support,   motivation   and       comfort.
The  Russians   do  not   compromise   with  terrorists  and  did   not   win  in  Afghanistan   because   the  Americans    kept  on   supplying   the  Talibans    with   war-resources    and   above   all INTELLIGENCE   gathered   from  satellites.  
So   do  not   give  me   your  pseudo-humanitarian  crap  you   hairy  brained  Anglo-Saxons............the  result  of  too   many  cocktail-parties,    cholesterol   and  substance-abuse  and   large   cro-magnon-dicks  and  lusty  complementsary    ' pussies '.
AN   EYE  FOR   AN   EYE   is   what   they  believe  in,   and  so    should  it   be,   
May  Allah  be  praised........
Maaliki   Yaudiin  Diiin!
I   guarantee    our   soldiers'  morale   would    soar,
while   the  Mujaheddins   would   suicide  and   take  their   filthy drugs.
But  I   would  even  blow-up  and   spread  salt  over  their   Poppy  Fields   as    suggested  once   by  Mr.  Rudd    weakening,   emasculating (financially   speaking )   all   Afghani,  Pakistani  War  Lords,    and   all   world-MAFIAS   in  the  process.
Allelujah,   Maranatha   et  Amen   et   Ahem!
The  STUPID  Rules  of  Engagement  are  obeyed   by    the  above  mentioned   people,  accepting   fake-humanitarian   orders  of    pseudo-idealistic,    gutless,    cowardish     leaders    who   are   really   afraid   of   the   closeness    terrorists   have   achieved   to-day,   being  able  to  reach  them   too.    The  murder  of    J. F. Kennedy  and  his  brother  Robert,  of   President  Sa ' adat  of  Egypt,  of   moderate  Lebanese   Presidents,   of    truly  religious   Mohammedans,    etc.   are   examples   of   what  I   am  referring   to.   
We  cannot   win  against   these   bastards   unless   we    make  them  AFRAID/TERRORISED  for  their  own   families  in  their   villages    up   on  the   mountains    from   which  they   continually   receive   resources   and    comfort. 
Our   soldiers   keep  on  getting   treacherously   killed    over   and   over  in  the   same  places,     against   which  ,  NO  RETALIATION   (of  a  LOGISTICS   nature) had  been   made   at  a  previous   act  of  terrorism.
Remove  their    women  and   children,   place   these  into   concentration   camps   and   blow-up    water   wells,    fields,    POPPY-FIELDS,   crops,    orchards,     buildings    and    spread  salt  on  the   fields  as  a    lesson  and   warning   for  the  next   100   years.   
And   do  it  in  Winte   when it   hurts  the   most!
This  is   how  the   Turks (  Seljouks   and  Ottoman )   conquered   Byzantium    doing   it    for    a    span   of   time    between   850   to   1453  AD.
In   addition  to   what   I   am  advocating  they  used  to   cut  of   fingers  of   and   blind   Greek   peasants   and    took   the  rest of the  population   into   slavery.
Islam  has  not  changed.
Does  it  mean  that   American/Western  politicians   have  lost   their  nerve?  
If   so,    resign  please,  and  let  better,   stronger,   guttier   men   take  their   places,  at  least   until   the   verminous    terrorists   and para-military   organisations   the   world  over,  including our   Western  and  Slavonic   MAFIAS  are    eradicated -:   Military  men  not   afraid   to  use   what   our   idiotic,   Yiddish   film-producers  of  WWII  used  to   label  as  NAZI  methods  of  warfare  and    anti-partisan    guerrilla.
Americans    and   Israeli   are  to-day    fighting   under  the   handicap  of  the   stupid  propaganda  they   abused    in   WWII   still   producing   to-day  idiotic   films  insulting  the  Germans  as  barbarians. 
The  only   thing  that   was  wrong   with  the   Japanese   and  the   Nazi  was  their   political  ideology  and   world-view   not  their    war    methods.
Apart  from  the    reality  that  Nazism  and  the  Samurais   were   provoked  by   the   greed,   arrogance  (   Europeans  used   to  call   Chinese  and  Japanese  '  the yellow  races ',   when   the  best  of  their   women   have  an  ivory   coloured   skin  and  by  far   surpass   in  beauty and   elegance  and  breeding  our   own   de-humanised,   masculine   'throllops ' )   and   selfishness  at  the  time,  of   British,   French   and   Americans   ' supermen '.
The  British  of  a  guttier  era    did   not  in  fact    hesitate   to    burn    entire  German   towns   with   their   civilian   populations   with  phosphor-bombs    in    retaliation   for    the    carpet-   bombings  of   Coventry  and   the    V-Rockets   on   London.
The  Americans  did    not  hesitate   to    use   two   atomic  bombs   to  save  the  lives  of  perhaps   a  million   American   soldiers  on   the  Japanese-beaches.
Why  are  we  waisting  the  lives   and  mentality of  our expensively    trained   soldiers   demoralizing  the  rest?
General  Patton  used  to   repeat  that  one of  the  aims  of   war   is   to  terrorise  your   enemy   so   much   that   he  prefers   to   give   up  and   surrender  thus   avoiding   the  necessity   of   war.
I  shall  not  repeat   his    suggestion   that   enemy  soldiers'   guts   should   be  used   to    lubricate   the   tracks  of   armoured   vehicles.
Patton   believed  one  of  his  re-incarnation   to  be  of   a   Carthagenian   General.
 Let us   fight  guerrilla    with   our   own   guerrilla  of  chosen    men  acting   at  platoon   level   with   a   blank,   white,    Licence   to  use  any  method  they   decide  fit  to  achieve   their   end:   VICTORY    the  terrorisation  of  these   verminous   bastards.  
The point  comes  when   NEGOTIATION  becomes   a  resource (time)  for the   be  avoided.
This   time   has  been   over-reached    NOW.
I  shall   not  be  here  then,  as    my   time  to  the   end  is  becoming   shorter  and   shorter.  
I  feel   sorry   for  you,   you  misguided   grongos,    oh   you   NEO-NEANDERTHALS. 
You  are  certainly  skilled  and  our   Computer   Age  is  selecting    the   skilled,  sending  these   grongos  to  the  top, but  lack   the  Adamitic  Homo  Sapiens  Sapiens'  capacity  to  project   one's   self   backward   and  forward  in  time.
Your   skilled   cretins   can  only  handle........barely    so,   the  PRESENT. 
A   fatal   weackness   for   your   rising   new   species.  
EXTINCTION   perhaps.
Good   Luck! 

P.S.: I  wish   to   quote   from
 an   episode   of  the  long   struggle   between  the  Turks   and   Byzantium  in   which  the  Turks     showed  to  be  chivalrous.    This   does   not   negate  the  truth   about   their   treatment  of   the  civilian  populace   with   terroristic   behaviour.
The Ducases had the misfortune of suffering the most catastrophic defeat of Roman arms since the Arabs won Palestine and Syria at Yarmuk in 636:  The defeat by the Seljuk Turks at Manzikert in 1071, a battle lost more to treachery than to military superiority. And Romanus IV Diogenes became the only Roman Emperor besides Valerian to be captured in battle by an external enemy. Romanus was luckier than Valerian, in that he was treated with dignity and even kindness by the Sultân Alp Arlsan, and even released; but he was unlucky, as the Sultân himself ruefully appreciated, that he would return to a situation where he had already been deposed as Emperor. Defeated by the forces of the Caesar John Ducas, uncle of the new Emperor, Michael VII, Romanus (a mere in-law) eventually surrendered on terms of civil treatment -- but nevertheless died when the Caesar soon ordered him blinded. The picture of the respectful consideration of the Turk and the ferocious brutality of the Romans leaves an impression, like the earlier treatment of the Goths, both sorrowful and bitter.
While there is no reason to doubt the sincerity of Alp Arlsan's Islâm, his Court and that of his successor, Malik Shâh, under the influence of their great Vizir, Nizâm al-Mulk, displays an intellectual power and cosmopolitan expansiveness that is well represented by the mathematician, astronomer, and poet 'Umar Khayyâm (d.1122). Is the Rubaiyat cynical or merely worldly? It is hard to say. Whatever it is, one wonders to what extent some attitude of the sort can be discerned in the behavior of the Sultân. Nevertheless, it is something that passes quickly. The greatest philosopher of the era, and one of the greatest philosophers of the Middle Ages, al-Ghazâlî (1058-1111), nevertheless fiercely attacked and effectively snuffed out the tradition of Greek philosophy in the Central Islâmic lands. Thus, the damage was done to Romania, but intellectually Islâm itself was now headed into decline.