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Post 278.

Post 277. Privacy Laws.

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Silence, there’s thieving - Marco Travaglio.
Good day to you all. Once more we are talking about the so-called law on wiretapping, the law that will prevent the magistrates from doing wiretapping in most of the investigations into crime and that will prevent journalists, not only from ever publishing wiretapping information but also from publishing the official documents of the investigations, right up until the moment when the investigations are concluded, for years and years, up until the time when, and only if it happens that the investigations reach landfall and get to a preliminary hearing, thus cutting out all those facts that perhaps aren’t actually a crime or that get shelved because meanwhile they come up against the Statute of Limitations, as for example in the Scajola case.

Silence everyone
I don’t want to spend time on what is set out in this law because we have talked about it many times, but as a brief summary, the journalists can no longer publish news and official documents of investigations, nor can they talk about them, summarise them, nor give a brief outline.
We can’t even refer to what has been happening in the investigations until the end of the preliminary hearing. The TV channels cannot record magistrates in the palaces of justice, in the trials if one of the two sides does not accept, it’s not possible to record the debate that is however a public event. The wiretapping evidence can be neither summarised nor transcribed, nor talked about, nothing, nothing, not even if contained in the arrest warrant that is notified to the persons arrested. It’s not possible to plant bugs in the places where it’s thought that a crime will be committed. It’s necessary to have the certainty that in that place a crime is being committed, thus to prevent crimes that could be organized or committed it’s no longer possible to do anything. The typical scenario: the delinquents make a date to get together in a certain place to talk, if you aren’t certain that in that place they want to kill or kidnap someone, but you think that they could do, you don’t have the possibility to check on them and the same is true for the video cameras in the stadia where you keep an eye on the stadium to have immediate images of violent fans: if you are not certain that the fan is already committing some kind of violent act, you can’t install the video camera and thus naturally you have to ask the fan to wait before committing his violent action, to interrupt his acts of violence to allow time for the security forces to install the video cameras. This is the point that we have got to with these funny stories!
Naturally the magistrates will be pursued with regulations that say that for example if they have a press conference in which they explain the operations of the police with the arrest of one or more mafia persons or something like that, they will no longer be able to stay on the case if they have spoken. They have talked about the investigations in a press conference with the police? They will have to stop and hand over the case to another magistrate. It won’t be possible to wiretap spies, secret service agents without having first told the government for whom they work, who naturally, just think of ours, will hastily warn them to watch out for telephone calls, and above all telephone wiretapping cannot go on for longer than 75 days for certain cases. Mafia crimes are excluded. But as you well know often they discover that a crime is a mafia one after the investigation has been done on that crime. Who knows if the one asking a business owner for protection money is a band of ordinary criminals, or Cosa Nostra or the ‘ndrangheta or the camorra? You have to wiretap them to understand that, naturally, but here if the wiretapping lasts longer than 75 days, on the75th day it cannot go on and thus you have to stop it! Thus these regulations are all valid even for mafia crimes that usually are discovered only after and not before that wiretapping takes place.
Finally it’ll no longer be possible to record a conversation with another person, like D'Addario for example, who took care to do her own recording in that famous night in Palazzo Grazioli on Putin’s big bed, that is then what happened the other day when a journalist pretended to be a corrupting business person and he offered a bribe to Sarah Ferguson, the princess of the British royal family, discovering that the princess is happy to receive bribes. It turns out that she was being recorded and even videoed while she received the bribe.
This very briefly is the content of the law that naturally is causing an outcry among the magistrates who are being disarmed and the journalists who are being disarmed at the same time: let’s hope that the citizens wake up to this and realise that they are the main victims of this law because naturally it is not a law against the journalists or against the magistrates. The magistrates and journalists will continue to get their salaries. It is a law against the citizens who will no longer be able to know things that they know today and they won’t be able to have the same guarantees of security. For those who think that our security is already at risk because of criminality and the inefficiency of the state to suppress it, let them know that in the future our security will be infinitely more threatened because an infinite series of delinquents will get away scot free thanks to the impossibility of doing wiretapping.
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Blogger's  Post-:
Privacy  Laws. 
Facebook  has  recently  been  attacked   in  Australia   for  having allowed   members   to  infringe   Privacy    Laws.   This  is   a  wide-ranging  issue   that  requires    going  back   to  Basics/Fundamentals.
Stumble  Upon   has  already  been    muzzled   time   ago.
I  shall,  eventually   write   about  my  experience  on  Stumble  Upon. 

I  believe   on   principle  that   people  who    have  nothing    objectionable,   illegal,   criminal   to   hide   do  not  need   Privacy   Laws.
I   admit  though,   as  the  un-complicated   person  I  am,  with  almost  no   vice  (  per  sola  Gratia ),  always  reforming   myself,   that   this  may  be  a   simplistic   statement. 
However,  the  fact  is  that  once  one  accepts    Total   Privacy  as  a   universal   blanket,   one   also   opens  the  way  to  Censorship  in  order  to  indiscriminately   veto  and   hide    information.
This  is  tantemount   to  a   criminal   inconsistency   between  the   ideals  of   Justice  (  Freedom)  necessary  to   a  healthy,  viable    Democracy   and    the  fetterings,   distortions  of  Justice,    which,   while    maintaining    Freeedom   to   Act   for  the    Mafiosi   elements,     removes  these    from  the    checks  of    Righteous   Justice   for  lack  of   supervision  and  information.
Eventually   only   a  bloody  Civil  War   remains   the   solution,    given  the  presence   of   right  men.    Ultimately    a  Civilisation   collapses  in  the   climate  of  general   lack  of  trust  and  confidence.    
It  may  be    uncomfortable   for  a  few   but   discomfort  is  better  than  total  failure.  
In   a   way,   this  is  a   scenario   similar   to  the    criminal    enforcement  of   Silence   or   Omerta'  by    the   Mafiosi   and   somehow,  in   a   theologically   controversial   way,   by   the   Church   of   Rome
They  all   love   Total  Privacy,   Silence,   Non-Disclosure,   White-Washing,   the  Odour  of  Sanctity,  and  one  can   smell   this   fake-sanctity   even   inside  the   Households  of  Mafiosi,   full   of  Images  of   christ-crucified  and  of    holy  maries  and  saints,   while   the   men   of  the   household   wearing    heavy   golden  chains   and   crosses  around  their   hairy,   goat-like   necks,   oppress,    encourage,   foster    and  make   money   out  of   every   conceivable  human   frailty,    weackness  and   vice.     Indeed  a  repetition   of    Jesus'   sacrifice   at  every  corner   of  the   streets  in    an   obscene,  un-holy  distortion   of   the   Sacrifice  of  the   Mass.
Yet   the   future  and   viability  of   Modern  Democracies   requires   the    abolition   of   Total  Indiscriminate  Privacy.
    In  Italy,    the    extreme,   totally  unacceptable,   unethical,   unlawful    Law   has  been  made   by  Berlusconi   in  order  to    negate    phone-tappings    for   himself  and  his  collaborators.   While  it   may  be   legitimate   to    not  have    phone-tappings   brought    to  everyone's   attention, of    Government  officials    who    may  be   discussing    perfectly  legal   matters    related   to   sensitive  activities   required   by   Government,   requiring   secrecy    from  opponents  and   enemies   of   the  State/Civilisation/Culture,  there   should  be   phone-tappings    scrutinised   by  politically  independent,    Security   Officials   who   would   reveal    facts  to the   public   only    if   and   when   illegal,   criminal    activities    were    involved,   not  related   to   Security  Matters.
For  example,    a   Labour  Local  Government  (Victoria) Minister  for   Traffic   and  Transport,  a  Mr.  Campbell   has  recently   been   photographed    exiting    one   night    a    Gay  Club   he  has   been  attending,     unknowingly  to  all  for  years,   misrepresenting   himself   to  his    constituency   as   a   normal    family  man   with  a   wife   and  two   children,   while  participating   in  the   discussion,   drafting,  promulgation  of   Laws   about   sexual    behaviour,   even   if   at  least  at   a   Caucus  level.
No   wonder   that   Facebook's   Liberties   have   been  attacked   by  that  ' nitwit',   the   Labour   Federal   Minister   for   Communication    who   has  sabotaged   Australian  Telstra   in  the  name  of  the   Whitlam-Keating    Level-Carpet-Policy,  in  spite  of  Telstra's   general  efficiency,  in  spite  of   the  Government's   sabotage.    Australia  has   already   got,   by   World's   standards,  a  fast  enough   Broad-band  Network   and  Telstra  honestly  concurrs  on  this.   We   should  wait   untill   the  existing   copper-system  has  been   fully   ammortised,  rather   than   wantonly  writing   it  off   in  the  name  of   a  mad   hubris   for   world-outstandingness,   and  replacing  it  with   an  optical   fibres  one.   
It  is   foreign   Companies    who   advise   a   faster    system    which   would    benefit    a   bare   5%  of   Australian  Business,     whose   interest    is   to   benefit   from   the    enormous   spending   spree   that   the  Labour   Party    desires   for   purely    megalomaniac   aims.
Most  Australians  would  be   sitting  on   their    posteriors     waiting   for  the    answers   of    slower   systems   world-wide.
Southern  Europe   has,  for  example,    for   censorship   and  freedom  inhibiting-reasons,    slower   systems,    Italy  being   typical.    Berlusconi   virtually   owns  the   Media  in  Italy. 
Voters   have  a  right  to   know  the  true  stand  on   most  issues    of   their  political  candidates.   This is  why  there   cannot    be a   secret   life    or   double  life    for  politicians   or    outstanding   public    figures.    They   are    referential   witnesses   (  see   term  as  used   by    Juan  Luis  Segundo  S.J.)  and   the  morons   among  ourselves   rely   on  these   as    exemplars   by   which   to   inform   their    opinions.........i.e.,  if   Campbell   says    that   bunging   arse-holes   is  a    normal  and   safe   practice,   it  must  be  so,  as  he   is  a  normal  outstanding family-man.
Although   there  are   some    who   do  not    find  anything  objectionable   with   sodomy,  I   would  like  to  say  that,     a  politician   who   has   a   say  in  the   discussion,   drafting,    and  promulgation of  Laws  on  sexual  matters,     even   if   at  the Caucus-level,   must   declare   one's  own  leanings,     specially    if  and  when  practiced.   There are  those    who,    suffering   from    sexual   aberrations  and  distorted   views-------this  can  happen  to   anyone  in   one's   life,    even   to   Priests  and  Saints,   and   be  a  temporary  temptation   of    long  or   short   duration--------remain   humble   about   truth,   struggle   with   it   and  resist   it,     never    accepting  it  as  normal,   changing   definitions   and  labels   to   suit   their   failures,  in   a   Martin  Luther's   fashion,   i.e.,   finding   he   was  unable    to  remain   chaste,  he  declared  it   impossible   and    un-scriptural   for   all   humanity,   even  outside   the   realm  of   Grace,   while    extolling  all   the  way   Sola  Fides.  In  short  he   made  himself  the   standard  of   humanity.     Idiotic  is  it  not? 
Yet   in  other   ways   Martin  Luther  was  historically  necessary,   i.e.,   rightly   against   the   sale   of   Indulgences. 
Sola  Fides    by-passing   and   fatally   ignoring   Sola   Gratia,   was   an  extreme  reactionary   claim    to   an   extremely  both   naive   and   paradoxically   malingering  ( depending  on  the  intelligence-level )   Roman   Catholic   claim   of   what   I   call   the  Mambo-Jumbo  repertory.    
The  bottom  line  is  that  a  Politician   has    duties   towards   Self-Transparency.
To   ensure  this  transparency    Privacy   cannot  therefore   not  be  total.
Mr.  Campbell    practiced  the  slimy/damning  vice   while   wishing  to   give   an  impression   of   a   normal    outstanding    family-man.   
As  I  have    suggested   for  years   in  my   Posts,   there    should  not  be   any  stigma   attached    to   homosexuality  per  se,   one  that   does   not  involve   sodomy,   and   one   who  is   so   acting   should  rather  be   called  a   sarcophile (  lover  of    flesh  regardless  of  gender,   age,   species,  yes,  even  animals.......).   Lesbians   are  in  fact  homosexual   persons  of   the  female  gender  indulging  in   mutual   erotic   carnal    games,    which  can    virtually   imitate   sodomitic   acts.
Although  not  as  objectionable  as   the  real   sodomy    performed   by   male  persons,    they   are   not   as  innocent   as    a   pure   homosexual     non-carnal   attraction.
Masturbation   is   always   a  dangerous   beginning   to   more   serious    distortions   but   may    have   some    justification   in  the   real  world.
No  one  appears   to  be  able   to    take  me  up   on  these    fundamental   distinctions  that   should  actually    give  me   fame  and  praises  as  they   can   comfort   many   who  are   homosexuals   without  being   practicing   sarcophiles.  
Freedoms/liberties/human  rights   depend  on  the  prior   performance  of   duties,  i.e.,   the  observance  of   some  minimum   ethical   standards,   else   Democracy   becomes    a  horrible   self-delusion.

Post 276. Northern Italian Mafiosi. The Mafia Virus is catching..

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Blogger's  Comments-: Northern  Italian  Mafiosi...........The   Mafia-Virus   is  catching  and   affecting  the   whole  LEGA   PADANA   ( led   by  Senator  Bossi ) (  'Padana '  is a  word   related   to  the   Po   river  that   gives   North-Italy  its   agricultural    potential   )-:    Aaahhh   cornuti.........!
How  can   anyone   clean   up   Italy  (  Europe )  without   hanging,  drawing    and   quartering these  bastards?
Sacking  them  is    not   enough  as  they   return  by  some   other  way   to  the   top-levels,   pushed  up   again   by  the  Mafia-infiltrators   everywhere.
They  and   members   of  their   extended   families   should  be  barred   from   Public  Service    for  a  couple  of   generations.
Moreover   their  Bank  Accounts  and   Fixed  Capital  Holdings should  be  investigated,     explanations supplied of   the  history   of   funds   held  there and  of  the  acquisition  of   Fixed   Capital,     their  confiscation......................................... etc., etc. etc.
The issue of double and triple income earners working for the  relation  to  the    1800 billions-Euros-debt    oppressing  European    Economy   and  endangering   the  World's   Economy.       
The issue of double and triple income earners working for the State is a scandal that cannot be allowed to continue. The "MoVimento 5 Stelle" is demanding the resignation of Roberto Rosso, Deputy in the Capital and Councillor on the Piedmont Regional Council. Mr. Rosso (a native of Casale Monferrato, Ed.) was absent for reasons of ill health when the Piedmont Regional Budget was under discussion. Apparently in search of some sort of treatment for his ailment, however, he went to Rome to cast his vote at the Chamber of Deputies. The least we can expect is for him to gracefully tender his resignation. But Mr. Rosso is not the only one. There are indeed hundreds of individualssufficient grounds for laying charges of misrepresentation against Roberto Rosso. With your help, this blog will publish a list of names of people holding multiple posts. People that make me sick to my stomach. Government employees’ salaries, which amount to little more than one thousand Euro a month on average, are being frozen for three years by Tremorti while he and his buddies are feasting on caviar and champagne, but for how much longer? The end-of-break bell is already sounding.   I will be checking with our attorneys to find out whether there are sufficient grounds for laying charges of misrepresentation against Roberto Rosso. With your help, this blog will publish a list of names of people holding multiple posts. People that make me sick to my stomach. Government employees’ salaries, which amount to little more than one thousand Euro a month on average, are being frozen for three years by Tremorti while he and his buddies are feasting on caviar and champagne, but for how much longer? The end-of-break bell is already sounding. Ps: Roberto Rosso is Labour Councillor, perhaps that’s why he has two jobs.
"The dis-Honourable Roberto Rosso, deputy in Rome as well as Vice-Chairman of the Regional Junta and Labour Councillor of the 9th Legislature in Piedmont, is apparently struggling to meet his multiple commitments resulting from his multiple posts. The entire discussion of the Piedmont Regional Budget went ahead within the Regional Council in the absence of both Regional Premier Cota, who is apparently also fascinated by Tremonti’s interim budget, and the vice Chairman of the Regional Council. What a pity that while Cota was on leave for institutional reasons, Rosso claimed to be absent for reasons of ill health. The fact remains that, on 25 May, Rosso was indeed presentChamber of Deputies! So much for his health problems, indeed we congratulate him on the miraculous recovery! The day after, he was unable to return to Turin because, notwithstanding the fact that he is Labour Councillor, he was apparently unaware of the strike by Sagat employees working at Caselle Airport (perhaps he is totally unaware that there is another airport at Malpensa, which the Lega ally campaigned for in his election campaign, and also other airports, as well as the trains). We are beginning to think that this it is high time to put a firm stop to this business of multiple posts (a prime example being Lega member Buonanno who, in addition to being Regional Councillor and Parliamentary Deputy, also appears to be Mayor of Varallo Sesia   [ one of  the  most    beautiful   Alpine    multi-layered    towns,    rising  from  the    valley   up  to  almost  the   snow-line,  a  fairy-like  setting...........polluted  by   a   disgraziato  such  as   Rosso,   once    governed   by   a  Marques   FERRERI,   now   debauched   by  these    goat-herders  in the   name  of    democratic    freedom   to   steal   the  fornicating  masses   blind   and   to  sabotage     Europe ]   Deputy Mayor of Borgosesia) (so much for the Lega Nord's slogan that goes “Thieving Rome”, Ed), which has also spread to Piedmont regional and Turin municipal councillors such as Carossa, Goffi, Cerutti and Ravello, the latter also being Environmental Councillor.
In this regard, we wish to announce the establishment of a Facebook Group called “Rosso dimettiti" (Rosso resign) while, as regards the 5-Star MoVement Council Group, we are already busy working both in court and in council chambers to address the issues of incompatibility and ineligibility. Any information that you let us have regarding the elected councillors for your area could prove to be extremely useful." MoVimento 5 Stelle Piemonte
for the vote in the and

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Post 275. The Quest for JUSTICE or the Holy Grail.

The   Quest  for  JUSTICE  
or  the   HOLY  GRAIL.
The  Holy   Grail   signifies   JUSTICE ,  an   absolute  to  me,    and  I  believe   it   did   so  to   the   Templars    as   the  cathalysts   and   representatives  of   the   Sumerian/Mesopotamian    Tradition   in   so  far   as   this   inspired   all   Scriptural    thought,   and  I   do  not   say   writings   as   some  of  these    are   suspect,    suppressed   and/or  manipulated/biased.    The   Templars attempted   to    carry  out   their  Policing   Duties   against   all   odds,    as   the  result    of    a   lack  of   communication,   until     infiltrated/dissolved.   This   is   why  the   Mormons   talk   so  much   about   Restoration  rather  than   and/or  in  addition   to  Reformation.     Martin  Luther    whose   Theology   and    Scriptural  understanding    is   not  perfect  (   so   one  needs   to   remain   critical    about   sola  Fides.....),    and  no  one   born   of    woman   is   so   or   ever    knows   all,    did   not   go   far   enough    with   a  Restoration   as  he   did   not   know   enough,    then..............What  he   did    was  a    daring   and   large    jump   anyway.......................
What  we  have   to-day,     if   one   is   wealthy,  is   lots  of  FREEDOM    to   go   to  HELL   with.  If   one   is  poor,  ungifted,  unskilled,  weack,      woe    to    him/her!

In  the  absence  of  Justice,  or   in    the  presence   of    a   hypocritical   malicious  appearance   of   one,    a   slave   in  Roman   times,   protected   by Slave-Laws   was   better   off   than  a  poor  bastard   to-day,   fallen  by  the   road-side.
The   USA   has   more  than   a  million   women   at  risk   sleeping   in   vehicles   or   in  the  streets.    The   Political   GURUS   say  
" Aahh,   but  this  it    is    statistically   acceptable  measured    against   the   total  population.......".    The    larger   the   demographic  escalation   becomes   the  more  acceptable   the  scenario   becomes. 
Like   the  rats  in  the  laboratories.  
JUSTICE  is   a  large,  large   step   above   FREEDOM  on   the   ladder  of   Realities   and   Ideas  and   unlike  Freedom   with   its    complementary   Duties,   has  no  complementary   ideas.   That   is   why  we   call  it   an   absolute.    The   mistake  of   modern   Democrats  is   to   consider    Freedom  as  an  absolute  as   if    it   were   the   same   as   JUSTICE.

Whereas  Individual   Freedom  can  and  does    work   against   Justice   by    negating  Collective  Freedom,   and   vice-versa.
So,   the   American   MASONS   and   their   puppeteers   the  French   Rationalists    remained   in    1789,    ARE   still,   in   a   doomeed,   democratic   scenario,   one   step   below   the   true   ancient    AIM    or   Holy  Grail   of    Sumerian  Tradition:   i.e.,    A  Godly,    Just  Government.    
How   could   enlightened,   mighty,    intelligent   men   such   as   they   were (   we   are  referring   to   giants   such   as   George  Washington,    etc.  ).............go   so   wrong,   be  so   naive  in  their   Constitution,    miss  the  true,   higher   goal?
Let  us    just   make  one   example   for    education's   sake,   not   for   a    personal    condemnation  as  we  all   are  not  innocent,  in   the   spirit  of    the  great   Apostle,   
St.  Paul   of  Tarsus,  in  the  name  of  
Western  Reformation    and    Restoration. 
One  of  the  Founding  Fathers,    Thomas  Jefferson,   loved   to    have  sexual  relations    with   some   of   his   African-ladies   and   even  impregnated   them.    If   this   is   what   Freedom   means,    than   this   is    unti-ethical,      unti-christian   and   unti-Justice,   since    I   take   it   he  had  a   wife   and   children............a   family.  
He   was   a   perfect    hypocrit,   worthy  of   the    worst    company   from   among   the    corrupt   members   of   the  Clergy   and   of  the   Nobility   of   the    European    Renaissance.
The   so  much  abused/criticised   Middle  Ages    were,  in   contrast  to  our   modern  democratic   societies,  in    relation   to  the  paucity  of   resources   and  the    primitive   development,   a  self-reforming    scenario,  owing   to  the    ongoing   existence  of   some  righteous    warrior  ( i.e.,  the  Templars )  fighting  off    some   corrupt   member  of   their  class.
This   remained    so   until    the  Monarchies   became   absolute  and/or  Parliaments   corrupt.    
The  Founding  Fathers  of   the   U.S.A.  were  all  Masons  as  Dan  Brown   writes  in   his  non-committal,     inconclusive,    cowardish/reporting    style,    in   his  latest   work   "The  Lost  Symbol ".
He   misses  the   conclusions   I  am   making   without   the  rewards   he  is  reaping   for   his    lukewarm   involvement    in     his    important   scenario-reportage,    designed   to    not  upset     anyone,   to   not   make   waves.
He   mentions   for   example   and   I   thank   him   for  the  INSIGHT   he   caused  me   to   achieve,  that   the   Masonic   Founding  Fathers    and   their    inspirers,   the   French  Revolutionaries    are   the    erectors   of    the    statues  of   LIBERTY   in    New  York   Harbour (  made  in  France   by  the   way)  and  on  top   of  the   Capitol.
How  unacceptable    from   such    lofty   historical    figures!
Remove   the    Flame  of   Enlightenment   and  replace  it   with   the  Balance  of  Justice  please!   You  are   FAKES!
Dan  Brown  may  be  a  good  reporter  but   is  a   mediocre    personality/character,   a  typi  cal    American   dollar-maker.
We  are     surrounded   by   an   ocean   of    moral   mediocrity   and  decay!
However,    as  is  the  case    for  Sir   Laurence   Gardner,  Dan  Brown,    and   people   like   them,   thanks   anyway   for   and  in   spite  of  their   self-uncommitting   reportage.
JUSTICE    requires    good ( ethical ),   honest,  incorruptible/unselfish   Government.
Where   do   we   get   the   men   to-day?
Show  a   'pussy'  or  a   'cock'  or     some   equivalent  temptation   to  any  Police  Constable/Public  Servant   and   he/she   shall   most   assuredly,    salivate,    swallow   and   dribble............and   fail.   Just   pay  attention  to   and  meditate    about    the  latest  Australian   T-V-Show,   technically  well    made,   "UNDERBELLY ",   substantiated   by   recent   scandals,    i.e.,  poor    local   Victorian  Minister  for  Transport   Mr.  Campbell.   
I  know   I  am   different    in   spite   of    my   acting,   writing   and    talking,   sometimes   as  a   is  all  a  facade   and   helps   to   focus.........................
and    bypasses  all   the  swallowing,   dribbling   and   salivating   as  one  cannot   do  two   things   simultanously.
     We  should    bring   back    Abbeys    and  Monasteries/Training  Camps    without   too  much  Mumbo-Jumbo,   where   the   best  is  trained   in   seeing    TRUE  REALITY.    Show   them    what   happens   to  all   the  piss-farter-rounders   after   a  few   years  of   over-indulgence.      Publish  statistics  of   how   many    criminals    and  drug-pushers,    self-inflicted-Aid-sufferers,       STDs   sufferers,    we   have  in   each   suburb,    no  names   just   numbers.      Make    everyone   compete    toward   achieving    moral   improvement.     Call    what   is    evil   bad   not   by   some   neutral  name.    For  example,     there   is  nothing   wrong   against   Homosexuality,   per   se,    what  is   wrong   is   Sodomy,   i.e.,    to    place   homosexuals  and    flesh-lovers/sarcophiles  ( regardless of   gender,     age,    species [  there  are   some   who   go   for   animals  in   bestiality]............)      in  the  same   bag.        Print   photos  of   the   heap   of    drug   self-administering    syringes    discarded   in    the  back-lanes.   Call   it   a   Crime-Awareness-Campaign.   Show   how   bad   the    Society   is    without   claiming    extravagant,   non-existing    perfections.
In   times  now  bygone,   this    was  a    duty of    the    honest,   daring    Clergy  of   the  Christian   Churches.     Something   of   the  sort    is   already   being   done   in    relation   to the   damage    resulting  from    cigarette-smoking,   in   the  form  of    the  ravages    of    tar-induced-cancers..............
Society    has  a   right   to   know. 
Ban    advertisements   such   as   "  Anyone  can  get   HERPES  "  and   its    alluring   set   of    knickers   associated    with    clean,    harmless  sexual   relations.
Herpes   is    filthy   like  all   STDs   are!
Promiscuity   spreads   and   generates   these.
Individuals    who   engage  in   sexual  relations   knowing   about  their   state  of    uncleanness,   without    telling   their  partners,   should    be   prosecuted   by  Laws.
The  Medical   Profession    should   report  their  condition   and   condition   of   uncleanness   to   a   National    Register.
The   Catholic   Church   is    being   criticised   for  its  silence   about  the   paedophiliacs.    What  makes   self-inflicted    STDs   sufferers    different   from   paedophiliacs?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Post 273. Sexual Abuses.

Comments  by   Blogger-:  The  Roman  Catholic  Apostolic   Church   is   a   valuable,  irreplaceable,    yet- unequalled,     from   now   on   even   non-imitable,    educational   Institution,   carrying   out   essential  good  works,   considering   the  down-hill  trend  of  western   and   global   morality.    
Yes,     one  must  admit  there  are  members    within    it   who  are   grossly   unworthy   of   its     high   standards  and  Traditions   and   these  men   and    women   should    just  get   out  or  be   kicked  out,  to   resume   lower   positions  in  Society. 
This  should   be   so  in  the  impossibility    nowadays   to    apply   the   ancient     prescribed   correctives.   
Unworthy  members   are  not  a  novelty  in   such  a    vast  Institution    such   as  the   RCC  is.   The  Reformation  of    whole   Abbeys  and  Monasteries  has  been  a  continuous    activity    all   through    the   History  of   the   Church   and   measures  taken    were  very  drastic   and   harsh  at  times,    such   as  a   democratic    society    would   not  accept   to-day.
In   Civil  Law    rapists    were  castrated  in  Normandie   in  the   days   of   William  the  Conqueror.
And  modern  societies   are  the  least  qualified   or   justified    to  criticise  and ever  claim  a   right  or    capacity   to  tell    the   Roman  Catholic  Church    about   how   to   solve  its   problems    in    view  ot  the  general  failure   of  these  same   societies    to  solve    their  problems,    like    corrupt   Politicians   and  Police,    certainly  not  caused    by   the  Roman  Catholic  Church.
So,  in  the  name of  the  RCC   I   say   to   you   Mongrels-: "  Shut   your  traps ".
It   is  clear  that   many   among  the   Bishops    whose  task  has   been  to   select   the   applicants   to   the   lofty  and  prestigious    Church    positions,    related   to  the   functions  of  the   Roman  Priesthood,    and    Religious  Brotherhood/Sisterhood    have   failed    in    their   duties   either   because  of   their    own    lack  of   capacity,   of   their  own   mediocrity,     or   as   the  result  of  the    application  of   Mumbo-Jumbo   Rules  and   Beliefs   to-day    made    obsoleted   by   the    impossibility  of   applying   the    prescriptions,  penalties,    corrections    once   considered   to  be   essential   to  Reformation,     made   possible/allowed  then  by  a   social/institutional   fabric   that   had   its    justification   in   the   morally   strict,   stoic-like,   spartan    in   so  far   as   the  application  of   corrections    were    concerned,    yet   compassionate  in  so  far  as    the  understanding   of   human    frailty   was    concerned,   in    the   ancient   Roman  Age   and   in  the   Middle  Ages,    now   superseded    by    democratic   interpretations   of   human   rights  not  consistently     matched    by    their  complementary   human   duties,     which   deny  the   Church   the   application    of   the    ancient    correctives   and  physical   penalties.
If   the  Church   were   to    apply   the    ancient  correctives,     the  general  public    would    rise  and    condemn  harsh   measures    in    the   name   of    modern    human   rights.
Many    blame    the    forced   celibacy   of  Priests   and   of    the   Religious    for  the   distorted    sexual   practices    of   some   Religious  persons.   Yet,   marriage  is  not   a    guarantee    about     orthodoxy   in  sexual  mores,    nor  faithfulness  to    the    marriage-bond  as  sexual  libertinage  and/or  sexual   un-orthodoxy   has  never  been  greater   than   what  is  witnessed   to-day   among   our  modern  married  couples.
So   what  are   you  Mongrels  talking   about.
I   believe   the  RCC    needs    Reformation   as    every   Religious  Institution   does,   all   the   time. 
But  I  love   the   RCC  passionately,    as  I   do   good    girls,   its   hospitals,    its   good   religious,   its    ethos,   its  potential   for  good.  The  RCC  is  the   best!
As   I   hate   passionately   the   Mafiosis    who    tend   to   corrupt  it!
Now    coming   to  the  victims   of    sexual   abuses  or  paedophilia.
There  is  a  Saint  of  the  RCC,    Santa  Maria   Goretti,     canonised   in   the  1800,    whoas  a  young    girl    was  stabbed  to  death by  her   would-be    abuser    for   refusing   co-operation,   submission   to  his   intent.
It  takes  two   to   Tango   is  the  old   saying.
Most   of  these  abuses  and  are   abuses,    occurr    repeatedly   for  a long   time,  even years,   during   an  institutional  life-time   of  the    victim.    Most  of  the  time,    the    companions  of  the  victim   know  about  it,  see  it  occurring.    Age   does  not  really  come  in   as  I  know    that    a  normal   male    child    becomes   aware  of   sexuality,   not  clearly  so,   but   clearly  and   intuitively    enough     even   when   only   six-seven.
I  had  when  six  and  a  half,   while   attending    first    Elementary,   the  experience  of   an  Egyptian   young   man  esposing   himself   to  me    on  a   College-Bus,   who  was  attending    the    higher  classes  (   Gymnasium or  Lyceum)   at  the same  Catholic   College   of   the  Freres (  Brothers)  de  Bab-El-Louk  I  was  attending.   I  immediately   knew   it  was    an   evil/base   act   and    objected   and  reported   it  to   my   father   when   on  Leave   from   the    Royal   Navy    as  it   was  then    WWII.   I  was  not  popular    with   the  Freres who    considered  me,  in  spite  of  my   British   Citizenship    a    Mussolini,  wing  to   my     surname,  an   Italian   form  of  the  de  Ferrariis   surname,   which    is   paradoxically  a   romanised   Breton/Celtic   surname.   The  French  Freres    were  in  fact  obsessed      with their    PR   with   their   'fuckumitic'   Islamic  Egyptian    students.   I  have  had   to   put  up   with   these   idiosincrasies  all   my  life........But   there   was  no  repetition   and    I   went  to  Italy    soon   after   when  the   WWII   ended.
As  I  said   I   could  have    had  a  propensity   for  popularity,    going    with   the    waves,  and    co-operatd   with the   'fuckumite '.   
I  did  God's   election   and  Grace.  Let   us   analise  motivations,   temptations,    in   addition   to  natural  propensities  one  is  born    unfortunately   with.
It  takes  two   to   Tango.   There    must  be   acceptance   and    response.    The    abuser     generally   offer   some  inducement.......
privilege,   favouritism,   etc.  The   abused    accepts  as   he/she    is  attracted   by  thre  inducemenrt.    The   scenario    would  not    continue   unless   this   were    so.   I   doubt  in  fact   that    the  element   of  pleasure    would  exist  as   an    attraction   on  the   side  of  the   abused   who    at    that  age   is  not  ready   for  the   general    brutality   of   the   event.  The   abusers  are  on  the  other   hand    con-artists,   dissemblers,  liers  ajnd  this   is   where     I   criticise  the    Church   for its   incapacity   to     filter    these   bad  elements.  
But this  is  where  the   Mumbo-Jumbo  of  the    Middle-Ages  comes  in   to   allow   all   the  charade   to   take  place, that  has  no place   any  longer   since   the  complementary  corrective     system    has   become  obsoleted   and   cannot  be  used   as  considered  to-day  to  be   too  harsh  and    anti-human   rights.
In  the   Middle  Ages,    if  one   survived  the  Inquisition,  which     decided   about  the  redimeability of  the  offender,  one  ended   in   an   Order    with   a   harsher    discipline  than  the   state   in   which  one  had   committed   the  infraction.   And  that  was   no  picnic......just take   my   word.  To-day  most  Priests   and   Religious,  at   least   in  Australia,   live  in   much   better    conditions   and   with   higher  standards   than   those   I    live  in.  Every   state  of    life  has   its    advantages   and   disadvantages.    There  cannot  be   Reformation    without    self-deprivation,   renunciation,    some    self-induced    or   voluntarily  accepted   hardship.                       


Sexual   Abuses.
Comments  on      
Follow the link to read the post:

From an outsider's point of view, the under-reported cases of pedophilia in the Church by Italian media fails to give readers the breadth and depth of the phenomena. And it also seems to me that anybody dealing with that issue is viewed as an enemy of the Church. Case in point: last Thursday, Santoro showed the problem on Annozero. As is in Santoro's style the issue was dealt with frankness and thruth. It must have been traumatizing for believers to take it all in but, going from there to Paragone accusing Santoro of trying to detach believers from the Church tells me that Paragone, at best, missed the point. Santoro doesn't denounce the Church per se, nor does he underestimate the Church's mission as caretaker of the poor and the weak, nor does he necessarily crucify the individual pedophile. Santoro merely points out how the hierarchy of the Church covered-up a sin and how the victims were abandoned. I know it's not an easy thing to accept, but it's also a hard thing to deny. Yet, there is more to come: if reports of women forming a movement seeking justice for having been sexually abused by priests is correct, the Church hierarchy had better brace for second scandal. Even though studies say that 81% of the victims were boys, researchers also say it takes thirty years for a victim to report hers or his child abuse. If they're correct the Church may be forced to ride the sexual abuse storm for years to come since female servers were only allowed to serve in the seventies.
Posted by: Louis Pacella | May 22, 2010 08:57 PM

Post 273. The solution for the Euro and Europe.

The solution for the Euro and Europe.
We could perhaps ask the Mafia to  SALVAGE   ITALY in Exchange for favourable laws,   perhaps  this  is  why   Southern Europe    has   reached   the  present  level   of    a  Pinocchio   scenario.  
Perhaps   become  a  huge  PAPAL   STATE,   run   by  the   Mafia   with   INFINITE   INDULGENCES    and    INDULTI  
I   doubt  the   Germans    would   stomach   having   to  nurse   Italy   without   the   freedom   to   clean  up   the  Mafia   first.   
I  can  already  hear   the  Italian  Pinocchio   population    cry  out    at   racism,   anti-democratic    solutions,   human   rights   for  the terrorrists............................   
Italians,    please   
listen  to  the  Pope   preaching  restraint  and    discipline,  duties   and   suffering........
and   hang   the   Mafiosis   before   it   is   too  late.
The economy has disappeared from the front pages of the newspapers and from the television news headlines and has become yesterday’s news. Yet the Milan Stock Exchange continues to lose more of its already scant value. The Telecom Italia share price has dropped below the one Euro level and now stands at 0.972. The share price of Intesa San Paolo, the Country’s largest bank, have shed 33% of their value since the beginning of the year (*). In general, share prices have lost between 20 and 30% of their value. Ms. Merkel has stated repeatedly, on several occasions, that the Euro is at risk. The reason for its collapse is the level of National debt. The Government bonds that underpin the debt of the PIIGS could turn into scrap paper at any moment, as occurred in Greece. National debts converted into government bonds are the equivalent of the toxic derivatives that have caused banks to fail worldwide. After the banks fail, Countries themselves begin to fail. Now, in order to keep the Euro alive, Germany will have to step in and underpin the National debt of Countries like Italy by buying up Tremorti’s debt. But why should they have to do this? In Germany, the citizens pay their taxes while in Italy, tax evasion is estimated to amount to 130 billion Euro per year. In Germany, there is no fraud amounting to hundreds of millions of Euro against the EU, there are no Mafia groups turning over somewhere between 100 and 150 million Euro every year and corruptiondelay going on pensionpublic debt and deficit limits be established for member States and that any Country that doesn’t comply with these limits be expelled. Tremorti has met with the individuals that we inexplicably insist on referring to as ministers but who, without Berlusconi, would be nothing more than mere trainee pen-pushers in some or other public body or perhaps station toilet cleaners. Tremorti has threatened to resign unless cost cuts amounting to 24 billion Euro are implemented. He of all people should know that we need to cut at least 100 billion and that no elected government can afford to impose that kind of budget cut on its Country’s citizens, not even spread out over time. In 2010 alone, while our public debt is increasing at the rate of 100 billion per year, Tremorti will have to sell a few hundred billion Euro worth of fixed term government bonds. But who on earth is going to buy them? Unless the EU buys them up, which it won’t, the holiday is over. We could perhaps ask the Mafia to buy them in Exchange for favourable laws. Now there’s an idea. Tremorti should think about doing that. Perhaps that’s his last hope before he hops on a helicopter. The best option nevertheless remains that of selling Italy off to Germany in exchange for a debt write-off. That way Italy would become Germany’s southernmost protectorate, a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. Merkel for president. Now! doesn’t drain 50 billion Euro like it does here in Italy, so why should the Germans help us? Why should the German citizens have to do without social services or have to because of criminal mismanagement of public funds over the past 25 years by the likes of Craxi and Berlusconi? Ms. Merkel insists that
(*) data as at 20/5/2010.
Ps.: A "No smog parade" will be held in Florence on Saturday 22nd, a demonstration against the smog and traffic induced stress, against allergies and tumours and against the non-compliance of the public administrations. The appointment is for 14.30 in Piazza della Repubblica. Come by bicycle or use public transport to get to the demonstration!

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Post 270. Theological & Historical Ruminations.

 General  Theological  &  Historical   Ruminations  Leading  to  a  Greater   Understanding   of   the  Roles  of  the   Order  of  Knight-Templars. 

  "Italian   Families   of  'gensferreria......'..."
written   for   my   book   still   under  Redaction,   
"  The  Collection ".
Issues  are   discussed   at   this  stage   which    open   the   way   to  some   historical/theological    considerations,    which    allow    the    introduction  of  the Order of  the  Templars   in  its    unsuppressed    key.  The  interest  in   the  Order  of   the  Templars    is   the  result   of   Members  of    'gensferreria'  having  continuously    participated   in  foundations  and  activities   of    the   Order    since    its   foundation   in  1090 AD
 The  Carolingians   had   always   been   poor  in  the  cavalry--  arm,  and  this   weackness  was   the  result   of   the   little   known  fact  that,   although    Charlemagne   was  able   to  field    about    500,000   heavy   infantry   and  to    keep  it   supplied,  with  great  difficulty,   for   a    limited   time,    say   about  three-four  months,   since   he   lacked    a  feudal   system   and    had   adopted    centralisation  and   absolutism,  a  retrogressive   step,  in  the   absence  of  the    Roman-type  Public Administrative    Service,    he   did   not  have  access   to   the  relatively  heavy  cavalry   of  the  Roman    model    that   had    become   the   special  military  resource  of  the  Armorican   Romanised   Celts   in   Brittany   and    to    a   lesser  extent  in   Normandie,    one   that   had    allowed    the   attaining  of   a   draw    against   the   Huns  at   the  battle  of   Chalons-sur-Marne   in   ca.   455 AD   and    the    victory  of   Poitier   by    Charles  Martel   in   732 AD  against  the   invading   Saracens. 
   In  fact,   while  the  Merovingians   had    received  the   allegiance    of   the   Armoricans   (   Brittany-France ),  on   the  basis   of   their   common    recognition    of    the   alliance   to  their   previous   rulers,    the  Western   Roman  Empire   of   Emperor   Honorius  (  394--423  AD),     Charlemagne  had    alienated   them    with    his    absolutism   and   centralisation  of   power.
Without   heavy   cavalry  Charlemagne   lacked   the    capacity   for   deep   penetrations  into   enemy-territory,   without  a    prior,  long   and   extensive  time  of   consolidation   and   a   build-up  of   local    power   in   conquered   territory   requiring  a   whole  generation    to  pass,   and   could  not  hold    conquered    lands    from    opponents   able   to  raid   in  depth   with   even   light  cavalry,   as  the  case   were   to  be    with   the   Breton/Normans,   the   Saracens,  the  Byzantinians    and   the   Magyars  ( modern  Hungarians).
This   is   why  Charlemagne,   in   spite  of   his   military  capacity as   a  leader,   and  a  very  long    life  as  a   ruler,   was    compelled    to   limit    his   conquests    to   the   occupation  of  Saxony,    the   Septimania   in  the   South   of  France   which   included   a  limited  territory  in  Spain,     and    to   a   stalemate   in   Southern   Italy,     facing   the    Saracens   who  had   occupied  Sicily,   the   Puglie,     and   Calabria.     This  is   evidenced    by    Maps   of   the  Carolingian   scenario     showing   Brittany   as   an   independent   and   autonomous   Region,   ruled   by    descendents  of  the  Merovingian   Princes    belonging   to   the  Desposiniic   Sang-Real. 
This  was   finally   demonstrated   when  the  Carolingians  lost   their   hold  of  the   imperial  crown    which  passed    to   Otto  I  of  the  Saxon  Dynasty  after  the   Battle  of   Lechfeld    in   955 AD    when    Otto   defeated    the    Hungarians   who  had     been  raiding  Europe    for  about  150   years,  unchallenged.
The    Saxons   had  in  fact   been  able  to  benefit  from  the   improvements    achieved   by   the   Bretons  and   Normans   in   horse-breeding   and  cavalry--equipment (  including  the  breeding   of  horses  that   produced   the     medium-weight,  flexible   and  versatile   Andalusian--type   used   by  William   the  Conqueror )  and  tactics   that    they   had   not   share  with  the  Carolingians   as   the   latter   had   been   denying,   since  the   times  of   Charlemagne,   these   two   ancient   regions  of  France,   their    ancient  priviledges  and  rights    given  them   by  Emperor   Honorius,   394-423 AD.
So,   while North Italy   may  have   been   influenced   by   Carolingian    culture,    the  South   of   Italy,  including  Sicily,   was   not.
Italian    members  of    “gensferreria/ferraria”    did  not   therefore    receive  that   training   in   cavalry    lore   that   their  Northern   cousins   developed   for   Europe   on  the   foundation  of  the  roman  model.  

Under an Imperial/Papal   domination/competition and influence, which soon developed into the struggles between the Guelfs 
( Imperial ) and the Ghibelllines ( Papal )-followers, which even shaped the crenellations on their castle-walls, Italian nobles were directed/encouraged  towards   the   exercising  of    the   Arts of Diplomacy, of the Merchant, of the Banker, Armour-making and trading, and the Whool/Clothes-trades and manufacture.
For example, the Ferrero of Biella following an adoption by a member of the Fieschi House, soon became Bankers and Minters of Money for the Papacy, a privilege they retained and exercised until the end of the Feudal System, in the times of the French Revolution.
As shown in the case of the English Ferrers, the Templar tradition has been very strong and determining of the History of their House    and    Branches and similarly of all the other great Houses of the Early Middle Ages, exercising their power from the English Midlands, known in pre-Hasting-Britain as Mercia, prior to the rise in the  power of the English Monarchy, aided by its meretricious
Parliaments, bent on unwisely controlling and reducing the balancing power vested in their Nobility. In a different way, however with a worse outcome, King Louis XIV’s excesses were achieved and perpetrated through his planned corruption and weackening of the moral fibre of his Nobility when he concentrad it in Versailles under his total control. The Syon Cope, a priestly-vestment displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum is an important and powerful symbol/icon of these alliances based and linked   together by  Templar  Power  and  Traditions   in  the    English  Midlands.

Before talking of the Templar Order, one should receive more
information regarding the complex Christian, European/Middle-Eastern/Sumerian scenario, without the pre-judices resulting from much  malingering and the suppressed truth.

My   aim  is  a  modern   synthesis   based  on  reform   rather  than   exclusive   destruction/violence   and   revolution.    

I have previously mentioned the conversion of the Franks to the type of Roman Catholicism which was  in  accordance   with  the
Constantinian political-policy and world-view,  then  prevailing, with   its   own   historical  reasons,    therefore historically/pragmatically justifiable, although requiring to-day reformation an a new synthesis.
The judaeo-christian religious picture is confused------due to suppression of knowledge by the   Constantinian   Roman Church---- about the greater complexity of the real scenarios then in existence, as these appeared to exist,   in accordance to writers such as Sir Laurence Gardner, who  is   himself   confused,   and even in a smaller measure Edward Gibbon.    According to Gardner, sustained  by a vast array of Bibliographical works, it appears that in Northern Europe, particularly so in the British Islands as well as in Southern France there existed in the times of the Merovingians, in a more or less strong competition with the Constantinian trend of Christianity in  Rome,   branches of Christianity which drew their traditions predating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, from ancient Sumerian sources brought to Europe by ancient Israelitic migrations from the Middle East, some of these even drawing back to the times of King Zedekiah blinded by the Babylonians and of Hebrew Prophets such as Jeremiah and Ezekiel, who are believed to have landed in Ireland in ca. 590 BC. Althouh these traditions may appear to be far fetched, these traditions cannot be ignored and swept under a carpet, in the same way that the broad, cultural band of scriptural myths cannot.
We   are  dealing   here   with   Belief/Faith  rather  than  with  Truth   and   Myths   are   important,   the   alternative   being    a   Cultural/Ethical   Gap/Vacuum,   with   resulting  Chaos   and  Anarchy     labelled    Freedom   that  ignores   Duties,   hence   resulting  in  the   Reign   of  Injustice.   While  these  traditions, even when derived from events which are said to have occurred before the birth of Jesus, have come to accept Jesus of Nazareth as the descendant of King David, as the Sang Real, or Holy Grail of the later Templars, they have not accepted Jesus, as Arianism did not, as the Christ or Son of God, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, God Himself, the homeostatic unity of a Perfect Divine Being, i.e., the Word, incarnated in the Perfect Man Jesus of Nazareth, born of Mary, conceived through the agency of the Holy Spirit………… understanding confirmed at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and defined by and promulgated in what is known to-day as the Formula of Chalcedon at a later Council held at Chalcedon in 451 AD.

Many of the traditions and beliefs held in the North of Europe which have also become known as Christian, have maintained links with esoteric forms of knowledge which drew their sources from ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia, the undeniable cradles of all Scriptural  traditions,   myths,   people,   history and Civilisations which originally contributed to our present generally accepted one, defined as judaeo-christian.
Even from the point of view of the genetic origins of Scriptural people, the Y-DNA Haplogroups of some of them, except the E1b... which reached Europe mainly via North Africa and Spain, arrived to Europe from their place  of   departure   north   of    Lake Victoria in Africa, via Mesopotamia and the Middle East.
It is a proven fact that people of the Semitic type of the I, J......
Haplogroups had already reached Scandinavia and the British Islands as early as 35,000-25,000 BC when the LGM ( Last Glacial Maximum)   occurred that closed the migratory routes. It should not be difficult to also accept later movements of semitic people using the same treks.
Successive migrations of other groups including the R1b and R1a as well as the E1b--type, followed after the end of the LGM in ca. 10,000 BC .
It follows that religious/cultural divergences that have been latent for centuries  in Europe have kept on surfacing during the course of European History and are still doing so to-day among various groups of  people. 
In ancient times, these differences resulted in religiouswars as these differences became manipulated and exploited by leaders of various communities, villages, towns, nations, political, ethnic groups etc. All in the name of the same and one God uttered in different ways.
Roman  Catholic Constantinianism bitterly fought all these divergent traditions which valued, desiring to propagate and perpetuate it, Sumerian esoteric knowledge, often of a mythological source, which sourced most scriptural writings. It is a generally accepted fact that the Hebrews became extremely racial and fanatical about the alleged purity of their race, language and history after their return from the Babylonian captivity  in  the  times  of   Cyrus,    the  Emperor  of  Persia,   550-530 BC,   when many of the books of the Old Testament became redacted on the basis of various known sources, as the result of   the  Hebrews' distorted understanding   and belief about their being the only humankind chosen and loved by God whom they saw with the anthropomorphic bias which had  been  criticised   in  earlier   times  by the great Prophets   (  Isiah   ca. 650 BC)  and later   on   by  Early Christianity   (   including  Jesus  of  Nazareth ).
So it came to pass that all other Mesopotamian/Israelitic  influences on their religion became either negated and ignored or mythologised in such a way as to give these influences a negative bias, placing these on the side of sin and impurity.
These views were totally accepted by Constantinianism and given a further Christian bias aiming at the replacement of Judaism with a Christianity    re-born   in   a   Latin   mould.
The Northern-European Christian traditions which came to be correctly embedded in the ancient Mesopotamian moulds as the result of  semitic migrations to the British Islands and to the south of France,    were bitterly fought and discouraged by Rome for the sake of the Unity of the Empire, divided by Gnostic and Arian views.

Sub-Digression Regarding
the Influences on Christian Sects
of Sumerian/Mesopotamic Traditions.

However these memories and traditions survived among the northern   aristocracies of Celtic origins and in France, among those that had come into contact with the Merovingian dynasty which had,    after the times of Clovis, 481-511 AD,  the King of the Franks, been influenced by these migrations from Palestine, even intermarrying  with   their  prominent members.   These    aristocracies   eventually  merged   and    concentrated   their   powers  through  inter-marriages,  in   the  regions  of   the  Champagne,    Flanders,    Belgium,    Holland,   Saxony, the   Luxembourg,    Alsace,  etc.   where   they   still   survive   to-day,   waiting   to   be   called   to   action   again   by  History.
However,    the  West -: 
(1)    Must  not  allow   these    Aristocrats    to    resurrect  the    independent,   competing,   selfish,    Monarchies  of  the   Past,  encouraging   their   representatives   as    belonging   to   a    perpetuated   class  of    people   historically,  intrinsically  devoted   to  our  Civilisation,     to  take  part   in   Government     as  a   'European   Aristocratic   Legislative   Assembly'   in  a   continuous  legislating--dialogue   with   Partliaments  and    senates,  etc.,  
(2)  Must  not  allow    the   Papacy   to    resurrect  the  Papal  States  in  Italy,   in  order  to  maintain   separation  between  State   and  Church,  
( 3 )   Must   declare   Religion  and  Theocracy   to   be  Costitutionally  barred   from   becoming  a  negotiable  political  issue,  regardless  of   any  future  democratic  majority    asking   for  this,  this  to  discourage/exclude  the  possibility   that   any    foreign/criminal     element/clan/race/colour/religious-ideological-group/etc...........from  planning   demographic   expansion  as   the  means   to  achieve    some  political/religious    aim/goal,    against  the   wishes   of  the  minorities,   the  general   spirit,   religious  status   quo   at  the  drafting  of  the  original  Constitution  to    remain   unchanged,   for  the  sake  of  precedent,  as  once  one   begins   drastic   changes,  as for  example   from  Monarchy    to   Republic  or   vice-versa  the  way   becomes   open    to   continuous   changes    exploitable    from   foreign/criminal   groups,
( 4 )   Must    ask  and   encourage   Christian   Churches   to    unite  in   so   far  as    recognising    that    God  is    purely   the   Holy Spirit   and  all  manners  of    worship    are   the    individual    self-expression   of     worship, in  response   to  personally   perceived    revelations  of  the  Holy  Spirit,   none  of   these    being    allowed   exclusivism   and     a  right  to    claims    to   the  possession  of  exclusive  truth. 
(5)  Must   encourage  the    study  of  Ethics,  inclusive  of   all  classical  types,   to  be  made  mandatory    to   all.   There   are  not  many    of  these  systems.      

Sir Laurence Gardner whom I do not believe to be an impostor, and supplies very extensive Bibliographies in support of his information, writes very well about these issues in several of his books, as for example, “ Genesis of the Grail Kings ”. Costantinianism eventually succeeded in predominating above all other Christian sects, however, at every sign of weackness in Rome, these traditions floated to the surface of human consciousness and never became totally eradicated.
Christianity is a system of ethics and transcendental belief that is paradoxical as it opposes the corruption inherent ( I avoid using 'intrinsic to '  ) in Creation.
Paradoxically and perhaps also as the result of ‘large numbers’ as spoken of in Statistics, while Constantinianism periodically tends to become corrupt, for its Theology is delicately balanced, and permanently in a state of fluctuations between truth and hipocrisy, these contrasting traditions are embraced by those who truly or falsely respectively call for Reformation. or just limit themselves to criticise the opponents without offering any solution/plan based on a new synthesis of past suppressed knowledge.
Modern, materialistic, democratic ( worshipping a biased Freedom without Duties, rather than Justice ), badly educated masses lack the abstractedness required to understand these issues and the political sophistical puppets they elect, even less so.
Corruption within the Church of Rome or  other  Churches  and Religions, is generally the result of criminal diabolical infiltrations by elements who wish to use and control its power. These elements in turn influence the choice of leaders etc., triggering a vicious circle, requiring reform.
A theological form of corruption within  Christianity,   is also possible owing to the loss of the equilibrium between the understanding of Jesus having a Divine Nature as well as, homeostatically so, a Human one.
In other words by loosing the balance that the Formula of
Chalcedon warns about but cannot automatically grant without personal understanding and involvement of the reader between a Christology from Above and One from Below, confusion and
corruption is facilitated.
In general, a belief biased/unbalanced toward the Divinity of Christ, similarly to what a Platonic view of morality does, tends to
demoralise the will-to-act and acting itself, by placing more dependence on exterior and divine intervention than on the trained human will itself, directing human religious strength toward theoretical and interiorised acts of worship, like meditation, contemplation, renunciation, withdrawing from the world, dread for the human body’s appetites and of the material/physical world around us. This is the Augustinian view of Catholicism.
I  am  not   a   psychologist  or  a   psychiatrist,    and  cannot    medically/scientifically   explain  these  distortions   and   reversals   of    human   behaviour,    which  can  be  un-conscientious  
(  not  unconscious   per  se)  and    perhaps unaware,   perhaps   these  reversals   are    mental   reactions  intrinsic-to/built-in   the human  psyche,   aiming  at   equilibrium,    but   I   know  that   paradoxically,    behaviour   can    become   the   antithesis,  the  nemesys  of    what   is    declared/preached/desired   as   Belief,   behaviour  can   degenerate   and   result   into    the    reverse   of    what    utterances  and  declarations    state    to  be   the   desirable   norm.    

     St.  Paul    cries   out    as  a   warning   "...............I   do  not    do    what  I   believe    but    what   the   flesh  (  sarkis.......the    'body  of   sin '  prior  to conversion..........the  'body  of   death '   after    conversion   by   sola   fides )    tells     me   to    do.................Who   shall   deliver   us   from   this ? ".
Hence   the    need    for    equilibrium,   balance,    of   a   centre-point,   of   a    hinge---point,    of   a   swerpunkt    around     which    the     drive  of    a     German-Panzer-Regiment's     Blitzhrieg    rotated    in    its    strike   against    the  opponent,   this  case.......SINFUL   BEHAVIOUR.

 A bias toward the Humanity of Christ can follow two diverging paths according to wether one considers Jesus’ humanity as the outward appearance of a puppet energised by the Word, or as a truly real perfect manhood, excluding any divine connection to the Word, that is, two separate wills.

These two biased views of the Humanity of Jesus can drive the human person into fatalisticArianism, very close to Mohammedanism, in which human will plays a very small role in a human life or into one of the various degrees of Gnosticism, in which human will, as the English monk Pelagius believed, is perfectly able to avoid sin, unassisted by Grace, however opposed by Augustine who believes in the necessity of Grace, therefore of a permanent open link between a human being and the Word of God.
A fully drawn out Gnosticism  also  believed  of   course,  in  the   Manichaen  way,   originating  from    ancient   Persia,    in  the existence of two separate and independent Agents, one for Goodness and one for Evil.
As a bottom line though, wether one believes or not in Satan the Devil as a fallen Angel, the fact is that a section of the human
Species has evolved into a collective, quasi-demonic, self-perpetuating,   self-generating even if not eternal or divine, Agency of Evil that is akin to Satan.
In view of the fact that this    Agency  of    Evil  has   grown   so powerful  and   ubiquitous,   that only God can annihilate and extirpate it, it follows that it has, in so far as humankind is concerned, the virtual connotations of a separate/quasi  independent Agent of Evil and that somehow,   a mild,    virtually Gnostic view of the world may not be entirely to be denied,   in   order  to  oppose   it   (  One   must  understand  one's   opponent   in   order   to  fight  it).

End of  a  purely   theological   Sub-Digression.

Rome, in its dread of a return to Arianism, had eventually favoured and encouraged the usurpation of power by the Carolingians from the Merovingians who had become influenced by the ancient diverging Christian traditions which seeked a better understanding of the humanity of Jesus, the possibility that he had married Mary Magdalene and procreated heirs to the Davidic Royal Line, aiming at a European Civilisation governed by the members of the Sang Real, joined under an Assembly or Council, under one single Head, say, an Emperor. Rome wanted instead a single Head consisting of a Pope.
The interferences of the Roman Church destabilised the normal course of this quest, and allowed the rise of a multitude of Monarchies led by these members, all competing among themselves,   encouraging  in  turn  local  languages  that  took  centuries   to   become    viable   and  cultural   differences  so   artificial  that these  are  now   being   abandoned  and  discontinued,    encouraging,   quasi-justifying   continous fratricidal  wars   culminating   in  WWI & II.

At the end of the Carolingian Dynasty, the Empire passed into the hands of a Saxon House when Otto I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor on 2nd February 962 AD.
Most of the early German Emperors had felt the need for a measure of independence from the Popes, however the Papacy in Rome aimed at the total control of the Emperors. The only alternative models of a relationship bewteen State and Church were Islam where the secular-arm ruled the religious one and Byzantium where the Emperor governed with a degree of freedom and independence often challenged by the Church.
Eventually the Papacy in Rome favoured the rise of the European Monarchies so as to be able to divide and rule, however weakening Europe and preparing the ground for the interminable wars including the religious ones and WWI and II. 
One must also note that the Church of Rome and  the  west  it   struggled   to  control  and  direct,   failed  to rescue   the   Orthodox Church from the onslaught of Islam.
It is my opinion that the founding of the Templar order by Sir Geoffrey de Bouillon under the inspiration of St. Bernard de Clairveaux had several motivations-: 

( I ) The reduction of the power of Islam in the Middle East. Islam   had   already   reached India   by   1100  AD. 
( II ) The attainment of access to the ruins of the Temple of Jerusalem so as to be able to dig and look for treasure and documents according to information left by the Prophet Ezekiel/Jeremiah in the care of the ancient holders of the tradition of the Guards of the Temple brought to Ireland    by  one of these Prophets   in  ca.  587 BC. 
( III ) The formation of a military force in Europe, independent from the rising Monarchies and the Holy Roman Emperors, nominally only subjected to the Pope, to be used for the purpose of curbing absolutism and corruption in the Christian world. The aims were not achieved or maintained for long since the founding of the Order in 1099 AD due to members of the nobility looking for a prestigious and secure organisation into which to retire.
The struggle against Islam soon tended to become within the Order of the Templars an exercise of diplomacy, as the result of the presence in the Order of the ancient Sumeric and Mesopotamic traditions which showed how scriptural history and knowledge owes its existence, development and evolution to all people and cultures of Mesopotamia, not just the Hebrews.

Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici.

“Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam ”.
(Incidentally, also the Motto of  the Ferrero of  Biella--Piedmont--Italy ).

Moreover, the emphasis was in this esoteric knowledge to give a pre-eminence to the Holy Spirit, rather than to the Divinity of the Father and/or the Son, in a quasi-monarchic ( Montanism ) and heretical way that could easily do away with the essential Trinitarian mediations and relations of the Father and the Son to and through the Holy Spirit.
I   do  not  mean/intend    in/by  these   comments  and  considerations  to  belittle   these   mediations   and  relations   but  only  to  suggest  that   to  us  the    worshippers  and  believers   these   should   be  a  private  matter  between  the  Persons  of  the   Holy  Trinity   not   externally  affecting   or   concerning  us,  certainly   not    justifying    us  in   our   murderous  reactions  in  our  divisions  and   religious  wars.  
However, in a way not any longer applicable to Christianity but that is still valid for Islam, there is still within the latter and  perhaps   even   Judaism, a    Theocratic obsession   that excludes the value of a dialogue that cannot be mutual. Islam,  or   at  least  an   aggressive   and  active  minority   within   it,  leading  it,   is still committed to the conquest and religious control of all who are non-Moslem.

The second aim was apparently achieved as all alleged texts, documents, the Sacred Ark, and treasure were excavated from under the foundations of the Temple of Jerusalem upon which the Knights had built their headquarters, and everything was successfully brought back to Europe, giving the Order great prestige and power.

As to the regulation/moderation of Monarchic power, this was carried out in England until ca. 1250 and I say this on the basis of what I found out about the Earls of Derby of the noble House of Ferrers who were Templars since the foundation of the Order, having founded a Cistercian Abbey/Monastery at Merevale in
Staffordshire, through the contributions of Robert Ferrers the 2nd Earl of Derby ( 1101-1163 ).

As an example of unavoidable failure in this respect was Italy where being a Templar Knight and carrying out regulatory functions was extremely difficult owing to the fragmentation of that Nation, that generated a great deal of chaos, illegalities and disorders, impossible to correct and control in the piece-meal-wise way the Templars acted. Moreover much of the disorder was caused by Papal Policies and political interferences.

Note-:The silver and black livery-tincfdtures   were later on adopted by the Teutonic Knights.

The first headquarters of the Knights Templar, Al Aqsa Mosque, on Jerusalem's Temple Mount. The Crusaders called it the Temple of Solomon, as it was built on top of the ruins of the original Temple, and it was from this location that the Knights took their name of Templar.

Here are some extracts from Wikipaedia showing how local and
The-Church-of-Rome’s forces would clash about religious issues-:

James I the Conqueror (Catalan: Jaume el Conqueridor, Aragonese: Chaime lo Conqueridor, Spanish: Jaime el Conquistador, Occitan: Jacme lo Conquistaire; 2 February 1208 – 27 July 1276) was the King of Aragon, Count of Barcelona, and Lord of Montpellier from 1213 to 1276.
James was born at Montpellier as the only son of Peter II and Mary, heiress of William VIII of Montpellier and Eudokia Komnene. As a child, James was a pawn in the power politics of Provence, where his father was engaged in struggles helping the Cathar heretics of Albi against the Albigensian Crusaders led by Simon IV de Montfort, Earl of Leicester, who were trying to exterminate them. Peter endeavoured to placate the northern crusaders by arranging a marriage between his son James and Simon's daughter. He entrusted the boy to be educated in Montfort's care in 1211, but was soon forced to take up arms against him, dying at the Battle of Muret on 12 September 1213. Montfort would willingly have used James as a means of extending his own power had not the Aragonese and Catalans appealed to Pope Innocent III, who insisted that Montfort surrender him. James was handed over, at Carcassonne, in May or June 1214, to the papal legate Peter of Benevento.
James was then sent to Monzón, where he was entrusted to the care of William of Montredon, the head of the Knights Templar in Spain and Provence; the regency meanwhile fell to his great uncle Sancho, Count of Roussillon, and his son, the king's cousin, Nuño. The kingdom was given over to confusion until, in 1217, the Templars and some of the more loyal nobles brought the young king to Zaragoza.[2]

Copied from NNDB-:
James I, the Conqueror, King of Aragon, son of Peter II, king of Aragon, and of Mary of Montpellier, whose mother was Eudoxia Comnena, daughter of the emperor Manuel I Comnenus, was born at Montpellier on the 2nd of February 1208. His father, a man of immoral life, was with difficulty persuaded to cohabit with his wife. He endeavored to repudiate her, and she fled to Rome, where she died in April 1213. Peter, whose possessions in Provence entangled him in the wars between the Albigenses and Simon of Montfort, endeavored to placate the northern crusaders by arranging a marriage between his son James and Simon's daughter. In 1211 the boy was entrusted to Montfort's care to be educated, but the aggressions of the crusaders on the princes of the south forced Peter to take up arms against them, and he was slain at Muret on the 12th of September 1213. Montfort would willingly have used James as a means of extending his own power. The Aragonese and Catalans, however, appealed to the pope, who forced Montfort to surrender him in May or June 1214. James was now entrusted to the care of Guillen de Monredon, the head of the Templars in Spain and Provence. The kingdom was given over to confusion until in 1216 the Templars and some of the more loyal nobles brought the young king to Saragossa.